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Posted on Apr 18 2010

Greetings to all those in the land of 91.8 The Fan. EagleEyes here, bringing you yet another Bi-wEEkly Round Table. This week we explore our voice actors, a rating system for lolicon and phallic imagery…So stay tuned for EagleEyes Round Table, now featuring 100% more Kanashimi.

wEEkly award – wEEk 2:

“Is That Your Bankai Or Are Your Happy To See Me?” Award

Gin Ichimaru – Not a lot to really say on this one really.

Having gained a somewhat cult status from his infamous “Bai Bai”, fans have waited hundreds of chapters in anticipation of Gin’s Bankai to finally be revealed. When he finally decides to bring it to the table all we are left with is the information that it is both “long” and “fast”, I mean, just throw in a few more lowbrow descriptive terms and you have yourself a poor fan fiction. So as readers double take and fangirls get started on their next installment of “Komamura X Ichimaru: Yiff you wanna see some action”, I present Gin with this award.


Now for the Round Table rules: As usual each participant is given 6 questions covering various aspects in anime, manga and Japanese culture. Each individual then has to provide their opinion on said issue. Finally, I combine the answers with sugar, spice, and everything nice, thus a round table is born.

Our Participants today are:
Dbull620 – Planeteer
Zero_Gravity – 91.8 Fanatic
Ace8489 – Forum Moderator
ZshadowX – Forum Lurker
Kanashimi – The Fuhrer
MollyBibbles – Occupational Ranter


Rebel 1) What is your favorite anime series? Is it similar to what you would normally watch or is it something completely different?

Dbull620: Fate/Stay Night. It’s pretty similar to what I normally watch; plenty of action, some drama, and a little well placed humor.

Zero_Gravity: My Favorite series is Kuroshitsuji, or Black Butler if you tongue twist it like I do from time to time, I normally am not one to follow the pack and favorite the things that involve other world things. When I first saw the trailer for Kuroshitsuji, I expected it to just be about a demon who takes care of a human and in the end it just ends with them respecting one another.
I was dead wrong, I tend to be able to predict the outcome of an anime based on plot lines, very rarely do I ever get it wrong (Example being School Days). Kuroshitsuji is a short anime which I enjoy, but it was utterly disappointing when they decided to discontinue it.

Ace8489: I don’t really have just one favorite. Some of my favorites are Outlaw Star, Getbackers, and Trigun, they are all similar to the other anime that I normally watch. If you have watched those three anime you know they kind of have a similar feel.

ZshadowX: My favorite anime series will be One Piece. Which is what I usually watch, but most animes I like are completely random, so if it’s good to watch then I give it a try.

Kanashimi: Haha, I always get slack for my favourite anime, but it is Sailor Moon. Yes, that magical girl way back when dubbing an anime meant censoring it. I think by growing up with it, I adapted a lot of real life lessons from the anime. Sure, Sailor Moon is sugar coated in English, but it does have a lot of positive aspects. Many people look at it now as something childish they would never enjoy, while I’m still watching it and appreciating the simple notions of, “Be happy, don’t worry.” Though it really has shaped my current genres of interest.

MollyBibbles: If I absolutely had to choose one is would be an all-out bare-knuckle brawl between Princess Tutu, Trinity Blood, Mononoke (not Mononoke Hime) and xxxHolic… Lemme make some stat cards and I’ll get back to you.
I really enjoy finding little unknown or under-loved series. They’re like pieces of coal; there’s a diamond hiding behind their bizarre exteriors. But don’t get me wrong, a fan girl like myself isn’t picky. The main-stream stuff needs love, too.


Rebel 2) Do you believe that anime would benefit from its own rating / classification system as opposed to the regular DVD classification system? (Warning the following is rated L for Lolicon?)

Dbull620: I don’t think a separate rating system would be beneficial, that would just be confusing for people that don’t watch anime that are trying to give a DVD / box set to someone else as a gift.

Zero_Gravity: It’s ideal in Japan, however in America it would be a different story, considering everyone in Japan knows what Anime and Manga are, I’m 100% positive if I asked my Grandfather what anime was he would just guess at things. Some people don’t even read the entire label only to get the shock of their life.

Ace8489: Yes and no, the people that know anime and have watched it a lot and know the lingo would benefit from it. If you were new to anime and wanted to check it out though you might not know what its talking about you might think “Y” was for “young” when it really meant “yaoi” or something like that.

ZshadowX: Oh God No, I hope not. Anything that has to do with anime should just leave it as it is. DON’T TOUCH IT!

