Gosick – Episode 13 – The Fool Designates His Own Mouthpiece

Posted on Apr 28 2011

Part two of the three part YuleBlog update of awesome! Last time I was almost put to sleep by the lack of action and drama, so hopefully we get some in this episode! Let’s get right down to it!


What’s with this grainy movie all of a sudden? Oh, it is a grainy movie. That 30 second intro was more entertaining than the whole last episode. I especially like the part where Blond Girl choked Kujo. But what does that have to do with this episode? So like I said last time, Destin Histoire is here to stay. Which is great, I love this song.

What is changing, however, is the ending. I hope it’s good. I do these blogs in real time, so I’ll let you know when i get to it. Anyway, onto the actual action. It seems Kujo and Blond Girl are on a date of some kind. I wonder if it’s still summer vacation… Looks like it is, which means that something has to happen right before it ends.

This title card is different from what the preview said it would be last time. Not that there isn’t much of a connotation difference, but still. Someone should get their translations checked before making me look like a fool. This fellow looks mysterious, but surely we won’t be seeing him again. I get the feeling Blond Girl has a jealousy crush. And yes, Victorique is that cute.

Please tell me this whole episode isn’t going to be full of blond Girl trying to get Kujo to like her. That’s way too predictable. Why is it that I can tie every episode to a staff member. This episode has LeviathanMist. This leviathan was apparently an alchemist though. An immortal alchemist of course. Is there any other kind?

Oh goody, the spaz teacher is here. Now it’s a party. I guess no students allowed in the creepy tower. I think I like the fake Blond Girl who tried to kill people better than this annoying one. Yay, here’s Victorique. Good thing she didn’t fall, that would make me upset.

Here’s an interesting plot device. A message from the past using someone who reads a book as the one to reveal their secrets. And now we have jealous tsundere Victorique. Anyway, back to talking about alchemy, everything seems to be accurate, at least according to all the episode of FMA I watched. Gold, immortality and homunculi, but did this Leviathan guy actually get to them?

Red-haired man? That must be the illusionist who’s name escapes me. And he was with another guy with black hair. I think this is the same guy from earlier. Speaking of hair, here’s Phallic… WHAT HAPPENED TO PHALLIC-HAIR MAN?! Oh okay, he didn’t have the time to do it this episode. That’s understandable. I thought everything was going crazy for the new half of the series.

Anyway, Normal-hair Man is here to do what he does best: look cool. I mean, investigate. I wonder what’s up with this guy’s finger though. VICTORIQUE USED ROLLING KICK! IT’S SUPER -EFFECTIVE! I’ve always wondered how that attack would look, and now I know. Thank you Gosick.

Pipe shot. So now we have a challenge from Leviathan. I wonder what it entails. So it seems that not only is Victorique a tsundere, but also a sadist. Sucks to be you Kujo, enjoy taking the stairs again. I will translate the message. “This mystery is too hard for you to solve. Umad?” Blah blah blah, philosopher’s stone, alchemy, gold, investigation, blue rose. I like blue roses, they always look nice.

So after all that, he killed a little kid. For some reason. I dunno, but it doesn’t look like we’ll find out this episode. We’ll be ending with the red-haired man being interrogated. This new ending is a little different form the first, but it’s sung by the same person. I like the other one better, but this one is good too. It still has a nice relaxing feel that wraps up each episode rather well. Until next time, I’ll catch you guys for episode fourteen: A Malicious Frill is Censuring the Farting Newt… Really?


QUESTION TIME! What do you guys think of the new ending song? I know a lot happened, and feel free to comment on it, but this is the ending we’ll be hearing until the series is over, so I want to know what you guys have to say about it.

So, make sure to check out the other three parts of this triple YuleBlog update, as well as Gosick, and tons of other great shows over on Crunchyroll. While you’re at it, check out Funimation’s new beta site, where even Canada can watch all the hot titles they have over there, including [C], Toriko and their newest addition, Aria the Scarlet Ammo.

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    @ pic 8: At a glance I wondered why a Code Geass photo was in here…XD

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