Merry Melodies – Heroman Ending 1 – Calling

Posted on May 05 2012

This week, we’ll take another look at Flow and why the songs they song are so awesome. Spin the roulette and call to yourself, it’s time for another Merry Melodies!


Heroman, the story of a boy who picks a toy robot out of the trash, fixes it up and makes it his own. The it gets struck by lightning and becomes a giant super fighting robot that he uses to defend the Earth against an alien invasion. While Calling doesn’t focus too much on that aspect, it’s nice to see it reflect the comic style roots that Heroman derives from.

The animation for Calling focuses more on the everyday lifestyle if Joey didn’t have to save the world from aliens. He has a giant robot, a best friend, and a girl he likes. All of it pretty basic, even if the words don’t make any sense when strung together. It’s a nice look at a sort of alternate setting to the Heroman universe. The whole thing moves just like a comic too, which is pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind a Heroman comic instead of a manga

Flow’s performance is what got me to start watching Heroman in the first place, as it does for a lot of series. In terms of speed, it’s a little slow compared to Re:member from Naruto, but faster than Days from Eureka Seven. It strikes a good balance between being relaxing and upbeat. I’d have to put it in my top three songs done by them, and as always leaves me looking for more.


QUESTION TIME! What do you think of the animation style for this ending compared to most others? I think it’s a refreshing deviation

You can watch Heroman over on Crunchyroll! While you’re at it, use our new Anime Directory to help you watch other stuff!

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