Gosick – Episode 5 – There’s A Mysterious Ghost In The Abandoned Storehouse

Posted on Feb 10 2011

Every week I tell myself that I’ll do the YuleBlog right after the new episode comes out. I rarely actually do. This week is no exception. Let’s jump right in where we left off, shall we?


That’s right, we were going to look for a book. Good thing we’re looking in a library. Wait, that’s a terrible place to look for a random specific book. Why are we counting in French now? Well, at least we found the book. But what’s so special about it?

Yeah, that’s what you get for being in the way of someone trying to read. I hate when people do that. This Golden Fairy story is kinda weird, but oh hey look. A postcard. From Blond Girl’s grandfather… Dunno what that means. Must be important though.

And here’s Phallic-hair Man. Apparently he has another problem. Some Phantom Thief has been running around causing trouble. Most avoid Mario & Luigi reference. And right away, we have someone sneaking around. And someone knocking Kujo unconscious. He just loves to get hurt, doesn’t he?

Good thing Blond Girl found him. And now she has a story about some random ghost that probably attacked him. How convenient. She keeps getting more and more suspicious. And now Hyper Teacher has the book. I like her less every time she shows up. Creepy voice asking for help? Time to run away scared.

And now Blond Girl is looking for Victorique. OH NO, HER PIPE IS ALL ALONE. D: Seems like Blond Girl really wants that postcard. Must be something incriminating. And where exactly did Victorique go, especially without her pipe. Maybe she was just part of our imagination. For the past five episodes.

Oh wait, she’s right here. Apparently, Blond Girl is the Phantom Thief. Pipe means explanation, you should know that by now. And I do love explanations, it’s one of the reasons I play Phoenix Wright games. So the first thief stole this book, and now Blond Girl is trying to do the same thing.

Hey wait a second here. If this is the real Blond Girl, who the heck have we been dealing with here? I guess it wasn’t too suspicious after all. Oh, I get it now the stamp on that postcard is priceless. That certainly makes sense. But how dare she deny Victorique’s existence.

The more she talks, the more I kinda wanna smack her across the face. Good thing these aren’t one continuous staircase. Back in the hospital, we find the original Blond Girl. Eating. A lot. And now Kujo’s a prince. D’awww. Looks like Kujo found his dream girl. There goes all that Kujo/Victorique fanfiction.

And so we wrap up the final pieces. Including where the original Spring Reaper story came from. Turns out the first Phantom Thief was the original Reaper, because he came every Spring to hide his stuff. And now we have another example of Victorique being adorable

It was a rather short arc, but I’m glad with how it turned out. I didn’t get the chance to mention it earlier, but if you watched the episode, you saw that Fake Blond Girl’s hand was under wraps because the original bit her. Just thought I’d throw it in there. Anyway, tune on next week for Episode 6: The Gray Wolf Summons a Compatriot. I think that’s the shortest title so far.


Question time! Overall thoughts on these two short episodes? Too short? Too long? Perfect length? I thought it was perfect for the material we had. I also like how it was less dark, but just as mysterious. Color really ads to the feel of a story, y’know?

And I guess I’ll put my weekly reminder here to watch this and many more series this season over on Crunchyroll. As well as my being upset that Destin Histoire is still a whole month away.

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