The Wandering Witch Reminisces with Gunslinger Girl

The Wandering Witch Reminisces with

Welcome, all, again. As regular readers will know, I tend to gravitate towards slice-of-life series. However, I might seem to some to be a bit generous with that ...
The Wandering Witch Declares If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord

The Wandering Witch Declares If It&

Welcome, all, again. Today I'm excited to discuss the new fantasy/slice-of-life anime If It's for My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord. To be honest, I had ...
The Wandering Witch Discusses Hitoribocchi no Marumaruseikatsu

The Wandering Witch Discusses Hitor

Welcome, all, again. My last post herein covered The Magnificent Kotobuki, a group of pilots first fighting air pirates, then transitioning to fight an actual war.
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Kells, Creator of Calico

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

Did you ever want to run a cat café? Or be a magical girl? Then I got the game for you!
The Wandering Witch Flies High with The Magnificent Kotobuki

The Wandering Witch Flies High with

Welcome, all, again. As we settle into a new viewing season, today's subject will be the just-concluded The Magnificent Kotobuki, which might surprise regular readers who know how much ...
The Wandering Witch Draws Down on Cowboy Bebop

The Wandering Witch Draws Down on C

Welcome, all, again. Today we look back on anime's own gateway drug, Cowboy Bebop. As you have no doubt already heard, Netflix is again taunting the gods of ...
Siege Spots – Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! (PS4)

Siege Spots – Cook, Serve, De

Have you ever dreamed of running your own restaurant? Have you ever dreamed of being the only employee at your own restaurant, forced to juggle tasks and keep up with ...
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Dorothy Elias-Fahn

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

Dorothy Elias-Fahn returns to the Korner to chew gum and kick butt; and she's all out of gum.
The Wandering Witch Falls Hard for Comic Girls!

The Wandering Witch Falls Hard for

Welcome, all, again. As this viewing season winds down, at least one favorite show of mine is really ramping up: slice-of-life offering Comic Girls, which follows the efforts of ...
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Kayli Mills

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

After what seems like forever, you can now listen to our interview with voice actress/singer/online personality Kayli Mills!
Siege Spots – Dragon’s Crown Pro

Siege Spots – Dragon’s

Did you ever play D&D and think that you'd rather stop talking and just run around and hit things? Dragon's Crown Pro is the game for you.
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Ewen Cluney

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

Today we have Ewen Cluney, who brought over the Maid RPG over to western shores.
The Wandering Witch Chases a Golden Kamuy

The Wandering Witch Chases a Golden

Welcome, all, again. This new viewing season seems to have gotten off to a slow start, but I waited, and good things arrived! One of the best so ...
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Cissy Jones

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

We got Cissy Jones here for you today. You may know her from such roles like Delilah from Firewatch or Sloane from Destiney 2.

Bargain Gaming – Lollipop Chainsaw

Posted on Jul 05 2012
Bargain Gaming – Lollipop Chainsaw
There comes a time that every reviewer wants to set aside their persona. To communicate something deeply personal about themselves or their beliefs with their audience. A desire for them to reach beyond the veil of separation and show the reader what they truly value and care about. That, for perhaps one fleeting moment, they might share a piece of themselves with their audience so that both they and their readers can grow from the experience.

Toppin’ The Charts – February (Week Five)

Posted on Feb 14 2012
Toppin’ The Charts – February (Week Five)
Time for another week of Toppin' The Charts! We're getting close to the end of February where your favorites are sure to battle one another on the Japanese charts, but until then hopefully this will tide you over.

iStalk – 650

Posted on Sep 09 2011
iStalk – 650
Today, Nintendo 3DS Sales, Xbox Support via Steam, a C-ute Zombie, and Rock of Ages for Xbox Live.

Jubilee’s News Jumble – April 25th – May 1st, 2011

Posted on May 01 2011
Jubilee’s News Jumble – April 25th – May 1st, 2011
Yo Fanatics! Welcome to another edition of the News Jumble. I am your humble host, Jubilee, and this past week I went on an easter egg hunt. What did I find? News. No eggs…just news. I figured I would share, as I hoped one of you found some Cadbury eggs to share with me. Anyways, I was able to crack open everything from chart topping jutsu, to holy crap the rumors were true! You're intrigued now…I can smell it! *Sniffs*…no ...

Jubilee’s News Jumble – October 31st-November 6th

Posted on Nov 07 2010
Jubilee’s News Jumble – October 31st-November 6th
Oh look…another week of news! HEY! Wake-up out of that candy coma feelin like P. Diddy! We only have 3 weeks to prepare for a turkey hangover! This week in the jumble, I have compiled everything from Officer Jenny bustin criminals, to G4 getting dropped.

Shiki – Recap

Posted on Oct 09 2010
Shiki – Recap
Everyone, I have really sad news. You might want to sit down before you hear this. Okay? Ready? Here goes: Shiki is on hiatus until October 14. No new episodes, no new hair, no new developments in the Vampire Yuuki storyline. It's rough, I know. Believe me, I feel your pain.

Shiki – Ep 09 – Ninth Coffin

Posted on Sep 11 2010
Shiki – Ep 09 – Ninth Coffin
Oh, sure, it might be kind of boring, and it might have the silliest title we've seen yet from this series (pretty sure we passed nine coffins by episode 2!), and it might be implausible that our heroes have suddenly developed psychic abilities where the vampires are concerned, but I think this episode might also be a real winner. Barely a hint of purple hair!

iStalk – 355

Posted on Jul 06 2010
iStalk – 355
Today, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood movie, fans send threats over anime, and High School of the Dead licensed?!

Kana’s Korner – Interview With Ali Hillis

Posted on Mar 11 2010
Kana’s Korner – Interview With Ali Hillis
Ali Hillis came by and talked about her experience with Final Fantasy XIII. Her role as Lightning is one that many fans will remember for a long time. Check out more after the jump.