Simulblast! Week 010 of Fall 2014

Posted on Dec 16 2014

Simulblast 2014 Fall Week 010

We can contain the feels no longer! It’s time for an emotionally-oriented Simulblast!

This week’s challenge: Therapy time! Intensely focus your summary on how your characters feel. As a rule of thumb, whenever something happens to a main character, describe how they feel about it.

Gundam Build Fighters Try (Episode Ten)
Player: Elk

gundam build fighters try

Episode 10! I only have 10 minutes to write this, so my review might look a little shorter than usual. I’ve already watched the episode, I’m just going through and writing it now.

First off, The G-Muse Team is really upset at their loss, and the conscious members of Try Fighters, as well as Ral and some of the people watching, are concerned that Sekai passed out. But Meijin is more impressed than worried.

Yomi is a chihuahua because she’s yappy, Sleggar is a gorilla because he’s a big tough guy, Sekai is a tiger because of his fighting spirit, Yuuma is a Dolphin because he’s the smart one, Hoshino is a badger because of her determination, the kid from G-Muse who didn’t get to fight is a turtle because he’s got a turtley face, Ral is a mole because, I dunno, he reminds me of a mole, Meijin is a lion because of his ferocity and wild hair, and the leader of G-Muse is a mongoose because he could probably take out a snake.

Hoshino’s mom is also a badger, because she seems determined to play matchmaker, like Sei’s mom from season one, and Minato is a weasel because of his underhanded attempt to “beat” Yuuma.

Mirai is a Papillon, because they are show dogs, and she’s a model. Her model friend is a poodle because same reason? The agency head is a cat. Specifically the type that ate the pet fish.

Mirai is worried about taking part in a Gunpla battle, but Yuuma is super pumped to help her out. She’s grateful for his offer, which makes Yuuma’s heart soar and his mind wander. Sekai and hoshino are both wierded out, because his fantasies are spilling out.

Mirai is not really into Zeon suits, but she’s enamored by the cuteness of the Beargguy. When they finish, Yuuma gives her a mini Beargguy to go with it named Petit-Beargguy. Mirai thinks it’s super cute. Yuuma has also been reborn watching her happiness at building, reminding him that Gunpla is meant to be fun, not about maximizing efficiency, etc. The ice feels like it’s melting away.

This episode was really terrible for Kana to hit me with the speaking character, because it has a TON of extra characters, and has had some new characters as well that I couldn’t really give animals based on personality.

The announcer is a baboon, because of the way he opens his mouth, it reminds me of a baboon… Yuuma’s not impressed by the poor quality of most of the Gunpla.

Turns out the Gunpla event is a race, not a fight. We also meet a creepy pushy pop star, who I’ll say is a snake. If only we had Minato around.

Sekai says he can date his sister if he beats his sister in the race. He’s not worried because he has confidence in his sister. but she’s freaked out.

A fierce battle erupts, despite it being a race, which ends with a literal and figurative crotch punch destroying the Turn A’s (sleazy snake’s Gunpla) “cockpit”. Mirai trips right at the finish line, letting a different model take first place.

Regardless, everyone is happy with how the day went, and Yuuma’s super happy to be able to go get some food with Mirai, at least until everyone else tags along.

2014 Elk Challenge Successful

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Chaika ~The Coffin Princess~ Avenging Battle (Episode Ten)
Player: Kanashimi

Chaika Coffin Princess

Well guys, it’s been another Simulblast, and this following episode of Chaika is the finale. Not only did I have the challenge, which is quite fitting for this episode, but I got attacked as well. Due to the type of the attack, I’ll be leaving that for the end so everyone reading can stay focused on what’s actually happening in the episode. Luckily, the nature of the challenge allows me to really approach the climax in great detail, so I’m quite excited to begin.

