Simulblast! Week 009 of Fall 2014

Posted on Dec 08 2014

Simulblast 2014 Week 009 Fall

Lunch is a delicious, and someone probably agrees that it’s the most important meal of the day! It certainly is to our contestants!

This week’s challenge: Mystery lunch challenge! Describe one of your character’s perfect lunchbox and receive a token if you draw it!

Gundam Build Fighters Try (Episode Nine)
Player: Elk

gundam build fighters try

Welcome back to Gundam Build Fighters! It’s good to be back with super powered models that use alien particles to do combat. Kind of wondering where that plot point went. If you remember last season, I thought we were going to have a lot more “other dimension” plot in a sequel series…

We start off with a recap of last episode, where Gyanko’s team lost in a quick decisive manner. Following their loss, the female Gunpla fighter from the enemy team started taunting Gyanko, which brought us an epic moment from Gundam history. Slegger (Akira Suga) Law backhands the CRAP out of her. This is a direct reference to when Sleggar Law backhands Mirai in the original Gundam series.

OP break! For this challenge I could cop out and say Sekai’s would be the one he got from Gyanko, because free lunches are probably his favorite thing, but I’m not gonna take that route. I need me some time to think this over.

This episode is called Showdown at Solomon. Gundam fans will need to change their pants at this point. People new to Gundam won’t, but don’t worry, and get a fresh pair for later; I guarantee this episode is going to be amazing.

Regardless, Hoshino comes to cheer up Gyanko, since Sekai doesn’t want to see her sad; he’d rather face her in battle again. After a little monologue, Gyanko instantly perks up, knowing what her next Gunpla is going to be. But despite her emotional strength, her team is still upset, so she comforts them in a similar way to the Boxing team from before.

Minato comes into Yuuma’s cafe (If you remember from season one, the Kousaka’s have a cafe). Hoshino recognizes him, and like his master and his preceding student of the Shingyo school, he’s enamored by the fairer sex. Everyone have already recognized the Mega Shiki from last episode as Minato’s work, and he and Yuuma have a bit of a showdown. Minato drinks Sekai’s drink (On purpose? Absentmindedly?) and leaves, leaving a shocked Sekai and a tense Yuuma.

Now we get a bit of backstory for the G-Muse team and their leader’s reasons behind getting his Gunpla from Minato. It seems his Gunpla wasn’t good enough to make it in the big leagues.

Sekai is a little worried about Sleggar’s words from last episode, about Jigen Haoh not working against him, and is training hard. Shimon shows up to practice with him, and Gyanko shows up as well to help him. Mirai (not the one from the earlier Sleggar story, but Sekai’s older sister) is taking time off from modelling to go see him fight in the regional finals.

The little guy is hype because he might get a chance to fight since Yomi hadn’t been showing up to chill with the rest of G-Muse since getting slapped, but she showed up, apologizing to Sleggar. At the same time, our heroes are pumping themselves up for the fight.

And it begins. Interesting info here, when Team Try Fighters set their GP Bases, Hoshino’s says POWERD GM CARDIGUN instead of WINNING GUNDAM, and G-Muse just have their team name instead of individual names, unlike Try Fighters. They launch, and of course the field is Space, and it’s Solomon. Yuuma flies around while Sekai and Hoshino fly through the fortress. Immediately it becomes a long range battle between the Mega Shiki and the Lightning Gundam. Inside Solomon, the rest of the fighters meet and Sekai charges into battle. Sekai counters the arm lock technique from last episode only to be attacked by a myriad of missiles. He uses “pinpoint shielding” to deflect them, shocking Sleggar. Yomi in a custom V Gundam and Hoshino take some shots at each other, and Hoshino and Sekai retreat for now, and the battle scene changes to the outside engagement.

Yuuma fires missiles, but G-Muse’s leader dodges them and takes out Yuuma’s rifle. Yuuma flies into melee range and they lock beam sabers, but Minato’s saber is much stronger and actually cuts through Yuuma’s. The G-Muse leader makes some distance while firing shots to cover his movement and pulls out his Mega Launcher, aiming for Sekai and Hoshino. At the last second, he changes the position, firing it almost point blank at Yuuma. He then tries to pull the launcher while it’s firing to hit the rest, but Yuuma wasn’t finished, and destroys the Mega Launcher. Yuuma than baits him into an attack, letting his own Gunpla get destroyed while taking out the Mega Shiki. As Yuuma used to be a builder, it says a lot about his drive, letting his Gunpla, which is basically his art, get smashed up.

