Gosick – Episode 15 – Two Monsters See Eye To Eye

Posted on May 06 2011

It’s blogging time! This week on Gosick some more stuff will happen with alchemy and magic. Hopefully. If not then I will look really silly. Let’s jump right in!


Wait, no pre-roll this week? That’s unusual. We were on a roll with those. And now I have nothing interesting to type while Destin Histoire plays. I guess I’ll just sit back and watch the animation sequence… I guess we’ll just get back to this whole flashback thing.

So now we have some more back story about this Leviathan dude. Something about him and the queen or whatever. I dunno. This is an very elaborate pop-up book. It let’s us see history like it was on burning parchment or something.

This must be some mask if everyone wants to see behind it. And now it’s that kid that Leviathan killed. Not that this isn’t enlightening, but what happened to Kujo and Roscoe? Anyway, drinking liquid gold is apparently hazardous to your health. I will bear that in mind for the next time it comes up.

Now this new guy shows up. Albert, interesting name, but I doubt he’s important enough to remember. He’s talking about some war that’s going to happen. Oh it’s World War 1. And we will use alchemy to win it. Wonder if it worked…

So here we are with Kujo and Roscoe. Finally. Are we going to get answers to some questions, or are we just going to answer them with more questions? So let me get this straight, Victorique is just a tool in preparation for World War 2? That seems rather far fetched. And now Kujo is being beat up again.

Plenty of friendship speeches. And suddenly Roscoe is gone. Man sure knows how to make an exit. I still know next to nothing though. Oh yeah, that mystery we were solving. This probably calls for a pipe. So this whole tower is slanted to allow a hidden room. But what could be inside?

Victorique used Triple Kick! It’s super effective! Now I have to somehow fit the kicks and the pipe shot in for screenshots. How dare they make me choose. And now Kujo is singing. Why are we singing again? Oh I get it, they used slaves to get gold, and then they killed them. And if you touch the flower, you get poisoned and die.

So now we have Leviathan and all his gold. And Victorique showing how adorable she is. So it turns out Leviathan was an African, and he wanted to protect Africa. Which explains the mask and everything else. So now that we know everything that happened, what happens now?

Oh snap. Leviathan knew Victorique’s dad. And he was the reason she was born. Interesting. So now that Phallic-hair Man knows that Victorique knows about everything regarding why she was born, Kujo is still completely oblivious. And everyone keeps saying that Kujo is a little moron.

So it looks like there was a little bit of magic, and revealed that alchemy is totally fake. Kujo still sucks at fighting. We’ll see what the future has in store in the next episode: The Felling Maria Has a Fly’s Head. Looks like it might be a bit of a recap, since I think I see that psycho nun in the preview.


QUESTION TIME! Did anyone notice I forgot to put a question here? I sure did. I’ll fix that next time.

So, make sure to check out Gosick, and tons of other great shows over on Crunchyroll. While you’re at it, check out Funimation’s new beta site, where even Canada can watch all the hot titles they have over there, including [C], Toriko and their newest addition, Aria the Scarlet Ammo.

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