Last we had left our heroes all surprised and somewhat perplexed by the revival of Emperor Gaz. Out of everyone, Chaika must be the most crushed considering her entire life has successfully been revealed as a lie. While we often got quips that perhaps she was not real, her memory being transposed onto her, and just to be used as a shell—we also received many hints that she looked the most like the “actual” Chaika. Granted, Chaika is just a term for a magic used to revive him, but regardless, there’s still a portion of myself as a viewer and Chaika as a character that would perhaps hope that she is someone’s daughter. Being cast aside as a tool, or even just as an orphan, must be extremely painful to the point of disregarding her own life. Toru approaches Chaika with these same thoughts, but he realizes there is nothing to say to quell her pain or to make her feel alive.

All he can do is react haphazardly and charge towards their enemies, but he is blasted aside with ease. Shin disregards Toru unlike Akari and Chaika, but there is a hint that something is perturbing him. We don’t fully know Shin’s intentions; it’s been slapped on that he is a Saboteur and as such was merely hired for a job, but I can’t help but think there is some deeper meaning for him being here. It would simply be lazy writing to have him here to ensure that Toru grows stronger as a character when they eventually fight full force. Toru most likely feels lackluster in this time considering Shin has already beaten him and Chaika, a girl he’s come to care for, is thinking suicidal thoughts.

Akari, Toru, and Chaika escape as Emperor Gaz triumphantly leaves to another castle with Niva. Vivi, after the horrors of what she did last episode, is left to face the three Chaikas that remain (the twins and the “Black” Chaika). I would wager she feels she has to make up for what she did previously to her love, as well as prove to herself that she is better than that by defeating these three opponents. However, to complicate matters, Red Chaika has her own pride to save and also shows up to fight the three Chaikas with Vivi.

Toru is left to relish in his frustrations, consistently letting himself (and moreover Chaika) down. In a fit of brashness, he casts away his title as a Saboteur. He declares Akari is no more his sister and stares up at Fredrica claiming he will make a contract with her. It is in this moment that Toru does not care of his own well-being, but sees the tools he can use around him to make himself stronger. Fredrica, finally getting what she desired, bites him in her dragoon form, and extends a human hand to him to eat in turn or else he will perish. Since Toru has already made his decision, he does as such, and then a dragoon like armor forms around him. He declares he’ll go and defeat Gaz, but Chaika calls forth to him in an attempt to keep him by her side. Knowing neither will be able to come to terms with one another, they meet an impasse, and take off together… leaving Akari. Akari does not display much emotion, but I cannot help to think she is somewhat hurt. I’m not sure if she would see it as a betrayal, however.

Toru tricks Chaika and lets her off Fredrica before she can truly argue. Toru has decided to ride alone, most likely, in his own mind, to his death.

Akari approaches to help Vivi and Red Chaika while Toru attempts to get into the fortress that Gaz is in. Chaika is watching with his gun and is attempting to blast through to aide Toru. Emperor Gaz allows Toru in so Shin may fight him as he desires. I’ll assume Shin wants to hammer his point in that Toru will never be a good Saboteur. Even so, there’s not really a lot of motive for such a thing. The more I attempt to think of Shin and whatever must be going through his mind, the more it feels far too convenient for him to be here in this situation. In fact, Shin appears villainous in this face-off for no reason other than to be an anti-hero. He is merely meant to be defeated and for Toru to move on to confront Gaz, the man who made Chaika feel worthless.

Black Chaika is defeated, her head kicked in essentially, while our Chaika keeps track of Toru’s whereabouts amongst the flying fortress. In this instance, Gaz begins to talk about how humans desire war, and quite honestly his feelings are fairly plain. He feels humans kill each other for anything that they desire because they desire to fight. It’s fairly straightforward and doesn’t need intense analysis. Gaz essentially wishes that Toru would recognize he’s an example of what he’s stating. He’s a man who is fighting on behalf of Chaika, and that proves humans will fight for anything selfish to them. He then sheds his praise to him based on the work he did with Chaika.

