Simulblast! Week 007 of Fall 2014

Posted on Nov 25 2014

Simulblast 2014 Fall Week 007

Who will be voted off the island, and who will be Top Chef, and who is leaving the Big Brother house!? I don’t know!

This week’s challenge: Everyone should come up with a t-shirt design inspired by their episode for 30 points. If you draw a picture of it, you gain an extra Token.

Gundam Build Fighters Try (Episode Seven)
Player: Elk

gundam build fighters try

Welcome to episode 7 of Gundam Build Fighters Try. We immediately enter a battle between the Free! wannabes and our heroes.

The swim club obviously launches with their underwater specialist mechs. Unfortunately for them, the field is Tundra, and they can’t break the ice. They immediately get blown up.

OP Break. I see you there Domon. When’re you gonna show your face, huh?

Team Try Fighters is a little bummed out that they didn’t really have to fight at all, and to be honest, so am I. The swim team has been pumped up with battles showing them dominate opponents dragging them into the depths and destroying them, and I was hoping to see a bit more of Sekai’s underwater training. That is what happens when you gamble your strengths on a random event such as a field choice.

Thankfully we get right back into the action as some noobs are taking on a well-known aristocrat society that always does well in regionals. The noobs are even using “snap-fit” Gunpla. Gunpla made exactly like the instructions say to make them with no panel lining. I would have liked to see some nub marks, but the builder of these Gunpla is a little better than that.

Being snap fit, expectations are low, and are confirmed somewhat by the instant destruction of two thirds of the noob team’s units. The last one however impressively dodges all the enemies’ attacks and makes short work of them.

After the battle, two members of the noob team beg the Try Fighters to forfeit in a very Japanese hands-and-knees-bowed way. It turns out that the other member of their team gave up his passion to take part in Gunpla Battle for his little brother, who is seriously ill. All their Gunpla are put together by the younger brother, which explains the simple snap-fit. It also explains why the third member was so graceful when dodging, as he’s last years boxing champion. If you watched closely, you could see the boxing in action as the Destiny Gundam had a peekaboo guard. Well known in the anime world as the guard Ippo uses in Hajimo no Ippom and known in the real world as the style Mike Tyson used.

Knowing the story of the sick younger brother, the Try Fighters team is conflicted. They all want to win, but they also understand the other team’s ambition and the lengths they went to, begging on hands and knees to achieve that goal.

The next day, Shimon, the boxer, is visiting his brother, but someone’s already in there visiting. It’s Sekai. He’s showing off the Build Burning Gundam and waiting for Shimon. Shimon seems to be much like Sekai, and is just as pleased by Sekai’s challenge as Sekai is giving it.

Of course, Shimon is understandably upset that his underlings went behind his back and begged their opponents to throw the match. But once again, being the most Japanese team ever, they come to an understanding. the only way they could be any more Japanese would be if they called Shimon “aniki.”

Fast forward to the battle. It’s time for some MMA, boxer vs. karateka. Gundam fans will know every major character has a launching catchphrase. Shimon’s is “Let’s box!”

And solidifying their position as most Japanese team in existence, both underlings sacrifice their Gunpla to grab the Lightning Gundam and Winning Gundam and ring them out in a kamikaze attack. This leaves us with Sekai vs. Shimon, which is the match I have been waiting for, as Sekai finally has his rival. Two passionate hot-blooded shounen heroes duking it out with pure will and spirit. Shimon uses all the weapons available to the Destiny Gundam, but Sekai deflects or dodges them all.

This of course is the true start of the fight now that these two martial artists are fighting bare handed. Shimon lands the first significant strike with the ever-popular cross counter. Then the two clash with their strongest punches. This completely leaves both of their right arms useless. They start dodging and weaving, both throwing blows with their lefts with Sekai also throwing in some kicks.

In commemoration of this epic fight, I have designed this shirt capturing the essence of Destiny vs. Build Burning.


