Manorexic’s Anime Sampler – Another

Posted on Jan 11 2012

It’s the beginning of a new year, which in TV Land means it’s off-season! The first show to catch my eye this off-season was the mystery/horror anime based on Ayatsuji Yukito’s novel. Let’s dig in to the darker side of the new year with Another!

Long story short, ninth grade’s class three had a Mary Sue named Misaki who had a supposed accident and died. But the students of this class acted as if she never left, going so far as to have her included ultimately in their graduation ceremony. Cue equally creepy theme song.

Sakakibara Koichi starts off his new life in the town of Yomiyama in the hospital after becoming ill. His dad is working as a researcher in India, his mother is dead, so he’s living with his older sister and grandmother in their hometown. He’s also soon to start his eighth grade year at Yomiyama North Junior High School (Yomi North). Five minutes in and we know the entire backstory. For those of you going into writing, take note: that’s how it’s done.

The class representatives from eighth grade’s class three have come to (rather awkwardly) visit Koichi in the hospital to wish him well. These mostly expressionless but kindhearted kids head out after an (also awkward) questioning if Koichi has ever lived in Yomiyama, especially so after shaking his hand.

On the elevator, Koichi bumps into a mysterious girl going to floor B2 named Misaki Mei. The next morning Koichi’s dad calls and they talk about his recent collapsed lung, which is apparently hereditary. Playing it off like it’s nothing, Koichi’s dad wishes him luck on his first day of school. Oh, and Koichi owns a parrot named Mei, go figure.

Koichi introduces himself to the class, and from his seat notices Misaki in the class room. His lunch is taken up by his classmates bombarding him with questions about his sickness, life in Tokyo, so on and so forth. With an strange glare from the class rep, a student offers Koichi a tour of the campus. During gym, Koichi sits out with a boy who has a heart disease preventing him from being physical. Later, a girl with a sprained ankle (this school is riddled with injuries apparently) comes to him to talk, and when he asks about Misaki stiffens up and plays dumb to it.

Seeing Misaki on the roof, Koichi runs up to meet her and starts asking questions. Coldly she tells him to stop questioning her and not talk to her again. Oh and the rest of the school associates Koichi’s name with death B.T.Dubs. She then takes her leave.

A terrible rainstorm starts after school. During the car ride home Koichi sees Misaki alone and unprotected walking in the rain. Lost in thought, we jump to credits.

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