Toru seems overwhelmed by his words, picturing nothing but Chaika and all she went through in her innocent attempt to hold a funeral. Gaz quickly immobilizes Fredrica and begins to battle with Toru before his rage can truly be unleashed. Toru’s body is thrown about like a ragdoll by Gaz’s magic, but Toru continues to get back up each and every time. Gaz is fascinated by a man that will not stay down, but as the windows are open, Chaika uses a shield to protect Toru. Gaz realizes that this is subject 357 and orders Niva to eliminate her. Niva, however, responds that she cannot lock onto the target and cannot kill Chaika. This perplexes Gaz as well as me as a viewer. Niva did not have ample enough time to get attached to Chaika or the gang as a character, so this is nonsensical. They ate a meal together and once played at the beach; it wasn’t enough time to really establish this sort of loyalty. However, Niva is a robot, so perhaps she has never been shown any real affection.

Regardless, she leaves Gaz’s side and joins Chaika, explaining that she has personality and as such she will decide to aide Chaika. Chaika, however, is out of magic fuel, so the only option is to ironically use her false memories to power her weapon. This moment is paramount, as Chaika declares she will give her father a funeral. Not only is she going to blast him in a moment, but she will in turn lose all her memories of this. The painful aspect is the fact that, in turn, she will perhaps lose all her memories of Toru as well. She does not mention this, but the suddenly sad music makes it apparent this is what might occur. The blast cuts through Gaz and the flying fortress, but leaves Chaika in pain as she falls to the ground, her weapon exploding in the process.

Toru and Fredrica fly to her side where Chaika lays limp and Toru begins to sob. He is obviously hurt considering he did much to ensure he could defeat Gaz and Shin. This tearful moment literally lasts seconds before they quickly try to close everything neatly with a bow. We’re forwarded past our sorrowful moment to Gilette giving a quick speech about their acquisition of the Gundo as well as the fact that all Chaikas’ have died after Gaz’s defeat. We quickly find this is not the case when Red Chaika kicks down Akari’s door, who claims they will have to wait until brother fixes it again. Red Chaika brings her grapes, which makes me assume she’s working for the one hero that had a winery a few episodes back. She asks Akari about her latest “work” which hints that she is now a writer. Red Chaika asks where she can find Chaika, who is on a walk with Akari’s brother. Chaika seems somewhat weak, but Toru is guiding her along.

I’m just kinda disappointed. The pace for the series was quite nice, but this last episode felt rushed, mostly the ending. I’m happy everyone is alive and well, but regardless I would have liked more than that last minute to show everyone was okay. What happened with Red Chaika’s companions? Did Chaika lose her memory? Are Toru and Chaika going to get married? How does the Saboteur thing work for Toru now? When did Akari become a writer? Did she cast away her title as well? It’s sad because I liked the outcomes and how Gaz was defeated, but not actually the journey from point A to point B.

Anyway, onto the attack… Let’s get this out of the way quickly.

  • Chaika: LittleBigPlanet because she’s cute and adorable and so is that game.
  • Toru: My first thought was Bloodborne due to the fact that it’s an extremely dark and difficult game, but you don’t really feel very strong. So instead I’ll opt for The Order: 1886 where I felt in control and tactful with my decisions.
  • Akari: Warframe! Despite my personal dislike of the way the game controls a lot of the fancy and more aggressive moves remind me of her.
  • Fredrica: The new Guilty Gear is essentially the type of character I compare to Fredrica.
  • Red Chaika: Fat Princess! Because hahahahahaha, maybe if she had cake stuffed in her mouth she wouldn’t be so tsun-tsun.
  • Black Chaika: Severed by DrinkBox because when she ate Gaz’s remains it reminded me of an enemy from that game.
  • Emperor Gaz: Same as above, mostly considering his arm was also disgusting and reminded me of Severed.
  • Vivi: Until Dawn… c’mon, she seems like the type of character to kinda just be killed in a bath towel. Haters gonna hate!
  • Gilette: Bloodborne, seems more thoughtful than any of the other combat based games I played.
  • Niva: Amplitute due to the techno type of feel and futuristic environment of the game (Transistor was also another option, but it’s more “human” of a story).