Shimon readies another strong attack with his left, but Sekai counters with a flying arm bar. This really IS getting MMA. But Shimon isn’t ready to tap out. With his hot-blooded will, he manages to reactivate his right arm and grabs the Build Burning’s head. The clash sends them both flying, but Sekai is in better condition, and jumps high into the air, destroying one of the Destiny Gundam’s legs with a strike aimed at the knee, and following up with a knee to the head, claiming victory.

Shimon goes to see his little brother, but instead of being sad that his older brother lost, he’s excited to build a better Gunpla after having seen the Build Burning Gundam so Shimon can win next time.

We leave with some shipping service as Hoshino calls Sekai cool then denies it when he asks what she said.

Ed Break!

And once again we have post credits “Sleggar Law” action. He’s taken out a “Zeo Zeong”, earning him a spot on the team, and giving us a tidbit of info on his past. He came from the Gunpla Academy.

2014 Elk Challenge Successful

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Chaika ~The Coffin Princess~ Avenging Battle (Episode Seven)
Player: Kanashimi

Chaika Coffin Princess

Toru and Akari are breaking into the building to retrieve the remains while Chaika is still off following Niva. Our sibling pair ends up getting past a few traps before encountering Shin, someone they used to train and work with. They have a quick spar, but realize that they aren’t matched and return. Chaika is there to greet them and let them know that Niva has fled with Guy.

For now, Chaika and Toru will enter the tournament proper while Fredrica and Akari check the castle for the remains. On the other hand, Guy is introducing Niva to Hartgen and explaining that she can start a war once more. Hartgen reveals himself as one of the heroes who defeated Gaz and explains this was his mistake since it made none of them have any purpose whatsoever. War was his purpose in life. That’s kind of a weak motive, but whatever…

Further in the castle there’s a “Black” Chaika who wants all three Chaikas to come before her and fight one another. The two supposed daughters of Hartgen claim her as a sister and chuckle over their “devious” plan. The three Chaikas in question is our heroine, Red Chaika, and Vivi who is half-Chaika. Vivi and Chaika meet up to discuss Niva and several other key factors. There’s quite a few key story points being brought up as we reach the climax. It’s somewhat interesting to see they’ve given so many episodes for it all things considered.

I'm An Original Simulblast

Red Chaika’s group gets captured and told that they’re being held captive due to using magic to try and locate the remains. On the other hand, our heroes all get past the current round into the next of the tournament. There was a bit of fluff about the council of different country-heads getting word of Hartgen, but it wasn’t incredibly important. The episode sets itself up well for what’s to come.

As for my t-shirt idea, I spent a few hours drawing this and some other pieces with my tablet. I’m still debating on the finalized design, but I’m hoping to submit it to SharkRobot soonish. Thoughts? Suggestions?

2014 Kana Challenge Successful

Kana purchased an item!

A Fruity Drink With A Tiny Umbrella: Vacation time! Use this item to skip a week! You’ll gain your core 50 points, but won’t gain any bonuses from the challenge itself.

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Denki-Gai (Episode Seven)
Player: Sho


Time for another exciting episode of Denki-Gai! I bet these will be especially fanservice-y. Tsumorin is here for the special bath house episode, too. When they get there… They encounter… Attack on uncle?! With a nearly naked old dude doing one of those weird Titan poses! Much fanservice… Very wow… Goodness, I just now realized how big Sommelier is. He needs much bigger than a Large Yukata. Naked ladies and ecchi things happening in the bath house… Poor Fuga and Kameko don’t have breasts for Tsumorin to grope. Well, that might actually be good for them. Tsumorin is rather strange. But she gets kind of jealous of Hio-tan and the Director. She ends up passing out drinking too much. The Director tries to comfort her and Tsumorin has a heart-to-heart with them, crying because she wants to be with him again, but he says that he already has someone he likes. Hio-tan ends up thinking about it too much because she overheard them getting ice cream.

Kantoku totally starts messing with her more and she gets even more embarrassed. But seriously, Kantoku gets even creepier. Hio-tan wants to ask him if he likes her! But she makes the mistake of asking him if he likes her boobs. Oops. He starts going off about how he likes all boobs! Boobs are the best and boobs are all equal. God only made one word. Boobs… Geez. This only happened because they were making pop-ups for Boob Summer. Oh well, good comedy… And good romance. There’s definitely going to be some more romantic tension in the coming episodes!

