Simulblast! Week 006 of Fall 2014

Posted on Nov 18 2014

Simulblast 2014 Fall Week 006

Who will be voted off the island, and who will be Top Chef, and who is leaving the Big Brother house!? I don’t know!

This week’s challenge: Cast your vote! Select which of your opponents deserves to get no points, and which of them deserves bonus points! By simply voting, you’ll earn 30 points! The player with the most positive votes will earn a secret amount of points, while the player with the most negative votes will get no points for the week at all!

Chaika ~The Coffin Princess~ Avenging Battle (Episode Five)
Player: Kanashimi

Chaika Coffin Princess

So we start with these twins on the side of their father as they talk about a tournament. Their names are Arina and Irina, and the tournament in question has a surprise prize of Emperor Gaz’s remains. Welp, there’s our plot point for this episode.

Our heroes are on the beach eating seafood and discussing how Niva is probably made up of Fayla parts. Guy appears before they get too far and seems surprised they’re the ones who got her. Chaika asks if she is really just a fake, but Guy remains cryptic and tells them King Stephen Hartgen has a remain for the taking. Apparently our heroes are heading there tomorrow, but Guy stresses that the other Chaika might be on the way already.

Alberic’s gang is exploring the island that Chaika was just at and they realize a powerful Gundo destroyed everything. The demi-humans from before run into them and claim they’re Gilette’s squad. They ask for an explanation and get it, including the lab, transforming Gundo girl, and experiments. They assume Chaika will use the Gundo for evil, but they can’t continue unless they head to the tournament since the King is suspected as someone forming an army. Chaika and co. can’t catch a break.

In fact, Chaika, realizing she’s an orphan isn’t even sure if she should collect the remains for a funeral. She still wants to deep down despite not being blood, and Toru reassures her by telling her she will remain with her till the end.

Red Chaika walks into the tournament only to immediately get attacked. Apparently the entire grounds are a battlefield that passes them on; essentially they qualified just by defending themselves. David, the guy with this group, has an injury from the last episode that Red Chaika tells him to be careful with.

And what the heck?! Two groups are fighting while waiting in the barracks for the tournament. Some guards run up to get them to stop and then frickin’ Alberic comes outta nowhere and kills them. Um, weren’t you dead? Apparently he’s just the King’s bodyguard, but, um, weren’t you dead?! This anime just has too much going on. I can’t even.

Anyway, Alberic’s gang, our heroes, and Red Chaika all make the qualifying round of the tournament. We find out as well that Guy saved Alberic due to the hatred within his heart. Sure, why not? Guy apparently used some mind control power to make all the soldiers who also got hit with the blast jump on him and thus be a human shield. He was able to crawl out of the mess of bodies only to meet with Guy. He informs Alberic that he’s unable to live in a peaceful world and that’s why he drew his sword in the first place. Okay, sure, I give up.

Chaika and Toru use a spell to attempt to find the remains, opting to try to avoid the tournament if possible. Toru and Akari are going to attempt to get into the castle, but as they do Guy calls for Niva. Chaika catches them and Guy tells her this was part of her mission. He tells her simply not worry, but obvious she’s distraught. From there the episode ends with a very odd-ball cliffhanger.

I vote for Tyler since I took his item, and Bobby gets my no-vote because I’m bitter.

2014 Kana Challenge Successful

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Gundam Build Fighters Try (Episode Five)
Player: Elk

gundam build fighters try

A week where Elk isn’t doing Simulblast in the very last minutes before it’s due? Blasphemy? Perhaps, but I’m relaxing my way to episode six of Gundam Build Fighters Try: Ruler of the Battlefield!

We start off the episode with a celebration for the victory from last episode. With “kiddy juice” for some reason. I wouldn’t want to drink juice made from children though. That sounds gross. We also got a recap of last episodes actions detailing the way they won. But Yuuma can’t stop thinking about his conversation with Minato.

OP BREAK! This is really an awesome inspirational song. Last season had some really inspirational OPs as well. (Also, mandatory Gunpla ad. Buy more Gunpla! It worked on me.)

Once we’re out of the OP we get a quick rundown of the 3v3 championship rules. Turns out it was a video Hoshino was showing Sekai since he didn’t know the rules. It didn’t matter because he slept through them anyways.

Ral shows up to tell them about their opponent. It’s the Science Club, from a technical school. They’re impossible to prepare for since they switch out their Gunpla every match. They also meticulously research their enemies so they have a strategy to defeat them. They show us the enemies researching our heroes (mainly focusing on Yuuma) and introducing their members and their strengths.