2014 Kana Challenge Successful

Kana used the Vetoer’s Pen on Aero! Aero may not use any more items on Kana for the remainder of the season!

And, after three attempts, she stole the Totally Legal Performance Enhancer from Elk!

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Denki-Gai (Episode Ten)
Player: Sho


Yay! Yay! New episode of Denki-Gaaaai! It’s about Valentine’s day! Chocolates! White day? Sensei went ahead to try and make some chocolates, but as it turns out, she can’t make chocolates! I wonder if she’s bad in the kitchen in general… I bet she feels really disappointed in herself because of this. So now it’s time for the Tsumorin baking class! Tsumorin takes the time to try and teach everyone how to make a delectable chocolate cake. Fu Girl likes mashing that chocolate; She just hits it without the bag, She must feel like it’s a zombie. She even hits it with a bat! Hio-tan just can’t let up on the whipping machine. She sure loves whipping. I bet she just got into the whipping process hardcore. And Sensei… She didn’t really do much right either. I think Tsumorin probably did most of the work. It ends up being the best cake ever. They were all soooooo happy, although they were in shock when they realized that they ate all of the cake they were going to give away.

So! It’s Valentine’s, and Sensei tries to give Umio some chocolates, but she gets so shy that she isn’t able to actually give it to him. He’s probably sad inside. And hurting. She hit him pretty hard. Kameko seems to have a crush on Kantoku as well. Tsumorin, feeling like the big mommy it seems, tells her to go give her chocolate to Kantoku! Probably pretty happy, he gives her a turtle keychain thing in return! He even attaches it to her camera. It looks like everyone gave Umio chocolates, too; Sensei was the only one that didn’t. So on White Day, he told her he didn’t have anything for her. So she splatters goodness knows what on him and told Fu Girl that he was a zombie! He gets beat up pretty badly.

Later, Hio-tan and Kantoku are locked out of the store! They were supposed to do some things, but the Manager left when they came back from getting food and they go to what seems like some sort of internet bar? I haven’t seen anything like it, but it has a TV and some other things that you can rent out in a room. It’s confusing to me. Hio-tan gets really sleepy too, spilling coffee on herself as she returns from getting it! Kantoku, being the cool guy he is, he offers her his shirt and she just gets all embarrassed. They’re both embarrassed. I bet the whole time they were embarrassed. She goes to shower and comes back. And they both try to sleep. Kantoku does the unexpected and tells her she’s too defenseless and proceeds to go on top of her, surprising her and even though it’s to prove a point… She’s way too embarrassed to sleep. So very embarrassed.

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Your Lie In April (Episode Ten)
Player: Kayarath

your lie in april

Your Lie in April is always an emotional roller coaster, and right now we are in a dive. The agony of Kosei’s unresolved relationship with his mother is triggered whenever he plays the piano. Try as he might, he can’t move on with his life until he confronts it and finds an answer. Which leads us to our current point of Kosei playing at a piano competition and withering under the agony of said issues with his mom.

Crippling emotional problems tend to affect your play, and Kosei is no exception. His attempt to power through proves to be ineffective, and the audience can feel it. Rival Takeshi is shocked that the man he dedicated himself to defeating turned out to be such a letdown. The audience in general isn’t happy with his performance either.

Kosei knows he’s done for and simply stops. Normally, he would be content to slink away in defeat, but a nagging feeling in his head is stopping him from stopping. Kaori has always refused to give up on him, and has dragged him back to the world of music kicking and screaming. She isn’t kicking and screaming in the physical sense, but her fierce determination still echos in his heart, calling on him to continue. Kosei looks up into the lights and asks himself, “What am I playing for? Who am I playing for?” After a moment, he comes to his answer and begins to play again.

