Manorexic’s Anime Sampler – Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Mine Fujiko

Posted on May 09 2012

If you have been any form of anime fan in the past fifty years, odds are you’ve at least heard of Lupin the Third. If you haven’t, just say you have to prevent immediate execution. Starting as a manga in 1967, this series has managed to find its way into almost every medium possible. Today we look at the most recent installation, the ongoing show “The Woman Called Fujiko Mine.”

After a minute and a half of a woman speaking dubbed over shots of a naked woman, we get into our show. Lupin is spying on a wedding of some crazy preacher who during the ceremony mass drugs his crowd with his mystic powers. Before the kiss, the bride slips a pill into her mouth, which she puts in the preachers mouth during it. The couple then heads to the secret room in the palace.

The preacher passes out from the drug, and Lupin sets off an explosion in the palace. Lupin walks in on the passed out preacher, and the bride pulls a gun on him. Before anything can happen though, the preacher cages and drugs the two, knocking them out.

Relaxing in his harem, the preacher decides to have the two executed in the morning. After waking up, the two grudgingly share their knowledge of each other as thieves. Fujiko also reveals how the preacher’s drug works, saying that her goal was to steal the drug to sell on the streets, as was Lupin’s. Fujiko strips to try and seduce Lupin, then trips the alarm and tells the guards Lupin tried to ravage her. While he gets dragged away, she subsequently seduces the remaining guard.

The next morning the two prisoners are executed. However it is revealed that Fujiko had the guard take her place, and Lupin used a dummy. Before running away, Lupin challenges Fujiko to see who can get the drugs first.

Back at the harem, Fujiko disguised as a belly dancer uses a sleeping drug to knock out the women. She reveals that the preacher’s drug is combined with chemicals then painted on the skin, and rubbed off to be used on the subjects. She forces the preacher to take her to the drug room, but is ambushed by guards when she gets there. Lupin from the other side of the door opens the chamber and brings her in, then locks it from the inside.

Fujiko shoots Lupin with glow in the dark lipstick and cuts the power, allowing her to shoot at him in the dark. Lupin bests her, and the police arrive at the island, led by Inspector Zenigata chasing after Lupin. The preacher sets the island to sink itself, but Lupin escapes by attaching rockets to the pure-drug statue and flying away. Fujiko shoots down Lupin, sending the drug to be dissolved in the ocean, which the island citizens desperately run into to soak in the pure drug.

While driving away, Fujiko notices that Lupin left a calling card on her stating he will steal her. Lupin sees her as the cure to his boredom, and promises to get her next time they meet.

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