Everyone is shocked, but Sleggar recovers first and attacks with the missiles. Hoshino transforms at the last second, throwing the parts out for Sekai, which he uses to smash both Sleggar and Yomi in one hit. They think they’ve won, but the V Gundam, missing it’s bottom half, docks with the G-Fighter becoming some strange hybrid. They attack Sekai and once again, we think it could be over, but it’s not. Using the booster, Yuuma saves Sekai from the attack, and then in an equally odd fusion, Sekai punches Hoshino’s core in the butt, making it into a jet fist. Using the special powered up mode, the Burning gets in tense situations; the Build Burning grows the red flame circle from the actual Gunpla you can buy and boosts forward. They clash, the Build Burning losing it’s right arm, but Sleggar and Yomi being completely defeated.

Of course, it can’t be that easy; Mega Shiki was somehow clinging to power. A boosted punch to the Build Burning’s head shocks everyone, and time stops JoJo style, but the Mega Shiki took too much damage, and the attack backfires, destroying it’s own arm and losing all power. Team Try Fighters wins Regionals, but Sekai was somehow physically damaged from the fight. Does Burning mode cause actual damage to Sekai? He kind of passes out, and our episode ends.

ED Break! Now, I’m going to kind of cop out on the challenge anyways. I’m choosing Akira Suga, and saying his perfect lunch box would be takeaway from Rocky’s place from Rocky Balboa. I say this because the original Sleggar Law was heavily inspired by Sylvester Stallone.

Post ED, Hoshino showed up to see Sekai, but he’s still passed out. Next episode, swimsuits, Beargguy Family, and black Turn A? SUPER HYPE!

2014 Elk Challenge Successful

Elk purchased items!

The Time Warp: Leeeet’s dooooo the tiiiiime waaaaarp again! Use this item to do any previous Simulblast challenge instead of this week’s!

Strange Vial: STRANGE, ISN’T IT!? I don’t know what this does. Drink it yourself or throw it at someone else to use it.

Totally Legal Performance Enhancer: No rules against this little cheat! Gain 10% more points for all purposes as long as you have this item. Lose this item if you fail a challenge, miss a week, or pay the editor.

Mischevious Aipom: Get back here with my hat! Use this item to make a random player’s hat disappear (even potentially your own!)

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Chaika ~The Coffin Princess~ Avenging Battle (Episode Nine)
Player: Kanashimi

Chaika Coffin Princess

Toru, Akari, and Fredrica are thrown out while Red Chaika has given up completely on proceeding forward with her mission of collecting the remains. As they get to their room, they find Selma and the remains they collected gone. Red Chaika had already decided to give them to White Chaika, but as she runs to find her, she finds Toru and the gang limping away.

Vivi works on restoring Gilette’s health as best as they can, but they did kinda chop his arm up in the last episode, so it makes things fairly difficult to say the least. Fredrica is also in a fairly bad state, but Toru does have the remains they’ve collected thus far, except he’s fairly frustrated at himself. Gilette, however, is able to a report explaining that the King wishes to start another war since he’s frickin’ crazy.

Chaika is inside meeting Hartgen, having a flashback of sorts when she runs into him about losing her head. Perhaps indicating she is indeed the real one? She spots Niva and Guy, but neither make a move to help her. In addition, Gilette and his squad have to act since other countries are already sending war ships in fear of what Hartgen will do. Gilette can get inside the castle easily, however, which is kind of nice. The fear here is that Toru and Akari are going inside with all the remains in an act to get Chaika back.

Black Chaika descends with magic and begins to cast a spell on the remains much to White Chaika’s dismay. This evil Chaika claims she will eat the remains and does so with tentacles from her dress because, okay, sure. She claims that she wishes to revive her father by doing so. Multiple Guys begin to approach the magic circle, reciting something about magic fuel, as Black Chaika suffers from the revival process. Her body is torn asunder as she’s cast aside. Once the rebirth is done, Guy deactivates, and rising is a twisted looking Guy naming himself Arthur Gaz. He claims to have been officially reborn to rule the world, and obviously Hartgen begs for his forgiveness, but he is swiftly killed.