This time Kosei decides to play for Kaori and Kaori alone. Simply put, he loves her. Kaori’s free spirit and deep passion for music has opened Kosei’s heart, and has shown him the way forward. For the first time in a long time, he finally plays from his heart. The softness and serenity that has been locked up is finally free. The audience is really digging it, but is also confused by it. Takeshi storms out in shock over the whole thing. He was expecting an epic battle of piano power. Rival Emi is thrilled by it all. She always wanted Kosei to express his own style.

Soon Kosei ends his piece and stands up to greet the audience. They’re so confused, they forget to clap. Most people don’t expect bombs, and recovering from them less so. Kosei doesn’t really care though. There was only one person he wanted to impress. Did he? The tears in joy in Kaori’s eyes are proof that he did reach her. He may have flunked out of the competition, but he found his own sound, and that is a beautiful thing.

2014 Kayarath Challenge Successful

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World Trigger (Episode Ten)
Player: Tyler

world trigger

Tyler has exhausted all of his chances, and is now out of the competition, forfeiting all of his points and Tokens to The Editor!

Tyler 2014 No Show

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Wolf Girl and Black Prince (Episode Ten)
Player: Bobby Henshin

wolf girl and the black prince

Has it really been ten episodes? Man, time flies, doesn’t it? With only three episodes left, how will our two love birds hold up? The reason I ask this is because, in shojo anime, there is always a woman or family matter that almost breaks them up. I know it’s coming, and I am waiting for it. But for now things look normal as we go to celebrate Erika’s Birthday!

There is really nothing to this episode. It is mostly Kyoya taking Erika out for her birthday. Beforehand though, he learned that all Erika wants from him, as a present, is to say I love you. This comes from Erika’s want of affection from Kyoya since episode four. That’s, right everyone, it’s challenge time! Erika has been battling to get Kyoya’s affection since episode four, and now that they are boyfriend and girlfriend, that is all she wants from him now. Kyoya tries to say it in the bathroom, in front of the mirror. But his attempt fails, so he punches the mirror and it shatters!? Dear god man, it isn’t that hard! Or is it?

We have yet to learn about Kyoya’s troubled past and his true thoughts on the subject of love. So for the entire day, it may be extremely hard to get the words out. The date is underway with Erika showing off her new hair cut.

Kyoya is nervous the entire time, not knowing what to say to make her happy. Well, he does, it’s just he has trouble saying it. At the fancy restaurant, he gives her a nice looking jewel bracelet. He sits up and moves closer to her face. He attempts to tell her that he loves her, but he can’t and leaves to go get some air.

So after a lovely day of shopping, a video game arcade, and Kyoya scaring a little girl with his evil stare, they find themselves on a romantic boat ride looking at the city lights. Kyoya turns to Erika. The water splashing make her look beautiful in his eyes. He turns to her again, takes her hands and begins to say those three words everyone wishes to hear. Instead he just says he likes her hair and goes back to being awkward.

Walking home, Erika says that she had a great day and starts to head off. But before she does, she turns to him and says she loves him. Kyoya grabs her and brings her in for a big hug. Turns out a car was about to hit her. But as the car goes speeding by, he whispers, I love you, in her ear and she is beyond red in the face. She simply responds with, I love you too. Next episode is, you guessed it, an episode where another woman comes in and complicates everything. See you all next week.

2014 Bobby Challenge Successful

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Rage of Bahamut: Genesis (Episode Ten)
Player: Whiskahs

rage of bahamut

In this episode, the story progresses along two lines: the first in the capital with Rita and Jeanne, and the second out in some enchanted forest with Amira, Favaro, and Kaiser. The story breaks off into two threads when Jeanne is framed for an attempted assassination of the king which causes Rita to investigate and the captain of the knights to send Kaiser after Amira and Favaro to ensure they make it to their destination.