Kanashimi: Honestly, I think that’s unnecessary. Anime is a media like every other, I don’t understand why it needs a specific deceleration of what it contains. Sexual content or brief nudity seems enough to hint at loli-rific scenes, and I believe most people hearing the negativities of loli or ecchi scenes will completely ignore those sort of series. I’m not trying to stand up for them, but at the same time that is a genre and a market that still needs an audience. Why would it be a good idea to shrink said audience?

MollyBibbles: For the normal, un-anime-educated humans (especially those with children) the system with which we use to rate their favorite movies would assist them in trying to figure out what it is they got themselves into. Unfortunately, though, even the most innocent series has some gratuitous violence or some questionable content. G/R- Family Friendly with adult language, tense sexual situations and gore. Lot’s of gore. It would be confusing to say the least, but it would help people understand just how screwed up a lot of this stuff is… An L rating would be a life-saver for our buddies across the pond.


Rebel 3) What is your most memorable anime moment? Did it make you cry? Did it make you smile? Or were you jumping out of your seat yelling at the screen?

Dbull620: Around the point where the two Shaorans fight each other in the second Tsubasa Chronicle: Tokyo Revelation OVA. To keep spoilers to a minimum, let’s just say that the events leading up to and during that fight led to several WTFs and OMGs flying out of my mouth.

Zero_Gravity: Two scenes just had me in a “wow” moment. The most memorable was the final episode of School Days. For one thing, I hate not being able to finish a series unless it involves the worlds “Neon” “Genesis” “Evangeleon” in the same title, then I can just flat out abandon it. School Days had its utterly boring first two to three episodes however it started to pick up. School Days was an anime where your opinion toward specific characters (aside from the main character) is in constant change, and the happy beautiful opening it displayed originally ended with just pure amazing. That was a memorable anime for me, and worthy of some kind of award relating to the plot, despite its Hentai Game origins. The other memorable anime for me was a movie called “Twilight of the Dark Master”, my first anime, I was a kid and thought it would be cool to watch such an advanced series.

Ace8489: This is a tough one. There are so many moments that come to mind. The one that I will choose is from Chrono Crusade (spoiler) where Chrono and Rosette die it has to be the saddest ending ever I will admit I wanted to cry like a little girl. (End spoiler)

ZshadowX: Lol n_n, my most memorable anime moment will be watching Eureka Seven. I cried, I laughed, I just really love it, I was soooo happy when I finish it, just Speechless T~T

Kanashimi: I actually had to think about this somewhat. I believe I have more touching game moments than anime moments, I suppose that’s because I’ve grown up with anime as being a part of universal media. Either way, I suppose one anime that I still remember really getting to me as a kid was Millennium Actress. It’s a very romantic driven story, and there was something I suppose magical about the main character’s determination and resolve. I definitely got misty eyed by the end, but I suppose it was the overall mission of the main protagonist. I don’t mean to be vague, but I’d prefer not to spoil anything.

MollyBibbles: Death scenes are always memorable and activate my super-fangirl-squishy-lovey super powers. The best would be Abel Nightroad’s “death” in Trinity Blood. Cain got him in the chest and Abel’s flowing locks just makes it soooooo freaking dramatic. I was bawling, Ester was screaming.. Super Sobby Fun Time!!!


Rebel 4) Who is your favorite English or Japanese voice actor?

Dbull620: Crispin Freeman for English and Jouji Nakata for Japanese. Their roles as Alucard in Hellsing Ultimate and Kotomine Kirei in Fate/Stay Night respectively just really stuck out to me.

Zero_Gravity: For the English category I like Kevin Conroy (The one true Batman), I’ve been a fan of Kevin Conroy since before I watched anime, and while his specialty isn’t anime per say, he did do the voice for Batman in “Batman: Gotham Knight”, and he is incredibly talented, he would go far in the anime world, but if you want to be mean to me and not count him, then my second choice is Alessandro Juliani, he outside of the acting field has an amazing singing voice and his voice for L just… makes you wanna keep him talking….. My favorite Japanese voice actor came up recently when his character re-emerged in Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Hiroyuki Yoshino. He makes such a grand villain, he sounds average but gives you that feeling of death by listening to him with his lines. A person I want playing the main villain of my series when I get my manga published to an anime.

Ace8489: My favourite voice actor would have to be Greg Aryes. He plays some of my favorite characters and he is and awesome guy and a great voice actor.

ZshadowX: David Hayter (voice of Snake) is my favorite voice actor of all time. He does a great job in all the Metal Gear Solid Series. I think no one can do a better job than David Hayter as the voice of Snake.

