Gosick – Episode 14 – A Malicious Frill Denounces A Farting Newt

Posted on Apr 28 2011

This is it! The final episode of this week which will get me caught up once and for all! Who knows if it will conclude this little alchemy storyline, but one thing’s for sure: I want to see P-h M’s phallic hair again! It’s been far too long!


Here we have Blond Girl being jealous again. And it seems Victorique has the same opinion I do about class. It sucks and the people there aren’t worth my time. Nothing against them, I just never found socializing in school to be productive for me.

So now everyone has met Victorique, and Blond Girl is still jealous. That may be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen Victorique do. I may be biased against Blond Girl, but who cares. She deserved that. Too bad she wasn’t actually hurt.

Back to the plot, let’s talk about how that dude died. Looks like this isn’t the first, and that colored finger is poison. Pipe shot. And all of them are from out of town. Let’s all go have a party at the clock tower to solve this mystery.

Umm… P-h M’s hair… I guess he may have been able to get it set up, but not enough time to apply the water seal. Apparently sugar water stiffens hair. Not that I recommend it for reason’s P-h M is displaying. P-h M is being oddly protective today. Guess he really does care.

Not too much for me to say about a stubborn jealousy fight. But now Victorique’s feelings have been hurt. Maybe Leviathan was stuck in a stupid jealousy fight too. Great, now we’re getting into religion. Blond Girl has too much energy for my taste. How can anyone get that excited about almost nothing?

Back with Victorique, she’s doing some hard core investigating. With the red-haired magician. It looks like the dead guy was a magician too. He seems to know quite a bit about Victorique. Who is now using this random carpenter to do her bidding.

I can only imagine that’s what my face looks like when someone offers me candy too. Now I’m hungry, I’ll need something sweet after that face. So now we have a name-calling contest. How mature of everyone. Just like most alchemy, it seems Leviathan was a fake.

Just like how your fancy colored roses at the store are made, if you have a white rose absorb dye through the stem, it changes color. There is no such thing as a genuine blue rose, for the record. But even knowing that little trick, we still need on missing piece to solve the case.

That’s right, the magician’s name is Brian Roscoe. He keeps popping up everywhere lately, but surely he isn’t an important character. And now we have the jealousy fight coming to an end. Kinda. Not really. Blaming it on youth is a pretty common thing nowadays. I don’t remember hearing the phrase used all that much in the past.

So now we have the episode wrapping up with Kujo confronting Roscoe. Why? I have no idea, but we’ll have to wait until next week to find out. Quite a good bit of plot movement this week, but most of it was taken up by Blond Girl. I really don’t care much for her. At any rate, I’ll catch you all next time for episode fifteen: Two Monsters See Eye to Eye. Sounds promising.


QUESTION TIME! Is this Roscoe guy suspicious or what? Just what is he up to? How does he know so much about Victorique? All these and more, possibly answered next time!

So, make sure to check out the other three parts of this triple YuleBlog update, as well as Gosick, and tons of other great shows over on Crunchyroll. While you’re at it, check out Funimation’s new beta site, where even Canada can watch all the hot titles they have over there, including [C], Toriko and their newest addition, Aria the Scarlet Ammo.

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