YuleBlog Mega Finale – Gosick Episodes 20-24

Posted on Feb 16 2012

After months of waiting, it’s time for one last hurrah of Gosick, it’s time to wrap up this chapter of the YuleBlog!


So here we are again in the snow, waiting for this play to get started. Or whatever it is. And here’s Victorique and Phallic-hair Man. And now we take a quick Destin Histoire break. So I’m still not entirely sure what Victorique is doing here without Kujo, but meh. Why is the teacher in a suitcase?

So now that I’m wholly confused, let’s just run right in without a ticket. Yay, we’re all together again. And now we’re not. Kujo really needs to get it together. Good thing the Marquis isn’t really here, or I’d punch him in the face. But we’re just here to make him look good apparently.

Oh hey, backstory. Let’s see here, emissary from France to see the queen. Turned up dead. Only suspect was the king, but no way he could do it, right? And now we have to figure out what really happened, or no more Victorique.

The more Kujo tries to act all heroic, the more I just want to laugh at him. Oh hey, this theater is where that random song and dance happened. And it looks like Kujo managed to find that amulet. Let’s see here. If this woman looks exactly like the queen, then I have a feeling that it actually is.

More randomly disappearing people. These people need to be on leashes or something. Y’know, I’d prefer if the teacher wasn’t our sidekick for this endeavor. And now it turns out the not-queen is dead.

This sure is some weird ritual. These idiots don’t seem to understand how Victorique’s process works. Obviously, we can’t solve the mystery without our pipe. And now we have more running after Roscoe. I think Kujo might have a thing for him.

Wow, Roscoe can move quick. He sure is being cooperative today. Must be that hatred thing for the Marquis. So now there’s two of him. One must be Cordelia or something. Good job Kujo, you did nothing. Kinda. Actually Kujo did quite a bit to try and help. Good for him.

Any way, let’s wrap this episode up. Wait, now Kujo has to solve the mystery? Or maybe he’s just going to help. Yeah, let’s go grave robbing. Perfect way to end this episode. See you guys next time for episode twenty-one: The Bells of Christmas Eve Toll at the Heels of Time. What an ominous title


Digging up a grave is always a good way to start an episode. All for the sake of solving mysteries. This doesn’t seem like any ordinary corpse. I’m pretty sure Kujo is saying ‘namu ami dabutsu’ very quickly, which if I’m not mistaken means ‘May you rest in peace’ or something along those lines. The things you learn from anime.

I wonder what that note said. I’m sure we’ll find out later. My, that’s quite the fullscreen pipe shot. I’ve never been one for stage performances. Apparently this has something to do with that alchemist plot from so long ago. I wish that this chick whose name I forget since it’s been so long would shut up. It’s like watching a movie that you already know the backstory of and saying it out loud as it happens on screen. I hate those kind of people.

Oh, it looks like this is heavily connected to the Alchemist plot. And completely screwed up from what we were told in that arc. Pointy Head? I refuse to call Phallic-hair Man ‘Pointy Head’. He we always be P-h M to me. I find it hard to believe that you can cover up a murder for 14 years. And how else do you cover up a murder than with another murder?

Anyway, after that convoluted double murder scheme, we’re back to square one here. Well this is a surprise. Some guy from that one organization who does something or other. Alright, back to the things I actually can follow. So the queen had an affair with the alchemist, and she gave birth to his kid. But since the kid was black just like its African dad, they were both killed. I guess.

So it seems that the Marquis no longer cares about Victorique. For now anyway. And I think they may have just talked to the King. At any rate it looks like this other carriage had a flat. Didn’t know horse-drawn carriages could do that. Oh, it looks like we just met the old Queen too. That’s kinda neat I suppose.

Where did this second Roscoe come from? I am so confused. Anyway, it seems that this little arc is wrapped up, so I guess I’ll catch you guys in the next blog for episode twenty-two: A Christmas Carol Decorates the Windowsill’s Happiness. Oh boy, this should be interesting.


So it’s Christmas finally, and everyone is all dressed up. Silly Gosick, it’s not Halloween, it’s Christmas. Clearly they’re doing it wrong. Oh, they’re doing it on purpose, and we need to get Kujo involved too. What a pretty dress. I can only hope they shove Kujo into it. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of Destin Histoire. It’s such a beautiful song.

That’s a really sparkly heart. As always, we have a backstory fairy tail. Darn, guess we’ll just have to settle for Kujo in a bunny suit. And now we have the awkward love triangle popping up again. I never did like blond girl anyway. I love when Victorique sings her little happy songs. She looks adorable with that little hat/headband.

This is the tastiest looking party I’ve seen in a while. And everyone seems to love Victorique’s dress, too. And now for a dance. I’m enjoying this random lighthearted episode. Now for presents. Victorique should get two, since it’s her birthday. Guess she doesn’t want one though.

Aww, how cute. Victorique knew which one he’d pick, and it’s her mom’s ring. Maybe if blond girl did dye her hair, it’d be less annoying. Oh hello random men in suits. Surely you just want to enjoy the Christmas festivities with us. No, I suppose you would want to take Kujo away for something. He is pretty hopeless.

