Gosick – Episode 12 – The Voices Of Cicadas Are Heard On Summer Afternoons

Posted on Apr 28 2011

You wanted it, you needed it, and here it is. Better late then never, but never agian late: it’s the YuleBlog! After learning more about Phallic-hair Man’s phallic hair last time, we jump right back into some awesome stuff. I hope you’re all as excited as I am!


So now it’s summer, and all the cool kids are making plans for vacation. Kujo is not one of those cool kids. Luckily, Blond Girl is cool enough for the both of them, so we’ll be getting Gosick’s version of a beach episode it seems. We can’t go anywhere without Victorique though, so let’s go and get her. Wait, is she not coming for this adventure too? THIS FILLS ME WITH RAGE!

Since this is a tad late, the reveal is a little less revealing, but Destin Histoire is here to stay. Instead we get a new ending, but I’ll talk about it more when it shows up. In the meantime, lets’ get back to the action. Maybe if Victorique was less of a tsundere, she could go to the beach too. Personally, I don’t really like the beach. That’s just me though. Trains are cool though. Oh, it looks like we’re not going anyway.

So now that we have all that over with, I wonder how this episode will turn out. It seems Victorique has the same opinion I do on natural light. It’s nice when you’re not right under it. And now we have candy. I love candy. Looks like Kujo is reading up on how to suck less. Hope it works out for him.

So in the package with the candy, we have a little image puzzle. Those are pretty cool, even if I hardly ever do them. I have trouble seeing that kinda thing. It looks like one of Kujo’s brothers is some kind of nerd or something, but even he had trouble with this thing.

I find the lack of pipe in this episode disturbing. It was only there for like a second. Looks like this episode has more than just one thing that Jubi likes this time: pipes and hatred of horses. It’s okay Jubi, it’s only a picture of a horse. Maybe your math professor can help you with it too.

This episode is a lot slower than the last one. So Kujo is climbing a tree. I’m not sure why either. And now we see that Kujo should have been a girl. He fights like one, that’s for sure. I just noticed that this episode doesn’t have a lot of music either. Just a bunch of birds chirping. Maybe that’s why I like it less that others.

I can’t help but notice that there’s a ton of nature. I do like nature, but the most thinking we’ve had to do is about that horse puzzle. And that didn’t even need the pipe to be out. I feel like I’ve been cheated out of a good episode, but OOH A CAKE.

This is an awesome looking cake. And Victorique stuck in a tree. Maybe if she was less of a tsundere, she could be eating it instead of the spaz teacher. And now she’s stuck out in the rain. I still find this little house weird. She is just the most the adorable loli ever. And now she’s a tsundere again.

So next up in this episode of nothing is a flashback of Kujo’s childhood. With a rather clever riddle. I like this one, but it would still be hard to do practically. Anyway, we have a final cute moment with Victorique giving Kujo an ego boost. Not a whole lot, but still rather heartwarming I suppose.

So that does it for the halfway mark episode. Nothing too impressive, but I guess it did a bit for character development. By which I mean Victorique showing just how much of a tsundere she is. Guess I’ll catch you guys in the next blog for episode thirteen: He Who Is His Own Lawyer Has a Fool For a Client. How philosophical.


QUESTION TIME! It’s okay to admit that this episode was lacking, but what would you say was the best part? My vote goes to that nice looking cake. I guess I’m just a sucker for sweets.

So, make sure to check out the other three parts of this triple YuleBlog update, as well as Gosick, and tons of other great shows over on Crunchyroll. While you’re at it, check out Funimation’s new beta site, where even Canada can watch all the hot titles they have over there, including [C], Toriko and their newest addition, Aria the Scarlet Ammo.

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