Now for the shirt…


2014 Sho Challenge Successful

Sho purchased an item!

Maestro Madness: Make a player record themselves singing a song and relate it to their summary, IN ADDITION to the original challenge! If they fail to do so, they earn nothing for the week!

…and also decided to use both his Maestro Madness and Poetic Justice on Kana! This means Kana will have to both write her summary in poetry and record herself singing a song for next week’s challenge!

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Your Lie In April (Episode Seven)
Player: Kayarath

your lie in april

The black cat you see at the start of the opening represents something important. I’m not exactly sure what, though. I would have to guess it represents Kousei’s childhood innocence or perhaps his sense of self. The black cat also serves as another voice in Kousei’s thoughts. Why does the black cat wait until now to reveal itself? Something is brewing.

While Kousei struggles his way through character development, he has a piano competition to prep for. He’s pouring himself into his work to the point of knocking himself down. He may be down, but he’s not out. He may be nervous about the whole deal, but with Kaori’s inspiration, he’s ready to try.

Of course, he’s not the only person at the competition. There are other players, too, and they’re getting screen time. They have vendettas against Kousei and want to carry them out. I originally thought they wanted to avenge previous loses but it’s more then that. They’re put off by his aloof nature and extremely rigid playing style. It seems Kousei just wasn’t a likeable guy back then. But things change, don’t they? Some things don’t change, like jitters before a big performance. If you’re a piano player, you gotta play, so step to the stage and get to it! Hey, that would make a nice slogan for a text-only t-shirt!

2014 Kayarath Challenge Successful

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World Trigger (Episode Seven)
Player: Tyler

world trigger

Tyler did not make the deadline this week and earns no points for this week!

Tyler 2014 No Show

Despite not finding time in his busy schedule to write, Tyler had time to buy an item!

The Tango Down: It takes two to tango, y’know! Use this item on a player to make them have to bring in a second person’s opinion for their summary!

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Wolf Girl and Black Prince (Episode Seven)
Player: Bobby Henshin

wolf girl and the black prince

I just don’t even know what to do with this series anymore. I just want to throw it out a window and say I’m done! But, just like in showbiz, the show must go on. At least there are only 5 episodes left. Welcome to Wolf Girl and the Black Prince episode 6. The episode where Erika tries extremely hard to fall for Kusakabe but is still in love with Kyoya for some god awful reason.

We start off where we left off last episode. Kusakabe saw Erika and she heard the whole thing. She tells him that she has made up her mind on his offer. The next scene is Erika dumping Kyoya and saying that he doesn’t have to pretend to be her boyfriend anymore and thanks him for his time. Thank god! Please, just leave him. The next few days are nothing but awkward silence between the two as they pass each other in the halls.

Kusakabe asks Erika if she would like to go to this big arcade that has games, ping pong, pool and so on. She says “Sure, let me invite Sanda-chan as well.” Hey, wanna go on a date? Sure, let me invite my best friend to be a huge giant third wheel. I’m sorry, but I laughed at that part. When the two are alone to get drinks, kusakabe asks her if she would like to go out with him on White Day. Just the two of them. For the kids at home who don’t know what White day is, in Japan, they have two Valentine’s Days. On Valentine’s Day, the females hand out chocolates to the males of their choosing. Or females, no discriminating. And on White Day, that is where the males give the chocolates in return to the people they care about.

Erika says yes, and they part ways at the end of the day. Sanda asks her how she truly feels about him. She says she wants to fall for him but it will take awhile. She says that if she keeps him waiting, she will be doing the same thing Kyoya did to her. This whole situation just sickens me because a lot of people have been in this situation, and it hurts so bad. I feel for Kusakabe because he is getting his hopes up, and he is suck a nice guy, but he’s just going to get his heart broken in the end.