Well this is awkward. Seems the king is deporting all the foreigners back home. How incredibly racist. But what are we going to do without Kujo for the next two episodes? Seems there are quite a number of soldiers in town, but what’s with the sudden war? Oh hey, it’s the number kid. I like him. Oh that’s why they were stopping Kujo and his bunny suit. The rebels are all wearing bunny suits.

Looks like number kid is doing well for himself. I should have known that backstory would make itself part of the plot. Now we’ll have to get Phallic-hair Man to help us out. This is a bit of shock, and not just for Victorique, apparently. I’ve never seen her tell anyone to use the elevator.

Speaking of Phallic-hair Man, looks like he’s here to take Victorique away. But this time we’re not having any of it. That was almost too easy, but this ominous music doesn’t bode well. Yup, Kujo’s screwed himself over again. I can’t believe how oblivious he is sometimes. Looks like we’ll have to pick this up next time.


No recap for this one, jumping right into everyone’s favorite opening. Destin Histoire doesn’t really set the dark mood that I’m sure will come, but it’d be even more awkward to have it interrupt. And now we’re playing chess for some reason. We’ve skipped quite a bit of time since the last episode, but it seems Victorique is the war strategist for the country. The strategy of which is to stay peaceful and not fight.

So now we’re saying there’s a traitor in our midst. Marquis de jerkface is doing his best to make sure war breaks out. He’s doing a damn good job of it too. Now that the army has invaded, it’s up to Cordelia and… Why are there two Roscoes? I know I haven’t watched Gosick in a while, but when did this happen? I’m so confused.

So now blond girl is being deported too. Good, I haven’t liked her since she showed up, have I ever said that? Meanwhile, back with Phallic-hair Man, he’s looking to get some assistance for the Ministry of the Occult. And here’s the Marquis, getting the war all set. Looks like we’re betting on Germany.

Seems the king has a few ghosts in his closet, and now Marquis is using that to his advantage. It’s almost like he’s the king. More backstory, it seems Marquis idolized Leviathan the Alchemist. When his lies were exposed, Marquis decided to make everyone else follow him like Leviathan did to him. And I must say, he’s doing a very good job. I didn’t notice until just now that we’ve been severely lacking in pipe shots. I wonder what happened to them all.

Oh fantastic, Kujo’s landed himself in the army. At least he managed to keep a hold on the ring Victorique gave him. And now P-h M is here to give us some news. News that Marquis is now the Prime Minister. I wonder who could be at the door…

What a great Hitler speech, very convincing. Good thing Victorique is a voice of reason, And not actually Victorique, but Cordelia. This particular Roscoe doesn’t seem to happy about it either. Cordelia sure knows how to party. Fire, dual blades and an epic fight sequence. Roscoe number two has some dual weapons of his own, very nice pistols. We’ll have to leave off on this epic cliffhanger though.


Here we are. The final episode. The end of the long road. The last time we’ll see Destin Histoire. I’m glad Gosick didn’t follow the trend of cutting out the opening on the last episode. Hopefully they use the first ending at the end though. I like it better.

When we last left our loli, she was under attack by one of the Roscoes, because he’s a jerk. And just a little insane it seems. And now he’s gone. Oh no, he’s fine, just a little bloody. Well, I wanted to take a cruise, but Phallic-hair man is here to stop us. Or not, he’s just here to see us off.

It seems the king is in a bit of a pickle. With Marquis dead, he’s stuck in a war he didn’t exactly want. Roscoe number two doesn’t look like he’s making it out of this one, and I like him better, than the one we’re stuck with. And now Victorique is hearing the bad news.

Meanwhile, Kujo is writing another letter. I wonder where he keeps them, since he obviously can’t send them. Looks like there’s a hunt out for Victorique. Word travels fast. Oh, I get it, the two Roscoes are twins. And they came from the same village as Cordelia. And now they’re both dead too. Fantastic.

Looks like Victorique bleached her hair to avoid detection. I liked her golden hair too. And here inside the pendant, we have a crappy picture of Kujo and friends. That should be a show. Someone else needs to draw it though. Where exactly did we end up anyway? Oh snap, Kujo’s letters did make it to Victorique.

I think Kujo might be having a near death experience. Or maybe just a bad dream. Not much of a difference at this point I guess. Suddenly timeskip. And now Phallic-hair Man is letting his hair flow freely, he can’t drop the habit of stroking it though. There’s a lot going on here at the end, and I don’t want to spoil too much. I suggest you watch though, it’s quite interesting to watch all the last pieces fall into place.


Okay fine, happy ending. Kujo and Victorique reunite in Japan. Her hair is still white. Everyone has the good feel at the end. Did you really expect anything less? C’mon now.


QUESTION TIME! There is no question this time, I’ll think of some good ones next time!

It took long enough, but make sure to tune in for the next epic YuleBlog! We’ll be covering the musical Symphogear!

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