Back to Yuuma, he’s working in the Kousaka cafe, when Minato shows up. They have a slight argument, and then Minato asks Yuuma about his motivations for Gunpla battle. Minato is still upset Yuuma is battling instead of focusing on building.

Yuuma and Sekai both head to their training room so Hoshino can show them one of her special gimmicks. It’s all three of them versus a Mega Size. We don’t see what happens, but the Mega Size is destroyed in what seems like a single hit. She says it’s called the Winning Road.

We cut to Gyanko’s team, who destroy their enemies easily. Gyanko says she’s dedicating her victory to Sekai, but he says she doesn’t have to do that, which makes her sad.

Up next is Try Fighters vs. Science Club. The Science Club has a legit awesome team. All three are based on the Ez-08 from 08th MS Team, which is one of the best Gundam series. Go watch it. Each model is customized for their particular role in the team, and they implement their strategy by dispersing communication disrupting chaff. This is kind of odd since they’re standing right next to each other, but whatev, plavisky particles and all that jazz. They also have optical camo sheets, basically Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak.

They attack Sekai, and then with their information on her nature, set up a trap to attack her while she is checking on Sekai’s status. They also know Yuuma’s carefulness would lead him to stay behind and look for a chance to strike.

What they didn’t count on however was Winning Road, or Sekai’s Hot Blood power. Winning Road is actually power up parts. The giant fist from the intro pops out of Hoshino’s Gunpla and Sekai docks with it, punching so hard the communication disruption is blown away in the shockwave along with their invisibility cloaks.

Another part of Winning Road is a power up barrel extension for Yuuma’s Lightning Gunpla, giving it increased power and range allowing him to snipe an enemy. Even after splitting into pieces, Hoshino’s Winning Gundam has a core lander type part which manages to take out the information based Gunpla. Finally, with the super fist Sekai punches a hole in the enemy’s abdomen after destroying a shock knuckle and winning the match.

The science team is upset at their loss, but their coach recognizes Ral as their coach and figures he’s the reason they lost. Minato however explains the SD Gundam, Hoshino’s, is how they lost. It forced them to work as a team, filling in one of the major weaknesses the Try Fighters had.

ED break!

After the end we’re introduced to a new character. He’s a transfer student to the school with the rival team who bought the Gunpla from Minato. He looks like a younger Sleggar Law from the original Gundam. I’m hype.

Voting for this challenge was a tough decision, but I’m giving my positive vote to Kayarath, and my negative vote to Tyler. Tyler actually complained I was giving my negative vote to Sho, and said he wanted it. I figured he really wanted it, so he can have it :P. The runner up for my positive vote was Kana.

2014 Elk Challenge Successful

Elk received the most positive votes this week and earns a bonus 200 points!

…And Elk used his Super Mega Awesome Party Ball!

Kana gained 173 points!
Sho gained 139 points!
Elk gained 133 points!
Whiskahs gained 144 points!
Kayarath gained 143 points!
Tyler gained 124 points!
Bobby gained 144 points!

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Denki-Gai (Episode Five)
Player: Sho


Wait, whaaaat? I have to watch something different this week? Rage of Bahamut: Genesis. This is quite the departure from the light hearted cuteness of Denki-Gai! The opening is soooooooo dark looking! So it looks like there’s a lot of stuff that’s happened already–killing fathers and passed out babes. There’s even a Hell! Complete with Lucifer and devils! Then the main characters seem to already have been caught… For some reason? Taken before a king and the girl with the pink hair is what they want. Whoa! Angels too? The girl… She’s a demon! And an angel? Her name is Amira. And the king is supposedly supposed to guard her heavily; along with the other three seeming-protagonists! So they’re safe for now. And now… The three angels are worried about the revival of a being called Bahamut(Oh wait, Bahamut seems to be the name of the show: Rage of Bahamut). Amira trusted Favario! Aaaah! What a butt! He was going to take her to Helheim because of a curse(he has a demon tail), but now he just doesn’t want to!

So… Demon’s have stormed the gates! And oh my goodness they are huge. A female knight seems to have taken down all of them at once too! With some sort of holy magic? And it seems like the keys are people themselves. Poor people! And back to the castle. Amira sees a strange man who had taken out a bunch of guards. The guy with the stripes in his hair seems to used to want revenge on Favario. And they have a funny little fight before Rita comes to interrupt them, telling them that Amira had disappeared. And the man who led her away seems to have the same glowy red necklace as her.

