Kana’s Korner – Interview With Roy Samuelson

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

Greetings listeners! Join us as Roy Samuelson takes us on a journey to understand what it means to be a voice actor. It is sure to be enlightening.
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Robbie Daymond

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

If you have a Nintendo Switch or a vendetta against writing essays, then you have at least two things in common with Robbie Daymond. If you like Final Fantasy ...
The Wandering Witch at WorldEnd: What are you doing?

The Wandering Witch at WorldEnd: Wh

Welcome, all, again. I want to discuss in this column a gem that I only recently found, WorldEnd: What are you doing at the end of the world? Are ...
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Landon McDonald

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

Do you like Dragon Ball Super, Hunter X Hunter, or One Punch Man? Then you don't want to miss this!
Alice & Zouroku (& the Wandering Witch)

Alice & Zouroku (& the Wand

Welcome, all, again. A new viewing season has begun and, to be honest, I'm not quite sold on it. Not yet, anyway. There are a number of ...
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Eliza Jane Schneider

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

Today's guest is Eliza Jane Schneider! Hear many stories including how she put the South into Mafia 3, how she intertied a ton of roles from South Park, the ...
Siege Spots – Persona 5 Review (PS4)

Siege Spots – Persona 5 Revie

After 20 years of Persona, and 8 years after Persona 4, Persona 5 is finally here. This very Japanese RPG series has grown tremendously since its beginnings, and Persona 5 ...
Nerd’s Weebviews – We Are X Review

Nerd’s Weebviews – We A

X Japan, the biggest band you have never heard of, or at least that is the tagline from the documentary film, We Are X. The film follows the life of ...
The Wandering Witch Lives Vicariously!

The Wandering Witch Lives Vicarious

Welcome, all, again. Today we will discuss Seiren, a slice-of-life series which follows protagonist Shoichi Kamita and his interactions with three very different girls. Now, the purpose and ...
The Wandering Witch Ponders Lucky Number 13

The Wandering Witch Ponders Lucky N

Welcome, all, again. Please let me apologize for there being no January column--a death in the family compelled my travel overseas and otherwise consumed my attention. I am ...
Kayarath’s Adventures in J1-Con

Kayarath’s Adventures in J1-C

I made it my mission to cover every convention in my area. While I have a ways to go, I did mange to knock one more off the list. ...
Kayarath’s Adventures in More Indie Games

Kayarath’s Adventures in More

Too Many Games, too little time. Between the cosplay, the guests, the marketplace, and everything else, it's quite easy to miss the games of Too Many Games.
The Wandering Witch – Learns the Drop Rule

The Wandering Witch – Learns

Welcome, all, again. I'm very excited about this month's review(!), having chosen to finally discuss March Comes in Like a Lion. In truth, I've been saving this one, ...
Kayarath’s Adventures in Street Festivals

Kayarath’s Adventures in Stre

Every April the sakuras fall and the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia hosts the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival. I've been covering that for years but this year I'm ...

Game Sho — Quest for Infamy

Posted on Jul 20 2014
Game Sho — Quest for Infamy
I had never really played an adventure game before. I'm fairly young, so that genre had fallen out of the mainstream before I ever got the chance to play them. So, with no prior experience, I dove into Quest for Infamy.

Game Sho – Ridiculous Mobile Story

Posted on Dec 22 2013
Game Sho – Ridiculous Mobile Story
I recently bought two games and spent hours on end playing them. The two games were Game Dev Story and Ridiculous Fishing. These two games are entirely different games.

Game Sho – 2D Or Not 2D

Posted on Sep 02 2013
Game Sho – 2D Or Not 2D
On the 28th, there was a curious announcement from Nintendo. The Wii U Deluxe bundle is dropping to $299.99, and there is a new handheld making its debut. The 2DS made a rather large splash on the internet, to say the least.

Game Sho – State Of Gaming

Posted on Jul 22 2013
Game Sho – State Of Gaming
Video games have come a long way. From 2D or vector graphics and only a few sprites on-screen to thousands of polygons and near realistic gameplay. When I had a Nintendo 64, I just needed to plug-in one of my four or five cartridges into the slot on top and play. Currently, it's not that different.

Game Sho – Free To Play Is The Future

Posted on May 27 2013
Game Sho – Free To Play Is The Future
Back then, games were worth much more than just a pretty penny. Now, we complain about how expensive games are priced at 60 dollars. With the indie scene and the wealth of good games for under 20 bucks on XBLA and PlayStation Network, tons of great games under two dollars in the iOS app store, and companies going bankrupt even when they’re selling millions of games, it’s easy to wonder what the value of a game really is.

Game Sho — What? Story In Video Games?

Posted on Mar 04 2013
Game Sho — What? Story In Video Games?
Video games can do so many great things when it comes to creating an experience. The amazing thing about video games that most other mediums don't have is the sheer interactivity of it.

Game Sho — Pajama Princess And Story In Mobile Games

Posted on Feb 04 2013
Game Sho — Pajama Princess And Story In Mobile Games
Princess Pajama presents itself as something much like a tower defense in the same vein as Cartoon Wars, where you fight off hordes of monsters trying to get to the other side to take down their base while trying to defend your own. Not really what you would think the game to be right?

Game Sho – Undo The End & Mobile Games

Posted on Dec 10 2012
Game Sho – Undo The End & Mobile Games
Let's see here, so Kana---the only one who voted mind you---picked out Undo The End for the free indie. Honestly, I don't really like it. It has a unique game mechanic that might be cool, but it doesn't really deliver.

Game Sho – Fez And Bitejacker

Posted on Nov 26 2012
Game Sho – Fez And Bitejacker
I remember giving Fez a mention in my first article here, but I didn't give it that much detail as I wasn't focusing on it.

Game Sho – Ludum Dare & Katawa Shoujo

Posted on Nov 12 2012
Game Sho – Ludum Dare & Katawa Shoujo
Ludum Dare, a contest to create a game within 48 hours. This is a great event for people who want to make their first game because it sets a specific 48 hour goal that people can focus on very hard without a worry for bugs. In the end, a game can win on coolness, fun, graphics, audio, humor, mood, theme, and innovation.