Gaz finally claims that he has no daughter, and Chaika was only a “magic” to reconstruct his body. Chaika is simply a magic technique to make his body whole again. He calls Chaika 357, a wizard type, and claims she looked more like the girl he kept at his side based for her memories than any other. He no longer remembers her name and cannot tell Chaika her past. Gaz only wished to be reborn to have a feeling of fear, that is all this was for was to be reborn with a new emotion to effectively act out a war. From this war he will absorb all feelings brought about it through magic. He summons Niva to his side and uses her to fire at the floating castles coming his way to stop his attack.

Next, Gaz uses Niva to summon a floating castle he’s just been keeping in space. Okay, sure, why not… and everyone kinda just stands stunned and watches. I can’t really say what was up with that, honestly; needs more fighting and the heroes winning, kthx.

chaika lunchbox

Anyway, the lunchbox I had in mind was a cutesy one for Chaika. While I prefer cats, I do believe her white outfit reminds me more of a rabbit. She kinda needs some nutrition after all this… It was more fun than I thought. I used some bentos online for inspiration, drew it on my tablet, and vectored it to give it a more pop color since I’m not much of a shader myself.

2014 Kana Challenge Successful

Kana purchased an item!

The Vetoer’s Pen: Use this item on a player to forbid them from using items on you for the remainder of the season.

And used the Call of the Wild on Elk! Elk has to compare every speaking character in his episode with an animal, with reasoning!

Watch Chaika ~The Coffin Princess~ Avenging Battle on Crunchyroll or talk about this episode on our forums.

Denki-Gai (Episode Nine)
Player: Sho


Wow! Three different titles this week, more than the usual two.

OH NO. HIO TAN IS SICK. WHAT DO WE DO?! She’s too cute to be sick! It looks like she can’t work today. Kantoku knocks on the door… And when she notices that it’s him, she gets all surprised and slams the door on him. And oH MY GOSH HE’S COOKING FOR HER. I can’t deal with the cute of this episode. I bet he’s an extraordinary cook, too. It looks delicious. She looks like she loves it, but she just says it’s ok (So tsuuuun). And Kantoku is even worried about her when he’s at work. He’s supposed to be the responsible one. Oh goodness. It looks like Hio-tan’s condition got worse?! He has to break down the door! You can do it Kantoku! He piggy backs her all the way to the hospital! Aaaaah! He saved her! They’re back at Hio-tan’s house again. When she realized that he piggybacked her, she started freaking out again. These two are too much. WAIT DID HE JUST KISS HER ON THE CHEEK?! Oh, he whispered something rather romantic in her ear and he didn’t realize that she was awake. And… Kantoku gets sick.

Another… Hio-tan sick day? This time Sensei-chan and Sommelier goes to get her food. And she’s using it for her plot to gain more girl power! Even when Hio-tan’s sick? She makes all these weird rules, like, you’ve gotta be crude at times! All hell breaks loose when Hio-tan asks Sensei to hang the laundry though… For she finds sexy lingerie everywhere! She gets all creepy… For girl power, she’ll probably do anything. Of course, they aren’t Hio-tan’s, but her sister’s undergarments. I hope Sensei doesn’t get a weird sense of what’s cute or not.

Oh goodness, these people get crazier every episode don’t they? They market the manga shop as a place to get ladies… 2D ones. This anime is so easy to lose because it changes direction so much. Sensei gets all flustered when they see Tsumorin again. Apparently girl power isn’t even what Sensei needs (Who knew?)! The G-men come by in a motorcycle and a Santa getup! She brought back books that were too unwholesome to sell and gave them to Sommelier to give away… This is truly a very… Strange Christmas.

Merry Erostmas…?

P.S. Umio’s lunchbox… It would be a lunch with funky anime bread. So he could use it in an exploit to get a home made lunch from a girl! At least, that’s how it works in real life right?

P.S.S. I can feel Kana’s bad aura as she plots something against me… Hopefully this isn’t war.

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Your Lie In April (Episode Nine)
Player: Kayarath

your lie in april

Kosei finally takes the stage in this episode. He’s gonna play a song! How was the song picked? Kaori rolled a pencil to decide! I completely object to this method! That’s what dice are for! I don’t mind that the piece was randomly selected. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that which piece he plays is irrelevant. On the basis of pure technical skill, Kosei could play anything upside down blindfolded. His issues are emotional, and we finally get to see them.

