Gosick – Episode 10 – Girl With A Cold Dreams Of Her Stubborn Friend

Posted on Apr 01 2011

Hey everybody, it’s that time of week again. I’ve been thinking about something. If Gosick is going for a full 24 episodes, will the OP change? Will it be as good as Destin Histoire if there is one? How we I live without Destin Histoire at the start of each episode?


When we last left our hero, and I use the word loosely, he was telling Victorique about how bad stuff was happening. Then he got kidnapped. And then Destin Histoire came on, and it was totally all better. I hope this instant math kid gets more screen time this episode. I like him.

And here is Victorique. I hope her pipe comes back in this episode, I miss it. Oh hey, it’s that girl. She is apparently Russian. She seems to have a few issues about being kidnapped, and used for some demonic ritual. By demonic ritual, I mean human auction. While Kujo makes a plan, Russian Girl goes for P-h M.

Hey now, don’t try to sell Kujo’s hat. That’s not cool Instant Math Kid. Apparently this has happened before. Nobody believes Instant Math Kid, despite how cool he is. Wait, is IMK replacing Victorique in this episode? I guess I can deal with that. He needs a pipe or something though.

Speaking of Victorique, she wants to read the paper. That was brief. Phantasmagoria? That reminds of Touhou. I suck at Touhou. Isn’t Brian Roscoe the dude who gave power to the silly little village/kingdom? I have a feeling he might also be Victorique’s dad or something. He does show up an awful lot.

It seems IMK does more than just math, he knows faces as well. P-h M is stumped. Time to bring in the big guns. And by big guns, I mean Victorique. Wait, you mean he doesn’t have phallic hair for no reason? His hair actually has a back story. A very vague back story. Oh well.

THERE’S THE PIPE. IT’S RIGHT THERE. And now we have a phone call. Hey now, it’s not Kujo’s fault this time that he’s kinda lame. This one is all P-h M. Good thing Victorique has already been working on it. Let’s get working on it then.. Tell us everything Victorique. If you drop glass, it shatters. Like my view on reality now that this information has been presented. But wait, that weight Kujo dropped didn’t shatter. Which means I was right about it being the real deal. So this fancy store smuggles more than just people, it does artwork as well.

So here we are. The heart of the operation. Now it’s time to pull back the curtain on this facade. Kujo and P-h M are pretty decent actors. Oh I get it, if you put a sign on every window, the one that doesn’t have a mark is the secret room for dirty dealings. Very clever. Time to bust ’em! But it seems they aren’t going down without a fight. Time for Kujo to, no wait. P-h M has this one. Go Kujo go! So here we are on the fifth floor. And here we have a human auction. I always found these little binoculars rather silly. Maybe I’m biased against them because they don’t work with my glasses.

YEAH, NOBODY MOVE! Oh wait, they all totally moved. So much for that. And here we have all the priceless art. As usual, Victorique has solved everything. And she did it all from her sickbed. And the crazy lady is working to get her child found. Even Russian girl is happy now. Oh hey, IMK cleans up pretty nice. “What’s wrong with your hair?” “What’s wrong with your face?” I like P-h M a little more every time I see him. He’s the real star of this episode.

And with that done, it’s time to head back to school and see Victorique. Did we ever get that paperweight? I doubt it. And now what’s up with Victorique? Bad flashback or something? Well, we got something after all. Oh snap, it’s a glass pipe holder. That may be the best thing ever.

So that takes care of episode ten. I’ve heard that there’s a recap episode after this one, so I guess we’ll be shifting gears next time. What does the preview have to say though? It says that P-h M keeps candy in his hair. Go on. catch you guys next week for episode eleven: That Drill Eloquently Speaks of Love. This will be good, I can tell.


Question time: Did you guys go through Victorique withdrawals? I know I missed her. It’s nice that she got that pipe holder though. Instant Math Kid was kinda cool though.

So, be sure to keep watching Gosick and tons of other stuff on Crunchyroll. Next week kicks off the new anime season, and Crunchy has a bunch of great stuff, including Ao no Exorcist and Deadman Wonderland. Several staff members and I will be watching those, so give them a look too

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    OMMMMMGGGGGGG!!!! So much Pipe…I can’t handle it @_@ :OOO @_@_@_@

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