EagleEyes Round Table – Sailor Moon Edition

Posted on Jul 28 2010

She will never turn her back on a friend. She is always there to defend. She is the one on whom we can depend. She is the one named Sailor….. This week we discuss everyone’s favorite childhood anime, Sailor Moon. Love it or hate it, you have to admit it has had an impact on how we look at anime today. So 91.8 as EagleEyes’ Weekly Round Table

Weekly award – Week 13:

The Miku – Fon Principle – Official Cosplay Rules

This is a scientifically proven principle, and by that I mean crack pot theory, in relation to cosplay statistics and figures. Due to personal convention experience I have formulated the following due to the sheer abundance of said cosplayers:

  • Theory 1 – No group cosplay (I.E. preplanned group) is ever larger than the collective Miku Hatsune and Soi Fon cosplays.
  • Theory 2 – The combined number of Miku and Soi Fon cosplay should at all times exceed any other individual character.
  • Theory 3 – If for any reason someone were to cosplay a hybrid of Miku and Soi Fon you are required by good will to buy them lunch.

So I challenge you, next time you are at a convention, count every Miku and Soi Fon you see, who knows, I may very well be right.


Now for the Round Table rules: As usual, each participant is given a series questions covering various aspects in anime, manga, and Japanese culture. Each individual then has to provide their opinion on the said issue. Finally, I transform in a dramatic fashion that only slightly changes my costume.

    Our Participants today are:

  • Kanashimi – Moon Prism Power!
  • S….Bop – Venus Power!
  • Kate – Mars power!

Who is your favorite Sailor Scout and how do you think their character has contributed to the series?

  • Kanashimi – I was ironically in a discussion about this the other day. I went through my phases of liking one Sailor Scout over the other throughout my childhood. In fact, I was remember I bounced along several. Sailor Mercury, Neptune, Venus, and other various characters had a spotlight on them at several points during my childhood. I do have a favorite character, but I can’t pick a favorite Sailor Scout.

    I just think that in general they all have aspects to one another that makes them different… I think that Sailor Moon as a show has many different characters a girl can relate to, mostly as they’re growing up, since each one is so radically different from one another. Despite not having a favorite, I wouldn’t change that for a thing.

  • S….Bop – Venus because she’s a s*** and everyone loves s***s. Hahahaha errrrr no. She is Usagi’s partner in crime a lot of the time and they provide some very comical moments in the series. However unlike Usagi she can be serious without all the crying and drama.
  • Kate – Original five, my favorites were between Rei (Sailor Mars) and Ami (Sailor Mercury). I kinda have the same personality as Ami, quiet and shy and Rei was just awesome. All together, my favorites were Hotaru (Sailor Saturn) and Setsuna (Sailor Pluto). I still consider Rei and Ami as my favorites, just the original favorites. These two, I just thought they were awesome like Rei? xD

The age old question dub or sub? Have you watched both, is one superior to the other, which do you prefer?

  • Kanashimi – I’ve watched both several times, but I just keep returning to the dub. By today’s standards, the dub is technically terrible… but much like watching your favorite movie, it’d be impossible to change the voices.

    I honestly don’t think so much that the dubbing is atrocious over the toned down theme. We all knew Sailor Moon was aimed towards the younger kids when it was released in America, which at the time was understandable considering anime wasn’t was huge as it was. There also wasn’t such a large outcry concerning changes that happened when a show was brought over. Now many companies have to go around on tippy-toes trying not to anger the fans they’re marketing their product to, it’s quiet a conundrum.

    Regardless, I always switch on the dub over the subtitled version no matter what. I do like the subtitled version, don’t get me wrong… but the dub just sounds right. I grew up on that, and it’s almost strange if something has changed. No matter how childish it was, that’s exactly how I remember it and that’s how I want it to stay. Proper nostalgia works in that way and that way alone.

  • S….Bop – I’ve watched both and it depends on my mood I’m in wether I want to watch the sub or dub. If I’m being lazy I prefer the dub because reading is a b****, also the English script and Molly’s voice are very amusing in a very bad way. The sub is good in that there is no bits edited out or changed. HAZZAH for violence and lesbians. (I also prefer the Japanese names)
  • Kate – Yes, I have seen both. Heck, I even own the Japanese version of the movies (VHS). I grew up with the dub voices, so I’m gonna choose that. Though, I prefer both. I just hated how they cut stuff off the dub version of the anime. That was stupid..

With the re-release of the series in Albania in its original form and re-mastered version in Italy, do you think we will be hearing news of the series being relicensed in the near future?

  • Kanashimi – Oh boy, I have been watching this news for months. I do and I’d like all the Sailor Moon fans out there to raise awareness to their company of choice. Personally, there are a few companies that aren’t related directly to anime that might show interest… but I think the big one who will is none other than Funimation.

