Gosick – Episode 16 – The Felling Maria Has A Fly’s Head

Posted on May 26 2011

Due to circumstances that are way too boring to explain and you’ll all think are just excuses, we’re going to play the triple YuleBlog game again! So now that we’re past that whole alchemist plot, I totally forget where we were. Let’s all find out together!


So here we are in Lithuania. Why? I’m sure we’ll find out eventually. Splosions are happening, and there are nuns. Crazy nuns. I had enough of these in the village arc. And when i watched To Aru Majutsu no Index II. Oh Destin Histoire, how I have missed you.

I can’t help but feel that the scenes in this OP have some minor foreshadowing. Oh well, back to real plot stuff. How is Kujo getting good grades? He’s always off on random mystery adventures. Oooh cupcakes.

Where could Victo- OH DEAR GOD THE PIPE IS ALL ON ITS OWN! SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAS HAPPENED HERE! WHY GOD?! WHY?! Wait, what? Phallic-hair Man and his dad are making Victorique become a nun? I am so very confused.

So here we see that Daddy is a big jerk. And Kujo is an idiot. Even I knew that. Everyone knows that. He’s so much of an idiot, he doesn’t know why he’s an idiot. And P-h M is here to help us out. I think. Full moon? I wonder what that has to do anything. As always, we’re off to find out.

Kujo is missing school to go. I say it again, how are his grades so good if he’s always off on these random excursions? More trains, yay. And our random throw away companions for this trip are people looking to see a magic show. But not just any magic show, we’re off to see Phantasmagoria.

And now we’re back to these Reaper stories again. It seems like these Reaper names come from racism, not actual myths. Don’t drink that racist coffee kids. Let’s go find a magician now. Kujo even gets beat up by dolls now. I think that might be a new low. Still have no clue what Roscoe has to do with the rest of us though.

Blah blah blah, religious nonsense. People talking about the opening sequence. And here we are at our destination. So the train comes back at sunrise. How many episodes do you think we can have in one night? What an unhelpful ticket stamper. This looks more like a street fair than a magic show.

Something about Roscoe in the past. Maybe we’ll learn a few things. Science academy? Occult ministry? Oh, Roscoe is against Daddy. Now we know. You fill in the rest. All this plotting and I’m not sure I know enough to keep up.

That’s not Victorique, that’s what’s her name. If she’s with Roscoe all the time, then she must be out for revenge or something. I think. Cordelia, that’s her name. I wonder why Kujo is so dense. Maybe he’s just blinded by love or whatever. And now we’re arguing over shades of red.

Anyway, let’s get this all wrapped up for now. As usual, we have an interesting cliff hanger, so make sure that you guys stick around for the episode: The Box Lies in the Spiral Labyrinth. Should be a good one if this preview is any indication.


QUESTION TIME! Been away for a while, but this was a good one. Any thoughts on where its going? Let me know what you think!

So, make sure to check out Gosick, and tons of other great shows over on Crunchyroll. While you’re at it, check out Funimation’s new beta site, where even Canada can watch all the hot titles they have over there, including [C], Toriko and their newest addition, Aria the Scarlet Ammo.

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