Just as Favario is looking for Amira, he finds a large statue. A statue of Bahamut, according to Jeanne D’ Arc. She tells him about the story of Bahamut. Bahamut randomly appeared, nearly destroying everything until Zeus and Satan(Christian and Greek folklore??) turned themselves into keys and locked him away! So now people can thrive again. And the people believe that a great knight will come to be when Bahamut inevitably arrives. Jeanne tells Favario that he could very well be involved with this fierce battle of fate. And the man that Amira meets… It’s her father?!

So let’s see… Wait a minute. Bobby. I didn’t even put my review up, and you think it was weaker?! Fallacy! I’m giving you my negative vote! You didn’t even capitalize my name in the draft! Elk will be getting my positive vote because I liked that show that he switched between me and Whiskahs. I’m watching you Bobby >.>

2014 Sho Challenge Successful

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Rage of Bahamut: Genesis (Episode Five)
Player: Whiskahs

rage of bahamut

Denki-Gai is not my type of show. Episode 6 seems to feature most of the cast, who all seem to work at the same store or something, and I didn’t really seem to find anything endearing about most of them. They are mostly a gaggle of standard harmesque anime-style troops mixed with some so surreal-it-doesnt-work slice of life bits.

This episode seemed to focus on how one of the female characters, a burgeoning manga artist, has been staying after work in the nap room in order to try and finish up a commission. Through the power of friendship everything seems to turn out well in the end, but the girl seems distraught by the main male lead seeming to consider her only a friend instead of a girl. This leads to her friends examining her mannerisms and basically showing how she doesn’t act like a girl at all. I guess if you help someone with work you have the right to chastise the way they behave, I guess?

That about sums up this episode…

I vote for Kana getting no points and Bobby getting bonus points.

2014 Aero Challenge Successful

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Your Lie In April (Episode Five)
Player: Kayarath

your lie in april

So piano competition. Kousei. Piano. Kousei. Those two have a strange relationship. Without it, he’s incomplete, but with it, he suffers greatly. It’s no Haru/water here. You would think he would find a way to worm out of his promise to enter a piano competition but he hasn’t. In fact, he’s sort of gun ho about it. Kousei has decided to confront the pain within his soul. He has come to the realization that suffering brings growth. I want to bring that same growth to Elk so he can grow (I’m downvoting Elk) With a muse like Kaori as his side, color is finally returning to him.

Change hurts, and no one is feeling it now more then Ryota. She used to be the person who would carry Kousei through the tough times, figuratively and literally. She even carried him on her back with a twisted ankle when they were kids. She was always by his side, through thick and thin. Suddenly being replaced by Kaori hurts hardcore. Just seeing them together is enough to make her choke on a playoff game.

Kousei isn’t the type to forget people though. After her loss, he’s there for her. When a friend is down, isn’t it natural to want to be there for them? That’s why I’m upvoting Bobby. You may be a Bidoof, but your our Bidoof! In fact, he’s the only one who’s aware that Ryota hurt her ankle again. So he carries her home while she cries on his shoulder. While Ryota is quite upset about her loss, a part of her is also really happy to be carried by Kousei. A part of her wants to just be with him. They’ve been together basically forever, and that won’t change.

She will have to make room though. There are some piano rivals who want a piece of him. They’ve been defeated in previous piano competitions and want to avenge themselves. I think they’ll be quite disappointed that Kousei is no longer a Super Saiyan piano player. Kousei is so mediocre, he’s repulsed by own piano playing!

2014 Kayarath Challenge Successful

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World Trigger (Episode Five)
Player: Tyler

world trigger

In today’s episodes, evil ponies attacked! But the main character had a brilliant idea to stop them! He would combine the power of jazz and peanut butter to defeat them! But where does one get peanut butter smooth enough to go with jazz? To figure that out, they go to the Yaoi fairy, who makes young girls’ dreams of yaoi come true.

In order to get to the Yaoi fairy house, then must use a special dinocompass, which is composed of reindeer horns. What, did you expect it to be made out of dinosaur bones? While you think getting it would be a major plot point, you can just go buy one at the store. There was even a sale on pretzel bread there! After making some tasty sandwiches, they went to the Yaoi fairy.

When they get to the Yaoi fairy’s house, they don’t find her. They find an evil pony squad there! The evil pony squad challenged them to a game of Twilight Imperium. If you think Monopoly is long, you never played Twilight Imperium. The main character just shot the evil ponies and that was that. After searching the evil dead ponies, they discover a meatball sandwich! It isn’t just any meatball sandwich, it’s from the Racial Slurs Meatball shop, where every sandwich is named after a racial slur. Can they find the Yaoi fairly while still being politically correct? Tune in next time to find out.