They go out on their date. First the aquarium and then an Italian restaurant. Takeru notices them on their date and calls Kyoya in a Takeru rage! He tells him that they are heading to this famous fountain for couples. Kyoya hangs up the phone and has another quick flashback to the stomped out snowman. Hopefully we get to see the story behind that. They reach the fountain, but Erika stops him for a second. Please don’t do this. Sata is a jerk, and Kusakabe is such a nice guy, and …you’re breaking his heart now. God dang it girl! Stop going to the jerk! Anyway, if you haven’t already guessed, Kusakabe already knew her true feelings and knew this was going to happen, so he was okay with it. He thanks her for changing him to be a better person and is happy he fell in love with her. This whole situation pisses me off because I want Sata to jump off a bridge!

Speak of the devil. Kyoya shows up and brings Erika close to him. He says that he is taking her back and asks if that is okay. No, it is not, because you are still being a giant jerk who… and he is okay with it. I’m done! But Kusakabe says that he better treat her better this time. And, for a moment, he gives an actual smile that feels genuine. I’m so confused now. He drags her away as Erika is yelling at him and asking why is he doing this? Why did you come back if you don’t like me? Then he whips around and kisses her on the lips. He says no more; when she asks why, he says “That is my answer.” Okay, not going to lie, that was smooth. I’d never do that ever because it was still kinda jerky, but whatever.

Erika tells him to stop beating around the bush and to tell her how he truly feels. Kyoya says that in most circles of public behavior, that it is called love. So there we have it. A love confession. If you can call it that. Erika falls into him and says that instead of making him her fake boyfriend that she is now making him her real boyfriend. He pinches her cheeks and says no, I am letting you be my girlfriend. I want to punch him! Anyway, they walk off together, and that ends the episode.

I am just so done with this anime. I think I am just letting my personal feelings get in the way along with my past experiences, but I mean come on. Is this what women want? I asked a female friend of mine why women go for jerky guys like this and she said it was so they can try and change them and that it’s a challenge. I just can’t even fathom this right now. Is this true? Please let me know in the comments below. Also, for our challenge we were supposed to make a T-shirt design based on our show. With the help of my lovely girlfriend, we were able to make this design below. It has the wolf girl symbol with the “P” from the title wearing the crown. The leash symbolizes their relationship in the show. The chess board pattern is a constant theme in this show to symbolize Kyoya and his mind games. The yellow bubbles are to show the bubbliness of Erika. I think it turned out great in my opinion. Would you buy it? Let us know.


2014 Bobby Challenge Successful

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Rage of Bahamut: Genesis (Episode Seven)
Player: Whiskahs

rage of bahamut

Recap episode!

The story so far:

Amira, a half-angel, half-demon stereotype, steals one of the two keys required for unlocking Bahamut, a being powerful enough to destroy the world, from the gods. She ends up falling down to the planet below after being injured. Being a stereotype, she is completely ignorant of how things work down in the human world and ends up casting a curse on a bar braggart to get him to lead her to a place called Helheim. Along the way, we find out that the key she stole from the gods has actually merged with her body/soul, and because of that she is effectively the new key. There also seem to be sinister forces at work guiding her to Helheim, but it isn’t clear who or what they are quite yet.

Favaro, the bar braggart and bounty hunter, is compelled to help Amira on her quest after he is cursed with a demon tail that he cannot remove without her aid. He seems to try to avoid any sort of responsibility, but at the same time seems incredibly skilled at general “adventurer” type things like killing monsters, surviving strange and dangerous circumstances, etc, etc. On his journey with Amira, we find out that he has been avoiding dealing with an old friend who thinks that Favaro is responsible for killing his father and trying to avoid taking up his father’s Robin Hood-esque cause. It isn’t incredibly clear why he is almost intentionally trying to be a crappy human being, but after selling out Amira, trying to murder her, and then ditching her in the most recent episode, his few good actions don’t really seem to balance out the bad he has done so far.

