Merry Melodies – Kiba Opening 2 – Hakanaku Tsuyoku

Posted on Mar 24 2012

This week on Merry Melodies, we take a listen at Christmas’ favorite series of all time, Kiba. This song is a big reason why it’s his favorite, so find out why!


One of the biggest challenges when looking at an opening other than the first one is not knowing what’s happening in it. If you watch a later Bleach or Naruto opening, it’ll be completely different from the first. I feel like Kiba does a good job at not revealing too much, but at the same time showing just enough of the second half of the series to keep people watching. Another cool thing is that it doesn’t require you to have seen the first half of the series to know the characters, since everyone shown is equally ambiguous.

Speaking of Bleach, Younha also does one of the endings for it, Houki Boshi, also known as the one with thirteen different versions. I really like the sound of her voice, and she can hold a note for much longer than I can. One of the things I’ve noticed is that the opening guitar riff is slightly different from the full version, which always confused me, but I love the song as a whole. I wish Younha had more songs as themes that would make me watch the series just for hearing her sing.

While I say the opening is mostly ambiguous, for those who have kept up with the series, it’s got the great fight between Noa, Zed and Hugh. I’d have to say my single favorite frame is the midair sword clash. The animation does a great job of quickly showing most of the major events in an abridged manor all at once, right up to the part where Zed walks away. As always, I love the synchronization between the music and visuals, because that really seals the deal for me.


QUESTION TIME! Kiba. Great series, or the greatest series?

Kiba is available for viewing on the Anime Network here! Or you could be cool, buy the whole boxset and have Leraldo Anzaldua sign it like me.

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