Gosick – Episode 8 – Howling Echoes From The Kingdom Of The Past

Posted on Mar 03 2011

So I have two very big pieces of good news involving Gosick this week. The first is that I actually looked at my MAL, and it now says that Gosick will have twenty-four episodes. Not sure when that happened, but awesome nonetheless. The second is, of course, that the full version of Destin Histoire came out yesterday. And it is even more beautiful than the short version. I will listen to is non-stop.


Oh look, more pre-roll stuff. I’d rather start with something happy. Like Destin Histoire. That would lighten this mood. Instead, we have a dead guy. I think this elder guy might be senile. And what’s up with this acorn just sitting here. There are plenty of acorns in this forest, so what makes this one so special?

So the elder is sticking to his story that he didn’t shoot this random dude, but a wolf instead. Riiiiiiiiight. And now we’re talking about the town’s electrician. Odd topic change, but I’ll roll with it. Looks like he taught Assistant Boy about the outside world. And that made Assistant Boy want to leave. I would too, this place is messed up.

Back at the church, we’re here waiting for someone to steal something. He’s not a very good thief if Phallic-hair Man managed to shop up and catch him in the act. I mean, I like Phallic-hair Man and all, but he’s kinda useless in dire situations. Okay, I take it back, that was an epic tackle.

Oh I get it now. This dude swapped himself for one of the other dudes, and the swapped that dude for the dummy, which was set on fire. Then he killed another dude, and used his dead body to try and frame the actually-not-senile Elder Guy. It all makes sense.

And now this village is its own kingdom. This episode has more twists than Ghost Trick. Did I just plug my new favorite game that I’ve been playing all week? You bet I did. Elder Guy turns out to be King Man. And Phallic-Hair Man was using the dodgy nun to get info. Now that we have that interesting diversion out of the way, let’s get back to the reason we came here in the first place.

Yeah, it’s okay, I kinda forgot about Cordelia for a while there too. But first, we have Psycho Maid watching this execution festival thing. I’m not really sure anymore. And she apparently killed the former elder. Pipe shot. Apparently, the way to prove you’re a spirit, is to speak gibberish, because that’s all I heard.

I get it, when people are distracted by something out of the usual, they are easy to kill and/or trick. And when you lock a door, it makes the next person to unlock it look like a murderer. But that leaves the real question here, other than why is this maid so insane, what’s the real motive here?

Yes thank you Kujo, that’s what I asked. So it looks like she was spooked by a prophecy she heard, which is that she would die, and she went completely insane. Well that’s no reason to shoot the messenger. But we will be cutting off her head for stabbing the messenger. Apparently Assistant Boy doesn’t like that plan. And now she’s setting things on fire. Damn, this chick moves fast. Also, she’s absolutely insane. Have I mentioned that part yet? And now that the bridge is on fire, Kujo finds it the perfect time to live leave. But first we have to get past this nut job.

If you pay close attention to her rambling, you can learn how to count in Japanese. Very useful info. I already know how to count to ninety-nine in Japanese though, it’s rather simple. Kujo isn’t very good at this whole fighting thing. And the maid falls off the bridge. Too bad there’s no splat sound. And Kujo falls too. I guess Victorique got that adrenaline rush thing, because I doubt she could hold on to him otherwise. But what’s that magician doing here? And isn’t that totally Cordelia?

So that’s the end of this arc. Everything turned out great, and I got my full version of Destin Histoire. I guess we’ll have to wait until next episode to move on, so tune in for episode nine: Blue Roses Bloom in the Cannibal Department Store. Looks like a filler episode from this preview…


That means it’s question time! As with the end of every arc, what are your overall thought? I personally really enjoyed this one, but now I have more questions about the magician and Cordelia.

I have no complaints or pressing questions this time. Don’t forget that this, and many other great series this season, are being shown for free on Crunchyroll. And the full name of that game I mentioned is Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. If you like Gosick, you should check it out!

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