Press Release — New Code Of Princess Co-Op Trailer, Art Book Sample Pages Released

Posted on Sep 08 2012

You know what’s better than a gameplay video, friends in the gaming press? A video showing COOPERATIVE gameplay, that’s what. Well, a video of a kitten waking up or a dog and elephant becoming best friends can be awesome, too… But seriously, who DOESN’T like footage of players being able to work together to overcome a gaming challenge?

The above video, the all new “Co-op” trailer, shows viewers the kinds multiplayer excitement they can expect from the upcoming side-scrolling action RPG.

Are you familiar with the Code of Princess Sound + Visual Book bonus offer? You know, the art book/music CD included in every launch copy of the game (the thing that makes every launch copy a premium boxed set, actually)? Well, we’ve got a couple sample pages from the art book to show you!

For more information about Code of Princess, which releases on 10/9 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS, please visit

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