Merry Melodies – Day Break Illusion OP – Träumerei

Posted on Aug 31 2013

Merry Melodies Lisa

The musical highlight of the summer 2013 season is featured this week! It’s time for Merry Melodies!


Playing on the recently re-popularized magical girl genre, Day Break Illusion is this season’s shot at it. I feel like it plays a bit on the same kinda things Madoka did in terms of little girls fighting some kind of demon only they can see, but instead of focusing on just the main girl, it shows off the whole cast pretty equally. It also plays off a tarot theme, which I’m always a big fan off. Every arcana has its own powers and they all look pretty awesome.

We’re back to another LiSA opening! I’m a little biased to be partial to LiSA in terms of who has the best OP for the season, but her voice seems to have gotten even better since Sword Art Online. Even if you compare Träumerei to her older Girls Dead Monster stuff, it sounds more mature somehow. Another thing I really like is the heavy use of guitar since it really adds the extra feeling to the song and made me want the full version for weeks. One thing you can always count on Japan for: the one song you like that season will take months to release.

I’ve been super bad with actually watching Day Break Illusion, but I can say that not a whole lot is spoiled by the opening. This is one of the rare series that actually starts with the OP for the first episode instead of saving it to the end because it doesn’t really need to wait. Everything they show is pretty much covered within episode 1, so don’t feel too confused by what’s going on. They don’t really explain the mechanics until episode 2 though, so you’ll have to watch more than just the initial bit to get what’s going on.


You can watch Day Break Illusion over on Crunchyroll While you’re at it, use our new Anime Directory to help you watch other stuff!

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  • nerdwerld September 1, 2013 at 7:46 PM

    I saw the single on Amazon, and I had to buy it. Love this opening, it is probably one of my favorites this season.

  • Shidohari September 2, 2013 at 4:57 AM

    I loved the opening, I should try to check out the anime on Crunchy as my first animes back in the day were Magical Girl based.

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