We’re taking a trip to flashback town to get the scoop on Kosei’s past. Things that were only hinted at (like Kaori dying. Having a hundred pills in your bag is never a good sign.) before getting the full treatment. So Kosei’s mother is on her deathbed, and is forging Kosei to be a piano competition winning machine. Since she is on her deathbed, she is resorting to extreme measures, like physical and emotional abuse. Kosei, being a small child, puts up with it because he loves his mother and wants her to be happy. He even does the cooking, making egg sandwiches (lucky me that a lunchbox items is suggested for me by the show itself!) because his mom won’t let him handle a knife yet. Everyone has a breaking point, and after one cane beating too many, he snaps back and tells her he wishes she was dead. Her mother croaks a few days later, leaving Kosei with incredible piano skills but tons of mommy issues.

Whenever he plays the piano, those issues resurface, and beat the emotional stuffing out of him. With a father who always seems to be away on business, and lack of access to good therapy, it’s just Kosei and his inner demons all day long. Kosei must make peace with his mother, find the colors of the heart (which is my favorite UVERworld song FYI), and take his rightful place in the world of music! Can he do it? It’d be a depressing anime if he didn’t eventually. However, the spirit of Kosei’s mother has appeared, and all I’m thinking is, “Choke, choke, choke!”

2014 Kayarath Challenge Successful

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World Trigger (Episode Nine)
Player: Tyler

world trigger

Tyler missed the deadline this week! He has one more chance to miss before he is out of the game!

Tyler 2014 No Show

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Wolf Girl and Black Prince (Episode Nine)
Player: Bobby Henshin

wolf girl and the black princeIt’s time for another anime staple, the class field trip! As the gang gets into their groups, we find out that Kamiya is in their group. If you don’t remember, Kamiya is the guy from last episode who decided he would have Kyoya come to his way of thinking which is to have have with all the girls. Lets see how this plays out, shall we?

Kamiya worms his way into sitting next to Kyoya on the bus while Erika glares at him with jealousy and anger. The other girls think their might be something up and come up with different versions of what they think is happening. Erika, on the other hand, automatically goes for the boy’s love route and is both crying and having a nose bleed.

We arrive at our destination, and they are all off to the hotel. Kamiya gets Sata alone and they see three other females that Kamiya was talking to. One of them has a huge crush on Sata and asks for his phone number. Sata says he doesn’t have a cell phone and walks away. Kamiya gets mad and asks why he lied about having a cell phone. Kyoya responds by saying, “Don’t drag me into your games.”

Erika is drying her hair and still fantasizing about the boys doing sexy things. She burns her hair in the process. San-Chan, her friend from episode one if you don’t remember, asks what she is so worried about. Erika says that she is worried that Kyoya can’t make any male friends, and asks if it will hurt their relationship. The two snotty girls from the first episode make some witty crack, but it’s easily forgotten. San asks why she hangs out with them. She says that they were nice to her when she was new and desperate to find friends and fit in. And she wouldn’t exchange them for anything.

Back at the boys room we find Kamiya invited some girls over to play the King’s Game! The King’s Game is when you take slips of paper with numbers on them and one has a red mark on it. The red mark is the king. There are two different ways to play. The king can can call a number to do a dare to them or can choose two numbers and the ones with those numbers has to do what the kings orders. So a night of hugging and piggy back rides continues. That’s when Kamiya’s full plan comes into play and forces Kyoya to kiss another girl!

He believes that human instinct will take over and he will give into to his way of thinking. Sata blocks the kiss and says he is done playing, then leaves. Kamiya finds him out in the lobby and asks “Why are you giving up on instinct? You could be having so much fun with all these different women.” He shows him all the phone numbers in his contacts. He says he has over 500 women’s phone numbers in his phone, meaning he is having 500 times more fun then Kyoya is. Kyoya says his math is wrong. Then he says the most damaging burn I have ever heard in an anime to him. “If all you are doing is picking up trash, you still just have a pile of trash.” This sends Kamiya for a loop and makes him question all of his ideals. He is alone in the lobby now as a girl comes up to say hi to him. Kamiya says he is lonely and wants her to keep him company, but she refuses. A boy asked her out and she said yes, so she can’t hang out with him anymore.

