Gosick – Episode 19 – The Rose-Colored Life Is Buried Under Snow

Posted on Jun 02 2011

Are you guys ready for an episode filled with mostly flashbacks? I know I am. Flashbacks are important to any plot’s development. Let’s jump right in!


Screaming in the snow. That’s one way to start an episode. They sure had an odd way of birthing children in this fictional country that doesn’t actually exist. Anyway, time for my favorite part of every episode, Destin Histoire.

Oh boy snow! No wait. I hate snow. So it turns out that Victorique’s birthday is on Christmas. What a twist. So anyway, let’s go shopping. Pipes and candy. What a great combo. I have the same reaction to Blond Girl too. She bugs the crap out of me.

So now we’re relating back to the alchemist plot. And Victorique’s solitary confinement. Here we have Roscoe being cryptic as usual. Seems Cordelia is quite the little actress. I wasn’t expecting roller skate songs. I also didn’t expect this dude to be so grabby. Looks like he might be the Marquis. Oh wait, this is a flashback.

So we end the flashback with a little magic trick. Blond Girl is afraid of doves. How pathetic. And here we have another flashback. At least i can tell this one is a flashback. Roscoe is quite the heroic gentleman. This is quite an informative episode.

I wasn’t aware that Victorique needed an active commentary whenever she went anywhere. Ohai Phallic-hair Man. So now we’re moving on to the most famous case ever. Quite the performance if they have to double cast the lead. Those pipes are lame compared to the one we all know and love.

So here we have what may be the perfect gift. A replacement locket. Kujo may be a moron, but at least he can spot a decent present when he sees one. Too bad he doesn’t notice Roscoe and Cordelia right behind him.

Looks like we’re ending this episode with a flashback of that creepy prophecy. And Kujo drops the pendant. Guess I was wrong about him after all, he really is a total failure. Anyway, I’ll see you all next time for episode twenty: Led by the Phantom of the Phantom.


QUESTION TIME! Too much flashback? I found it to be pretty nice. At least we didn’t have to look at Kujo being an idiot the entire time. Not a huge fan of that random song and dance though.

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