    This is personal skepticism and as such, I want to make it clear that Funimation has not confirmed or hinted at it. I’d also like to note that as of the date of this publishing, Sailor Moon’s license in America is currently up in the air (IE no one has it).

    So why do I think Funimation will grab it? Well, they’re in the best position to release it. After seeing the success of a re-release of Dragon Ball Z Kai, they might be realizing how strong nostalgia can sell… especially if it’s the right way. Sailor Moon was cut in several places with the missing infamous last season and several episodes; however, I feel with Funimation at the helm the original source would be closely followed. If Funimation ever reads this site, I swear I will buy a Sailor Moon boxset seven times over if they release it. I will then film me buying the boxset seven times over and send it to their HQ.
    I’m not kidding.

  • S….Bop – I hope so. Naoko Takeuchi and Toei animation should give up on holding the licence. I’m sure they would make plenty of money from selling it to Funimation. As well as money from the new merchandise that is bound to appear from a new release.
  • Kate – I HOPE SO! Original form and EVERYTHING! No American dub cut-out stuff! No cousins, no whatever! I just know Funimation was considering re-dubbing it. But, that was in 2009. Heard nothing else yet.

If a re-dubbing of the series does occur are there any voice actors that you could see playing certain roles? Or would you prefer the return of the original cast?

  • Kanashimi – Naturally, a return of the original cast would be preferred since Sailor Moon fans grew up on that (though it should be noted several key characters changed voice actors, so this statement is fairly vague). Though honestly, this sort of method properly isn’t plausible. Let’s assume Funimation gets a hold of the series, all the original cast members were located in Canada while Funimation is sitting in Dallas. So all of the other voice actors are pretty much out of the picture as sad as it is.

    Despite that, there is some wonderful talent over at Funimation. If I was to be realistic, I don’t honestly know a good voice I would immediately stick Sailor Moon with. Terri Hawkes is the original and the voice itself was fairly unique. The only name that comes to mind would be Laura Bailey, but I absolutely lover her to pieces so that might just be favoritism.

    If Monica Rial used her normal speaking voice I would love her as Mercury, though Kate Higgins is also a good choice.

    Tiffany Grant, would you be my Sailor Mars? Come on, the voice match is perfect! Asuka as Mars… it fits so ungodly well.

    Ironically with Sailor Jupiter, I’m at a stand-still. Susan Roman was one of the few voice actors to stay attached to the project as it ran. It would be a shame not to have that voice that never faltered or changed. It’s very hard for me to pick a substitute, but if I had to… I would definitely Caitlin Glass.

    Sailor Venus is also a tough choice for me, I’m currently undecided here since she was so hyper. I think there’s a lot of voice actresses who could successfully pull off the character.

    As with other characters, Sailor Chibi-Usa has to be someone who’s cute but not annoying. She was thrown under the bus for an irksome voice actress sadly (at least the majority thought so). All I have to say is Tara Strong whether she’s near Dallas or not. That girl is pure win at younger voices. Philece Sampler is also a good choice since she can be so cutesy.

    I’ll resist the urge to go through every Sailor Scout, and instead head on over to Tuxedo Mask. I had to think about this a bit, but I did like the idea of either Travis Willingham or J. Michael Tatum. We know Travis can be serious from his Mustang role, and Tuxedo Mask is fairly over the top with his dramatic speeches (despite somehow not being cheesy). However, J. Michael is also a good contender for his smooth voice. Maybe the two should just duke it out! Wait… Travis is a big guy, that’s a bad idea.

    Lastly, I want to touch on Artemis, who is a voice I immediately recognize in the series. It didn’t take me long to think about this, but ironically Troy Baker I believe would handle this role well. If we were limited to Funimation can we say Jerry Jewell?

  • S….Bop – New cast please.
    It’s been around 15 or more years since the original voice actors from the ‘Dark Ark’ recorded for DIC Entertainment. I don’t think the actors would be able to recreate the same voices that we remember from back in our childhood. Also I’m going with the assumption that Funimation will get the licensing for the show and I would think they would use their own voice actors. So here is who’d I’d pick.
    Usagi ‘Moon’– Monica Rial (is made of pixie dust, her voice range is so huge she probably could have voiced all the characters in the series)
    Ami ‘Mercury’ – Caitlin Glass (awwwwww x3)
    Rei ‘Mars’ – Laura Bailey (can do anything…. just so you know)
    Makoto ‘Jupiter’ – Luci Christian (Is quite magical)
    Minako ‘Venus’ – Jamie Marchi (Is sassy)
    Haruka ‘Uranus’ – Stephanie Young (has a deep smexy voice)
    Mitchiru ‘Neptune’- Colleen Clinkenbeard (also has a deep smexy voice)
    Setsuna ‘Pluto’- Wendy Powell (has voice many older women & nothing could be older than the gate of time)
    Horuta ‘Saturn’ – Brina Palencia (I don’t mind her little girl voices)
    Chibi Usa – Leah Clark (can hopefully make Chibi Usa less annoying)
    Mamoru ‘Tuxedo Mask’ – John Swasey
    Luna – Christine Auten
    Artemis – Chris Ayres (is guardian like)
    I also really want Carrie Savage, Cherami Leigh and Trina Nishimura in the show but I don’t know who they would voice.
  • Kate – If they were to recast, they better be good. As a fan of the series, I would expect it to be close to how it was original was. If they got the original cast, I would be fine and dandy. What I grew up with, I can go through it again.

