Merry Melodies – Naruto: Shippuden Opening 6 – Sign

Posted on Dec 31 2011

The last Merry Melodies before the new year! Let’s make it super special by not changing anything!


I’m gonna be honest here and make a few people like me less. I enjoy watching Naruto. When I first started getting hardcore into anime, I started with Naruto. But it wasn’t really the plot that hooked me, since Naruto is just your generic shonen show. It was the music, especially the two songs that Flow did for the original series. When I finally got around to Sign here, I was super pumped to have another song by Flow. Most people when just listening to the song tune out of it, because the first like twelve seconds are kinda meh. But I’m sure you’ve heard by now, it goes into this awesome drum solo and then it takes a level in awesome. Just the kinda thing you’d expect from Flow. I really like the karaoke MasakoX does for this song, because it brings out the true feel of it. Either check it out on his YouTube or hey, request it on the radio. We have all his karaoke!

Like I said before in my Colors of the Heart review, Flow was one of my gateways into anime music. I recommend anyone trying it on someone you want to get into the genre, because it’s just some good stuff. Re:member is such a good song that I watched the Naruto filler almost exclusively for it, but that’s a different OP for another time. Flow is usually pretty upbeat, and I’d say that they’re most well known song is their other Naruto OP, GO!, just because it spread throughout so many random flash videos and whatnot. Some other nice work they’ve done music for is Eureka 7 and the Persona Trinity Soul anime, both things that I need to hit up in the near future, if for no reason other than to hear more Flow.

I’m going to try and spoil as little as possible here, but Shippuden OPs are really bad at that. Sign comes in at kinda a pivotal moment in the series, with big climatic fights that are pretty easy to see the outcome of at least one of. I do like how the animation parallels Naruto and Sasuke with similar struggles, and that’s one thing I’ve always kinda liked about Naruto. Even if Naruto is a hyperactive idiot, and Sasuke is an emo jerk, they have very similar pasts and present situations. Like I said, not naming any spoilers here, but you have eyes, and Shippuden has moved on quite a way since Sign was the OP anyway.


QUESTION TIME! For those of you who have seen any of the countless Naruto OPs and EDs, which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Naruto Shippuden is available on both Crunchyroll and Viz Anime. Give it a watch if you haven’t already.

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