Game Sho – Fez And Bitejacker

Posted on Nov 26 2012

I remember giving Fez a mention in my first article here, but I didn’t give it that much detail as I wasn’t focusing on it. The game of Fez is a very unique one as you view the world in 2D, but it’s a 3D world. You can flip the world as you please (most of the time) much like a cube rotating left and right. With this as a game mechanic, you can make platforms closer to you, reveal things that you didn’t see before, or make blasts of explosions make it to another side. As this is a relatively fun mechanic, the game does not stop there, there is vast living world and relics from the past that bring this game to life. There is even a whole language that you need to learn to be able to comprehend the game. The depth and thought and care that was put into this game by Phil Fish. The amazing thing is that he hardly had enough money to eat and make a living. He almost depended on this game to do well so he could have some livelihood.

Bitejacker by Secret Base, the creators of Tobe’s vertical adventure. They volunteered to make a game for a podcast named Bytejacker. This podcast is where I found out about indie games, if you can see, that’s where I thought of that segment, Free Indies! This game is a throwback to classic shooting games, but adds it’s flair of progression and cameos that spice the game up. There are upgrades that you might see Commander Video from Bit Trip Beat and several other indie games. I remember back in the podcast, Jonathan Rivera had to go back to the future in which there was the zombie apocalypse. That’s probably where they got the concept for the game. Or maybe they got that piece of the episode from the game? I don’t remember, the podcast is over now and I’m hoping they will bring it back. Anthony Carboni now hosts a podcast named New Challenger where he reviews games and other people come on to judge his review and give their own spin on it. Well, that’s enough of that. I probably sound like an internet ad.

Free Indies!

Collapse Collide by Ivan Zanotti

This is a quick little game that explores jumping on walls and clinging to them. It’s a simple concept, and honestly didn’t grab my attention for too long, but you may beg to differ. Your character is attempting to get somewhere, and it gives you a sense of hurry.

Minder by MNWS

A game in which the creator wanted to try out random level generation. It actually reminds me of Spelunky a bit. It has nice pixelated graphics and an ominous soundtrack. Your character can float like he has a jetpack and he can drop bombs that will destroy pieces of his environment. It feels like the game want you to feel a bit on edge. The enemies move a bit too sluggishly, so it doesn’t really pack much of a punch. Other than that though, the game is okay.

Undo The End by Disco Fish

This game has a unique kind of game mechanic that has you switch between the present time and the past in order to avoid catastrophe that would kill your character. Other than that though, it doesn’t provide much of a challenge than timing the switch right as you have a limited time in the past.

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  • Kanashimi November 28, 2012 at 8:56 AM

    Undo The End looks nifty~

  • adventurous1701 November 29, 2012 at 10:44 AM

    I remember Fez. I saw a pretty good documentary on indie gaming called Indie Game: The Movie. It followed the, at times, vicious process of indie game development of a few developers including Phil Fish. I have a new found respect for those developers who can break through all the BS red tape, etc to get their games out into the public eye. Highly recommend watching that movie, if you’re looking for a behind-the-scenes look at indie gaming.

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