Press Release — New Code Of Princess Versus Trailer Release

Posted on Sep 14 2012

Previously we showed you how Code Of Princess can be enjoyed working alongside a friend. Now we’ll show you the thrill of crushing your enemies/former friends.

Look, we know. We KNOW. A 3DS game that has local AND online multiplayer with BOTH cooperative and competitive modes? AWESOME.

“What are you prattling on about,” you ask? Why, just Code of Princess, the upcoming side-scrolling action RPG/beat ’em up from some of the same folks to worked on the Saturn cult-classic Guardian Heroes. It’s coming to Nintendo 3DS on 10/9 and we’re following up the recently released “Cooperative” trailer with an all new “Versus” trailer that details, visually, the various ways in which you shall be laying the smacketh down upon your foes (and/or former friends).

By the by, are you familiar with the Code of Princess Sound + Visual Book bonus offer? You know, the art book/music CD included in every launch copy of the game (the thing that makes every launch copy a premium boxed set, actually)? Well, we’ve got a couple sample pages from the art book to show you!

For more information about Code of Princess, which releases on 10/9 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS, please visit

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