Kaiser, another bounty hunter and disgraced knight, spends most of the time chasing Favaro around, thinking it was because of him that his own father died. It turns out a demon, who seems to be the main antagonist at the moment, actually killed both his and Favaro’s fathers, but Favaro seems to avoid telling Kaiser this even when the opportunity presents itself. For the most part, he seems to be comic relief despite having a relatively tragic story. He’s also the reason for Rita joining the group.

Rita, an undead necromancer, hasn’t really served too much of a purpose in the story thus far other than serving as a way to moderate Favaro and Kaiser’s conflicts and keep the party together and as a deus ex machina. She has had few speaking parts, but mostly seems to be critical of most of the other characters, but continues to follow them around.

The mess of characters is now all together in the capital of some kingdom where they are supposed to be kept until the gods can figure out what to do. Despite this, Amira is driven by dreams and possibly magic compulsion to try and go to Helheim anyway while the Big Bad is preparing to attack, which I’m sure will give her the opportunity to escape.

For a t-shirt design, I would probably put Rita on a dark color and have some stylized text with her name. Simple, but her kinda gothic style seems like it would go over well on a t-shirt.

2014 Aero Challenge Successful

Whiskahs spent 600 points to get 12 tokens and bought 7 items!

Cowl of the Thief: What a sneaky little thief you are! While you wear this cowl, you may spend one token to try to steal any item from any player, with a 1/4 chance of success. You will lose this cowl if you fail a challenge, miss a week, or pay the editor.

The Underdog: Because the weak need a protector! As long as you have this dog, none of your items or points may be taken for any reason, not even the dog itself! However, if you’re not in last place, the dog runs and hides, and none of its effects are valid until you’re in last place again!

Circus Monkey: Everyone loves a street performance! This item generates one Token per week!

Amulet of the hooded Robin: Stole this amulet off of some green-clothed guy. Use this item to force a player to give 100 points to a player of your choosing below them other than yourself.

The Editor’s microphone: Hey!? How’d you get that!? Get back here! Use this item to set one other player’s challenge for the week (pending the editor’s approval; it has to be possible, after all!)

Color-of-the-day-sky shell: A totally not-stolen invention! Use this item to make the leader lose 10% of their points!

The spinning chair: You think you’re watching your screen? Think again! Swap any two players’ shows for a week.

He then used the Color-of-the-day-sky shell, losing Kana 183 points!

Then he used the Spinning Chair! Elk and Sho will swap shows next week!

And, after two attempts, he stole Kana’s Color-of-the-day-sky shell!

Watch Rage of Bahamut: Genesis on Funimation or talk about this episode on our forums.

Week 007 Tally

  1. Elk: 873
  2. Kanashimi: 730
  3. Sho: 679
  4. Kayarath: 573
  5. Tyler: 434
  6. Bobby Henshin: 424
  7. Whiskahs: 104
  8. The Editor: 0

Week 007 Token Counts

  1. Kanashimi: 4 Tokens
  2. Bobby Henshin: 2 Tokens
  3. Elk: 9 Tokens
  4. Kayarath: 3 Tokens
  5. Sho: 4 Tokens
  6. Tyler: 3 Tokens
  7. Whiskahs: 4 Tokens
  8. The Editor: 2 Tokens

Next week’s challenge: Let’s get nostalgic once again! Compare your show to an earlier show from Simulblast! If you’ve participated before, you MUST compare your show to a previous show, but otherwise you can choose any show from Simulblasts past.

Make sure to vote for your favorite review below! You can give your favorite a Token!

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  • nerdwerld November 26, 2014 at 8:32 PM

    I came in here going to want to give Kana the vote.
    Then I read Sho’s review and thought their review although short was interesting. Then I saw the t-shirt design and died laughing. What makes his entry even better was the item he used. So I will vote for Sho.

  • Ani-Ki November 30, 2014 at 12:44 PM

    Wait until you get farther in Chaika Kana for me.

  • Cyruz December 1, 2014 at 3:32 PM

    Disappointed in a lot of shirt designs honestly, mostly for those who didn’t actually make a mock-up image… was gonna vote for someone who didn’t have one, but Elk and Kanashimi had the best designs. More partial to a black design myself, so my vote goes to Kanashimi.

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