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Posted on Jun 26 2013

Prinny T-Shirt Update

Dood, have you been unable to enter stores because of no shirt, no shoes, no service rules?

You’re in luck, dood! With our new Prinny shirt you’ll never have to be refused service again, dood. Unless you need a tie, dood. The shirt doesn’t come with a tie.

Yolo Prinny

Also dood, this Prinny is super swag! You can tell by the #YOLO and the shades, dood. Wearing this shirt will instantly make you 250% more swag and your one life will be more fulfilling, dood! Just don’t do anything bad, dood, or you might end up being a Prinny yourself, and exploding isn’t fun, dood.

If even joking mentions of YOLO turn you green, dood, don’t worry! 91.8 The Fan still has a ton of awesome shirts over at Shark Robot and Redbubble that don’t dial the swag up to 11, for a more subdued awesomeness, dood.

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