Gosick – Episode 11 – That Drill Eloquently Speaks Of Love

Posted on Apr 14 2011

Did you guys miss me? I missed me. It’s time for a double shot of Gosick this week, so make sure to check out both of them. In this episode, we’ll hopefully learn more about Phallic-hair Man and his crazy hair style.


We start with a very ominous conversation between Phallic-hair Man and his daddy. Seems daddy doesn’t like Victorique roaming around. Well that’s not very nice of him. What did she do? It’s not like she murdered a guy or something while she was out and about.

So for those of you who don’t know, I write these blogs in real time as the episode plays. These little blurbs after the intro I make are usually written while Destin Histoire plays. I really do hope it stays the main theme. But that’s not what’s important right now, let’s get to the episode at hand and all about that crazy hair.

So here we are in some town. With lemonade or something. I wonder what that has to do with the main episode. Oh I see, we’ve got the funny face chick from last time donating books to the library. Apparently, P-h M is in love with her. Which is why he has the funny hair style. We keep talking about the past, where’s the flashback already?

Pipes are awesome. It seems this library has some history to it as well. Or at least the garden at the top. This episode is more comical than historical. Candy? Of course we want candy. What a stupid question. Oh look, the cases were switched. How whimsical.

Anyway, P-h M seems to know all about her crest, but not that she was donating some books at the school. Maybe she’s not supposed to meet Victorique or something. And now Victorique is a chipmunk. And it seems funny face chick was a suspect in some murder case years ago. Which P-h M had Victorique solve. The plot thickens.

Here’s that flashback. P-h M looks weird without his phallic hair. He has a rather different attitude too, but that might just be because who he’s with. It seems that the case somehow solved itself. But we don’t get to find out how. “She kind of reminds me of Tempest.” Oh wait, A TEMPEST, not our Tempest. Never mind.

Pipe is here, so we’re going to learn some more about the case. Clearly the wife did it and framed funny face chick. Not too terribly difficult to solve. And yes, p and q are mirror images of each other. I still fail to see how that relates back to P-h M’s hair.

And now the cases are back where they belong, so there’s only one thing left to find out. What happened with the hair?! Oh look, Kujo gets to use the elevator. Good for him, but that means he gets left out of the loop. It does seem like P-h M’s hair isn’t the only thing that’s changed since back then.

So it seems everything has resolved itself. Everyone has their own respective couple, even if some of them are already married, but all we care about is Kujo and Victorique. As for P-h M, he seems to be stuck in the friend box, but what can you do?

This episode seemed a little lacking compared to previous ones, but it was still good. Anyway, after all that running around, we know a little more, and I’ll see you guys in the next blog for episode twelve: The Voices of Cicadas Are Heard on Summer Afternoons.


Question time: What did you guys think of the big reveal? It seemed like there was less substance to this episode, and judging from the preview the next one won’t have a ton either. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

As always, check out Gosick and tons of other stuff on Crunchyroll. Blue Exorcist and Deadman Wonderland don’t air until the weekend, but there’s still tons of great stuff there. If you live in the U.S., you can check our Toriko and Tiger & Bunny on Hulu as well. I know I am.

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