Kanashimi: Oh, what?! You can’t ask me that, that’s not fair! I don’t honestly think I can give a legitimate answer to this anymore since… I know them in a way. Back when I was in my early teens my favorite was Johnny Yong Bosch for his role as Vash from Trigun and Kiba from Wolf’s Rain. I can’t say I agree with this now-a-days, and it isn’t due to his performance so much as my education on the overall dubbing world has expanded. It would be impossible, honestly… for me to have a favorite. I think I would just end up rambling all the names of the people I loved interviewing.

In contrast, my Japanese tastes are a bit different. I love me some Miyano Mamoru and Ono Daisuke because of the interesting flagship characters they bring to life. Female wise I am a fan of Mai Nakahara and Yuko Goto, but these batch of favorites are more driven from characters I adore. I feel a bit wrong stating these so plainly, but as of yet I haven’t talked to a Japanese voice actor besides Toshiyuki Morikawa. Maybe when 91.8 The Fan expands, eh?

MollyBibbles: In the right corner, Vic Mignogna. In the left corner, Takahiro Sakurai. FIGHT! (For those who don’t know, Takahiko Sakurai was the smooth-talking, mysterious voice actor of the Medicine Seller on Mononoke… *drool* guuuuuuuh soo sexy *grin*)


Rebel 5) What anime series would you like to see a new movie for? Is it a current series or an old favorite?

Dbull620: Fate/Stay Night for sure. Granted the Unlimited Blade Works movie just came out in Japan a couple months ago, there’s still room for Heaven’s Feel.

Zero_Gravity: If any anime right now needs a movie, it’s Katanagatri, although the series is only 3 episodes into the series and comes out once a month, I’m already a big fan of the series and would love to see a movie or at the least a live action version.

Ace8489: The anime of the week has inspired me to chose Black Lagoon, it’s a fairly new series and It would make an awesome movie. It would be packed with gun fights, fist fights, explosions and, the Wizard plus a bunch of other cool stuff.

ZshadowX: I would like to see a Code Geass movie….. When will there be a Code Geass Movie…..When? ;_;

Kanashimi: 3X3 Eyes which is a classic! For anyone who hasn’t gotten a chance to read even a portion of this manga, it is such a good story. The two batch of OVAs that came out were… rushed at best. It would be nice to see a movie of sorts be released, a possibly lengthy pilot to a TV series. The story itself is quite long and was never properly concluded in an animated format despite how popular the series was. I’m still remotely bewildered on how this series didn’t catch on in the US with all the shonen love.

MollyBibbles: Freaking Ouran High School Host Club. Can anyone say “Extended Fanservice”? Why not some Azumanga Daioh? That would be a crack-tastic 90 minutes of a good time ^^


Rebel 6) Anime of the day – BLACK LAGOON – What are your thoughts on the series? Do you love it? Have you seen it? Do you plan to see it? Are you avoiding it with a ten foot pole?

Dbull620: I certainly plan to see it. All I’ve seen is a trailer for it in my Fate/Stay Night boxset (have I mentioned Fate/Stay Night enough times?) but my interest was piqued. An anime filled with gratuitous gunslinging violence? Sign me up.

Zero_Gravity: Never seen it, DON’T KILL ME! Plan to see it once I can afford it or the company puts it on Youtube or Hulu like the companies are doing these days.

Ace8489: It was an awesome anime, I loved it. It’s crazy, it’s funny, and It’s full of action it’s a must watch anime. I can’t what till the next season comes out.

ZshadowX: To tell you the truth I really didn’t like Black Lagoon. I thought it was nice and all that but, right after a couple of episode I just got sick of it and stopped watching it. Maybe some other time I’ll continue it where I left off.

Kanashimi: Haven’t seen it… maybe one day, but it isn’t really up there since it seems like it has cursing galore and violence. Oh boy…

MollyBibbles: Black Lagoon and I have never had the pleasure of being acquainted. I heard of it briefly when Funimation obtained it way back when but never bothered to watch it. If people could give me 10 plausible and convincing reasons to watch it (or not) I will decide whether I need to invest in that ten-foot pole. What’s it about anyway? If it’s anything like Creature from the Black Lagoon then I’m all over that chiz.


And once again our journey concludes. Remember if you would like to ask a question for a future round table or possibly answer some questions yourself, leave a comment bellow. Or leave me a message on the forums right here at 918TheFan.com

Until next time, EagleEyes out.

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