Discord Rules


  • Our radio station runs on Pacific Standard Time, and as such, radio DJs and users are only allowed to swear after 10:00 PM PST/PDT. After this time you are free to curse until 6:00 AM PST/PDT. If you are unsure of what time it is, please ask the on-air DJ.
  • Even though we allow cursing, please note that excessive cursing will more than likely garner a response from one of our moderators or on-air DJs. If you receive a warning, please seek further instruction on how to act properly.
  • Cursing is allowed at all times, however, within our NSFW channel, which you can access by proving your age in Discord.


  • Linking to images or videos of a pornographic (as in the display of male and female genitalia, a woman’s chest, or the buttocks of either gender) or extremely violent nature is not allowed at any time; however, linking to a video or other material with cursing follows the previous rules concerning swearing.
  • The above rule does not apply within our NSFW channel, although you may still be infracted or kicked if you post such things excessively.
    As long as you’re fostering discussion, it is generally fine, but please do not post anything that the average adult might find too disturbing.
  • You are not allowed to post anything illegal or depicting real-life illegal actions.
  • Linking to illegal torrents, anime, manga, or other media is strictly forbidden and frowned upon. 91.8 The Fan supports the industry, and we’d like our members to do the same.


  • Impersonating a 91.8 The Fan Employee is grounds for an immediate ban with no questions asked.
  • Trolling, harassment, racism, or disrespect toward staff or fellow members will not be tolerated. If any of this occurs you will be asked to stop, if you continue to act in ways that are out of line will result in a ban.
  • Discussions about watching fansubbed anime, scanlated manga, or illegally downloading games/programs is not allowed, as 91.8 The Fan is in support of the industries, and any discussion of actions or habits of an industry-hurting nature are a serious offense.
  • Do not creep on other members or staff. Seriously, it’s creepy, and nobody likes it.
  • Do not give out the personal information of anyone else. This is a serious and bannable offense, as the aforementioned creepers can potentially use this information for less than scrupulous intentions.
  • If you see an infraction of the rules, do not go after that person yourself. Get a moderator by PMing them, calling their name, or asking for a mod.

91.8 The Fan reserves the right to remove any one account from our IRC for any reason we see fit.