In the capital we get a few scenes of Jeanne being tempted by a demon-like figure in a way that seems to be a callback to the temptation of Christ. The scene is pretty heavy handed in portraying Jeanne like a saint as confronted with an approaching execution she spends the evening in her jail cell praying. Even as the demon-like figure tempts her with knowledge and power, she never turns to face the tempter or the goblet which he promises will provide her with everything she needs to know about the gods. Eventually the demon leaves and we then follow Rita about the city.

Rita never really says much, but she’s obviously curious about the situation, as anyone in the right mind would think it slightly out of place that the laser-wielding overtly good Jeanne would not only attempt to kill the king, but also fail at it. After a few scenes of her poking her head in windows and wandering about she eventually stumble upon a magical workshop stocked full of things useful only for the most nefarious of magics, but she doesn’t have long to search as she soon comes face to face with the demon that was tempting Jeanne not long ago.

Out in the forest Amira and Favaro have one of their usual awkward conversations. Favaro seems a little less confused by it since he now knows that Amira is only really five, but doesn’t seem to be any less annoyed. Despite this he does his best to keep Amira’s spirits up until the two are suddenly ambushed. As it turns out Kaiser has arrived with a regiment in tow to capture Amira and bring her back to the capital. He was the only one actually tasked with helping her escape, so he attempts to keep his men away as he fights a mock battle with Favaro, but since writing is hard Amira, Favaro, and Kaiser fall into some sort of pocket dimension to avoid actually having to explain how else they could get out of the situation.

Now in this weird pocket dimension and unsure where they are, the three main characters take turns trying to pull what looks to be a big claw out of the ground. It isn’t really clear why they would immediately resort to this instead of trying to figure out where they were, but both Amira and Kaiser fail at the task while Favaro seems to pull it out effortlessly. It turns out the claw was a small piece of Bahamut, and it wasn’t lodged in the ground as much as in hand of a giant dragon that thanks the trio for helping remove it.

The now-awake dragon goes on to explain how Bahamut is destined to destroy the world and the only way the heroes can save anything including themselves is to stay in the pocket dimension with him. Amira begins to cry almost immediately upon hearing this as her only real goal at the moment is to find her mother while Kaiser just sort of balks at the idea that the world is soon to be destroyed. Favaro, being Favaro, doesn’t really care, though, and goes off on a rant about how they can change fate and such before throwing the Bahamut claw in frustration, which just happens to open up a door back out of the pocket dimension. Inspired by Favaro’s speech, Kaiser and Amira lead the way out ready to change the fate of the world while Favaro is held back by the dragon. It turns out that if Amira finds the other piece of the key and Bahamut finds her, it will prevent Bahamut from ever being sealed again, effectively ensuring the destruction world, but since Favaro seemed so bent on preventing this from happening, the dragon offers him the advice that if he is to save the world and change fate that he will have to kill Amira.

Bum, bum, bummmmmm….

They also take the claw thing out of the pocket dimension because plot device.

2014 Aero Challenge Successful

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Week 010 Tally

  1. Elk: 1091
  2. Kanashimi: 940
  3. Sho: 889
  4. Kayarath: 683
  5. Bobby Henshin: 639
  6. Whiskahs: 414
  7. The Editor: 439
  8. Tyler: 0

Week 010 Token Counts

  1. Kanashimi: 3 Tokens
  2. Bobby Henshin: 4 Tokens
  3. Elk: 2 Tokens
  4. Kayarath: 3 Tokens
  5. Sho: 5 Tokens
  6. Whiskahs: 4 Tokens
  7. The Editor: 5 Tokens
  8. Tyler: 0 Tokens

Next week’s challenge: It’s almost the end of Simulblast, and the end of your shows! But every end is a new beginning! Re-read your Simulblast summary from Week 001 and tell what you agree with and disagree with from that week! Doing so will gain you 30 points!

Make sure to vote for your favorite review below! You can give your favorite a Token!

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    All that complex. Voting for kana

  • Cyruz December 23, 2014 at 11:55 AM

    The challenge was kinda lame and I expected more people to attack one another, but I’ll say Kana since I figure she’s out after this. There’s no more episodes… x-x

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