What are some of your favorite moments or episodes from the series and why?

  • Kanashimi – You’re asking me to pick? You horrible, horrible Australian you!
  • S….Bop – I have a couple. Episode 92 where Usagi and Minako stalk Haruka only to find out that Haruka is female. Also in episode 31 in Japanese (27 in English) where Mercury attempts to use bubbles blast and falls over then Jupiter is there just staring up Mercury’s skirt for 30 seconds. Also in the English dub episode 70 one of Jupiter’s lines is “I know this sounds really goofy, but you’ve got to concentrate and really believe in the powers of love or they’re just not going to work for you at all. I read that in a book from the library” (don’t know why but I find that hilarious). As well as in episode 43 (Japanese) where Mars kicks Moon right in the butt, unfortunately they edited it out in the English dub.
  • Kate – Everything, to me, was my favorite. I loved this series as a kid and now. I remember a few Halloweens as a kid, I dressed up as one of the Sailor Scouts. I think I still have one of the outfits today. Get back to me about that later. Anyway, yeah, everything was my favorite. Can’t choose which was my top best.

What are your thoughts on a Hollywood style live action adaptation of the series? Do you think it would be a success or fail like other anime adaptation have in the past.

  • Kanashimi – Meh, kinda invaild. I highly doubt this will ever come to fruitarian. It’s too anime-like to find a Western audience, and in general there’s little audience that wants to see it. The Sailor Moon fan base has been through a lot of heartache, they really need a re-release above anything else. I’d much prefer the focus going to that if anything.
  • S….Bop – NO JUST NO it is bound to fail horribly. The only way I would watch it is if the awesomeness that is Quentin Tarantino directed the movie thus it would be extremely violent and wonderful. Unfortunately this is not likely to happen but that’s not going to stop me from asking Santa for it this Christmas.
  • Kate – At this point, I don’t want to see anymore Hollywood adaptions of animes into movies. Japan knows what they’re doing, just let them make the movies. If people don’t like it, tough. Hollywood can’t seem to make one series into a good movie. If they ever do, let the fans approve of the script and such. I think we could make a better movie than Hollywood itself! LET THE FANS DECIDE!


And so ends our journey today. If you would like to ask a question for a future round table, or possibly answer some questions yourself, please leave a comment bellow, or send me a message on the forums, right here at 918TheFan.com

EagleEyes, out!

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  • AnarchoElk July 28, 2010 at 7:41 PM

    1. Mercury, Neptune, Pallas, Healer, Iron Mouse, Galaxia.

    I think that is one from each group, (plus Galaxia because she is just boss.) as for choosing any single one, can’t do it, though Pallas and Iron Mouse fall to tied second.

    2. I know this is bad considering where and who I am, but sub, sub all the way. Maybe I was too old when I got into sailor moon to appreciate the dub? Maybe I hadn’t seen it enough before seeing the sub to get that nostalgia preference, but the English voices/names/changes are like a cheese grater on my brain.

    3. There are surveys and petitions, and I have taken and signed them. Also, I want subbed releases of the SeraMyu, with bonus features that have the “final” for each show, where everyone adlibs, and the emotional final curtain is done (ESPECIALLY when a senshi is leaving) Phage Phage Phage Phage~

    4. New cast closer to the Japanese voices I think. Or at least same cast with new voice direction to not make it so overdone with the bad accents.

    5. I lol’d at the remembered stalking Haruka episode, but usually my favorite moments are the dramatic ones, usually where the senshi are dying and Moon has to push forward, or where someone is taking torture for the benefit of others (the needle scene in S comes to mind) There is so much power in those moments for a shoujo anime, it always impressed me.

    6. Oh God… that Q reminds me of the pilot trailer of the one time considered live action/american animation crossover license, where everything is so late 80s early 90s, and I think Sailor Mars was in a flying space wheelchair that shot lasers, and they all had space windsurf boards, and everything was terrible.

  • EagleEyes July 31, 2010 at 4:40 PM

    Good to see some Mercury love.

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