Manorexic’s Anime Sampler – Dragon Ball Z

Posted on May 23 2012

This weekend is a historic one: this Saturday marks the return of Toonami! You may have plans to just chill at home and watch, or be like me and have a mass viewing party. However you plan to celebrate (and watch,) let’s take today to look back onto everyone’s favorite Toonami classic: Dragon Ball Z.

Five years have passed since Goku and his friends thwarted the evil King Piccolo’s plans for global conquest. Thanks to their heroic efforts, the shadow of doom was lifted from the world and a new day of hope has donned. For in the years since Piccolos’ defeat, it has been a time of rebuilding, healing, prosperity, and peace for the citizens of Earth. But, unknown to them, at this very moment a new threat to human kind is hurdling through the solar system. And as the mysterious invader makes his final approach to Earth, one thing is certain: the peaceful era the human race has enjoyed for the last five years is about to come crashing to an end.

In a house in the woods, Chi-Chi is calling out for her son Gohan to come home, while Goku punches down and then carries home the largest tree in the forest. Good start. Chi-Chi sends Goku off on the Flying Nimbus to find his son to go to Master Roshi’s house.

Elsewhere a working farmer witnesses the crash landing of a giant meteor. In the crater he sees the alien Raditz emerge from the crashed pod. After trying to shoot the alien, the farmer is killed by Raditz flicking the bullet back at him. He then flies off to find Kakarot.

Gohan, lost in the forest, finds and chases a butterfly, but is attacked by a sabretooth after losing it. The tiger takes his hat and runs away, and Gohan runs himself off a cliff chasing after it. Fortunately after passing out midfall his tail latches on to a branch in the mountain, saving him. But once again he finds himself in danger after falling off a log into a river.

Goku intimidates the tiger into giving him back the hat, and Gohan floats into the rapids of the river. After a chase, Gohan falls off a waterfall, and mysteriously finds himself on a branch above the fall. Goku returns Gohan’s hat and they leave for Roshi’s.

Out in the desert, Piccolo detects the immense power of an overhead Raditz. Raditz lands, having confused Piccolo’s power for Kakarot’s. After being challenged, Piccolo releases a powerful attack on Raditz, having no effect. Before Raditz can counter, he detects Kakarot on his scouter and flies away, leaving a shocked Piccolo.

Raditz reveals him and Goku to be a mighty warrior race known as Saiyans, and Kakarot was sent to fulfill his mission on Earth. And with this mystery left unanswered, the episode ends.

P.S. I know that Dragon Ball Z isn’t on Toonami’s revival lineup due to funding issues, I just felt this was still the most appropriate show for the occasion.

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