Gosick – Episode 7 – A Divine Revelation Is Given At The Summer Solstice Festival

Posted on Feb 24 2011

Alright, here we go. Second half of the series, if all the places that tell me Gosick is only 12 episodes long are correct. With any luck, this is just the middle of this arc and not the end, because I still have a lot of unanswered questions.


So they live in solitude, cut off from the outside world. Must be a pretty self sufficient town. Wait, is this the first episode to some actual stuff before Destin Histoire? I think it is. That’s actually a nice change of pace. If it isn’t then just ignore me and enjoy the song, like I always do.

This maid is freaking me out a little bit, but not as much as she’s freaking out. It’s like she’s trying to tear her own face off or something. Anyway, long story short: Cordelia goes into room, dude in room is found stabbed to death. Also, gold was scattered all over the floor. Not sure how that makes her a murderer. Weird little secluded town.

So we go for a little walk, and the elder’s assistant or whatever takes a strange fascination to Kujo’s face and hair. Weird little secluded town. But he agrees to take Victorique to her mom’s old house, despite how much he obviously doesn’t want to. Doesn’t look like the maid has kept up with the cleaning. Or the trap door maintenance. Why is there a trap door?

Well someone was obviously here, since they left this picture. And here at the graveyard, we have some creepy green lights. Looks like it’s the famous mountain wolves. And it turns out that some dude has been funding this town’s seclusion. Wait, if this place is so secluded, how do the wolves get in? That’s just silly.

Oh boy, bath time! For future reference, bath time = adorable Victorique time. And now the lights are out. And there’s an eyeball in Kujo’s drink. All perfectly normal things. Moving on to the next morning, it’s festival time. Yay festival.

And here we have psycho-maid again. Seriously, someone get this chick some Ritalin. Pipe shot. And candy. Best festival ever. I like this festival, they set things on fire. Like this guy. No wait, that’s not cool at all. Well, I was partly right about one of the idiots dying, but there’s still plenty of time left.

Assistant guy says there’s no way for him to have been on the big cart when it was lit on fire, but elder dude just brushes him off. How suspicious. And then they just go on like nothing happened. Weird little secluded town. Where did Victorique run off to? Is she here in church? I would not be in church. Nothing against church, I just don’t feel like going. Or having an old man channel spirits to tell me the future.

But I guess Kujo’s into that kinda thing, so let’s see what he asks. D’awww he wants to know if he and Victorique will be together forever. ALWAAAAAAYS I WANNA BE WITH YOU! Sorry, random thing. And he gets a creepy response form the freaky spirits about some crazy stuff that i don’t fully understand. And Victorique just wants to be taller.

In the meantime, Victorique had a little chat with psycho maid. And we learn that there was no way for Cordelia to stab that elder dude. So who did? We’re running out of time, so either tell us now or cut to cliffhanger. There it is, and such a good one too with another random useless dude getting killed. I’m two for two with that prediction so far.

Well, I guess we’ll likely finish up this arc next week, so tune in then for episode eight: Howling Echoes From the Kingdom of the Past. And hey, Phallic-hair Man is in the preview. We’ll be seeing him next week too. Awesome.


Question Time! Whodunnit? Seriously, who could it possibly be. Based on how psycho this maid is, she seems pretty suspicious, but I doubt it. This elder doesn’t seem to have any problems with offing people left and right.

Not entirely sure where the story will go after this arc, but I haven’t been let down yet. Best of all, next week is March. Which means Destin Histoire’s full version!

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