He goes to try to delete the number as the words of Sata still ring in his head. On the bus ride home, he sits next to Erika and uses her as a pillow. Erika is flustered and is wondering what’s going on, because he hates stuff like this. Kyoya says he is just using her as a pillow and to stop moving. On the long ride home, Kamiya has a revelation and tells them that instead of living and empty life, he is going to find someone he can treasure. Just like Sata found Erika. Kyoya then says something that is extremely out of character for him. He says to not worry, it will happen to you soon. And he is smiling! Not a fake smile, but an actual smile! Okay, I’ve kept on saying that he is a horrible character and needs to be punched in the face. I take that back now, because he has had some character-defining moments recently. But he still needs to learn how to not be a jerk.

The episode ends here as the two walk off the bus, into the sunset. Challenge time! Yeah I know I’m doing it at the end, Mr. Editor, but there was nothing involving food in this episode, so sue me. [I did. -Ed.] Actually don’t sue me. But if I had to picture a perfect lunch for someone, it would have to be a lunch that Erika made for Sata in the traditional manner of the mounds of rice with a pink heart in the middle, some octopus hot dogs, and a rolled up egg on the side. My MSpaint skills are the best, don’t you think?


Bobby purchased an item!

Lucky Penny: It was on heads! That’s good luck! While you hold this item, you have a small chance of any items used against you missing, negating the attack. Lose this item if you fail a challenge, miss a week, or pay the editor.

…But he has to pay 5 points to the editor due to problems in his summary, losing his Hat of the Hoarder in the process!

…And he uses the Editor’s Microphone on Kana! Since she was at the Playstation Experience, Bobby wants her to place every speaking character in her episode into one of the games shown there!

…And he uses the Amulet of the Hooded Robin! Kayarath was forced to give 100 points to Aero!

2014 Bobby Challenge Successful

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Rage of Bahamut: Genesis (Episode Nine)
Player: Whiskahs

rage of bahamut

Amira’s background finally gets expanded in this episode, huzzah! Turns out she is a five-year-old who was aged up by the the true Big Bad via cocoon… I hadn’t been expecting that, but whatever. Jeanne’s number two manages to reveal this all to Favaro and Rita in addition to providing them with a way out of the city, so that they can find Amira’s mother, an angel with some unspecified power, in Helheim. The group intends to leave Kaiser behind since he appears content to give up his adventuring ways after both he and Favaro are knighted on the request of Jeanne for their actions in defending Amira against Azazel.

Elsewhere, the new Big Bad, Beelzebub, is introduced by murdering an injured Azazel and convincing the jealous human King to kill Jeanne since the angel Michael gave her a sword instead of him. Everything involving this new character is a bit frustrating, because he literally drops out of the blue, and because the series uses all the different handles of the devil in Christian-tradition as different character (Satan is the original leader of the demons who sacrifices himself along with Odin to seal Bahamut, Lucifer appears to be the current leader, and Beelzebub is an attempted usurper) like some sort of unholy trinity.

That pretty much covers the most recent episode. The actual substance of the episode felt a bit light since flashbacks and other miscellaneous stuff ate up a lot of time explaining rather simple things. It certainly wasn’t a bad episode, but it feels like a whole lot of time has been spent describing the goings-on in this city and that the rest of the adventure to Helheim is just going to end up happening between episodes as the series winds down toward its conclusion.

As far as lunch boxes go, I’d peg Kaiser for having a classic 1980s He-Man tin. His exaltation of honor and black and white sense of morality seems like it’d fit well with it.

2014 Aero Challenge Successful

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Week 009 Tally

  1. Elk: 1003
  2. Kanashimi: 860
  3. Sho: 809
  4. Kayarath: 603
  5. Bobby Henshin: 559
  6. Tyler: 434
  7. Whiskahs: 334
  8. The Editor: 5

Week 009 Token Counts

  1. Kanashimi: 5 Tokens
  2. Bobby Henshin: 4 Tokens
  3. Elk: 1 Tokens
  4. Kayarath: 3 Tokens
  5. Sho: 5 Tokens
  6. Tyler: 3 Tokens
  7. Whiskahs: 4 Tokens
  8. The Editor: 2 Tokens

Next week’s challenge: Therapy time! Intensely focus your summary on how your characters feel. As a rule of thumb, whenever something happens to a main character, describe how they feel about it.

Make sure to vote for your favorite review below! You can give your favorite a Token!

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