91.8 The Fan’s Birthday Bash — Advertisement

Posted on Jan 04 2011

It’s day two of the birthday bash, and while this isn’t the biggest update we have of the week it definitely is a much needed one. We as a business have never expanded much out of our simplistic roots, and this year we’ve decided to change that to better benefit the site. For anyone with fan-sites, blogs, or other websites this is the post you’ve been waiting for.

We’ve recently opened our advertisement page, which will help open the door to better share sites about anime to anime fans. It will also help our staff get our butts in gear to produce higher quality promos, advertisements, and sound effects to enhance our listeners’ experience. As a business this will also be beneficial, as the more money we make the more we can do for you. We have very big plans for 2011, and this one is a definitive next step to a site that continues to grow and grow.

Make sure to stop by tomorrow for another announcement pertaining directly to our Fanatics. We obviously didn’t forget those members, and we want to reward you for a year of loyalty!

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