Tyler 2014 Failure

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Wolf Girl and Black Prince (Episode Five)
Player: Bobby Henshin

wolf girl and the black prince
Valentines day is upon us now as the smell of chocolate fills the air. Erika and the girls are having a heated conversation on what they are going to do for their boyfriends on this day of lovers. Honestly I don’t care what Erika does for the sadistic…calm down Bobby, it’s only the first paragraph. You can get mad at Sata later. And boy am I going to get pissed!

Erika decides to make her own chocolate for Sata, but of course he hates sweets and hates the holiday all together. Seriously, do you just hate everything? Then he goes and tries to give Erika hope in saying that if she made something not sweet tasting he wouldn’t not try it. His words not mine.
So she works hard to find something for him to try. but I am getting ahead of my self. We have a new character who will be the focus of this episode named Kusakabe. Kusakabe is a timid boy with bangs covering his eyes and a soft tone to his voice. We later see him again when Erika is getting the ingredients for her cake. Turns out he forgot his wallet and is holding up the check out line. Erika pays for him and they have a nice talk. Turns out he is quite a looker under the bangs and Erika tries to help him build some self confidence.

Her coaching is working as he rushes to her the next day and tells her how he greeted people normally and how good it felt. But Mister “don’t you touch my things” comes over and wraps his arms around her saying that he was cold and does it in a cute couple-like tone. Of course he is just doing it to make Kusakabe feel bad and make him walk away. Erika tells Kyoya to wait out by the bench in the courtyard for his gift. Kusakabe is actually out there enjoying his lunch, alone, when Erika shows up. He talks about how melancholy Valentine’s day is for him and his family because he doesn’t get anything. Erika decides to give one of her muffins to Kusakabe.

Kyoya sees this and get’s super jealous. Oh! So now you care you stupid…I hate him so much! Erika sees Kyoya and pours her feelings out as she hands him the bag of muffins. But he just swats them away and says how dare you but that timid man on the same level as me. Someone get me my bat and rider belt because I am about to beat a bishie to death! Erika is devastated, again, as Kusakabe saves her from falling down the stairs. They go to Wacdonalds as she is pouring her sadness onto him. After hearing all the worry and hardship Kyoya has put her through, Kusakabe decides to tell Erika how he feels about her. She is caught of guard and doesn’t know what to do.

Later that day, Kusakabe confronts Kyoya about Erika and how he truly feels about her. He says what does it matter to you. He tells him that he has confessed his feelings to her and that she shouldn’t be with a jerk like him. Yes! Kusakabe, you must punch him and make Erika your girlfriend! Save her from this unhealthy relationship once and for all! But when Kusakabe says this we get an actual shocked look on Kyoya’s face and we get a flash of the two snowmen that he built as a child with one of them stomped out. Ok, so I am thinking he was ether hurt so badly in the past that it caused him to treat all women this way or it has something to do with his mother. Ether way, he needs to stop, like, right now.

Once again he says that it is ok because she was nothing more to him then a giant waste of time. The episode ends with Erika grabbing at the necklace that he got her and in shock. This man makes me hate my gender! Just the way he treats her and talks about her makes me wanna strangle him to the ground and throw him in a river. Erika, if by some miracle of the anime god you can hear me through the 4th wall, dump him and go out with Kusakabe. Or literally anyone else! Please! Also my two votes for this weeks challenge are as follows. Elk gets my up vote, and sorry Sho I felt yours was a little weaker this week so I’m giving you my down vote.

2014 Bobby Challenge Failure

Bobby had the most negative votes and earns no points! What rotten luck!

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Week 006 Tally

  1. Kanashimi: 833
  2. Elk: 793
  3. Sho: 599
  4. Whiskahs: 514
  5. Kayarath: 493
  6. Tyler: 434
  7. Bobby Henshin: 344
  8. The Editor: 0

Week 006 Token Counts

  1. Kanashimi: 5 Tokens
  2. Bobby Henshin: 0 Tokens
  3. Elk: 8 Tokens
  4. Kayarath: 3 Tokens
  5. Sho: 5 Tokens
  6. Tyler: 5 Tokens
  7. Whiskahs: 8 Tokens
  8. The Editor: 2 Tokens

Next week’s challenge: Everyone loves T-shirts! Everyone should come up with a t-shirt design inspired by their episode for 30 points. If you draw a picture of it, you gain an extra Token. Everyone loves points!

Make sure to vote for your favorite review below! You can give your favorite a Token!

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