Simulblast! Week 005 of Fall 2014

Posted on Nov 11 2014

Simulblast 2014 Fall Week 005

A chaotic week of items is here! Items are used, swapped, and stolen! Who has what!? Honestly, it’s hard for us to tell at this point…

This week’s challenge: WRITE EVERY MALE CHARACTER’S NAME IN ALL CAPS IN THIS WEEK’S SUMMARY FOR 30 POINTS! If you write any female’s name in all caps for any reason, or fail to caps-lock a male’s name, you fail! If their sex is ambiguous, then it doesn’t matter how you type it!

Chaika ~The Coffin Princess~ Avenging Battle (Episode Five)
Player: Kanashimi

Chaika Coffin Princess

Both Chaikas’ are prepared for dissection while TORU is taken to the dungeon to become food. At the same token one of the halflings, well, now two are going to be also tested on. TORU eyes them and I see a potential relationship in the future. Red Chaika struggles and snaps Chaika out of her stupor and helps her knock out the two guards. The two Chaika’s agree to work together until they escape while TORU easily knocks his own guard out and searches for his friends.

Our Chaika asks Red Chaika about her drive after the truth has been revealed, but the Red Chaika simply states they’re lies. The two find themselves amongst one of VIKTOR’s experiments who claims her name is Niva Lada. She claims to have waited for a Chaika and with that Chaika decides to free her despite the obvious warning signs. By tasting a bit of her blood, Niva states her start-up function has begun and the demi-humans are released to search for the missing Chaikas. Akari and Fredrica discover the entrance, but they’re unable to open the door until Fredrica tears it open because screw subtly.

Akari discovers Chaika’s gundo as well as the weapons of the Red Chaika group. She drops them at their cell and states they must pay her back double now. The two Chaikas step into a room full of mass produced demi-humans, completely unaware of the research they’re doing. TORU also discovers that Chaika got away and just misses them within the halls. Akari runs into the two captured demi-humans who claim they’ll be able to lead them to Chaika if she frees them. Against her better judgment, she does so as the two Chaikas and Niva are surrounded.

VIKTOR discovers that Niva is missing and realizes he must get to them before they’re torn asunder by the demi-humans. Luckily, TORU appears and blasts a smoke bomb to get them out of the situation. VIKTOR discovers one of the doors has been destroyed by Fredrica and unleashes demi-humans across the land to hunt Chaika and retrieve Niva. The demi-humans lead Akari and Fredrica to a control source where they can stop the Fayla from continuing their search and destroy.

Fredrica and Akari drop from the sky and join the rest of the gang, but there is still plenty of Fayla about. Chaika wipes out her gundo and begins to cast spells, in addition Red Chaika proves how weak her defense is as Akari comes to her rescue. All groups meet up as they go on a killing spree against the Fayla, but there’s more that continue to come. They finally spot the control tower is the distance and we learn that the demi-humans have all perished besides the two guiding our heroes.

Chaika sets up to destroy the control tower from far away with her sniper while Niva sits next to her and Akari covers her. Sadly, the control tower has defensive magic that she can’t penetrate. Niva’s eyes activate and she begins to string together a bunch of commands, her body glowing and forming around her gundo. In this instance, it transforms and introduces herself as the Gundo Niva Lada. VIKTOR observes the transformation and claims this is what EMPEROR GAZ wanted as Chaika aims to fire her new “gun” at the tower. The blast could give Evangelion a run for its money as it chars the building and breaks it in half.

VIKTOR is killed from the blast as the Fayla begin to die since they’re unable to feed without commands. The fighting isn’t over as Red Chaika’s group claims they need to fight for remains, but TORU asks them if they really want to do what Guy wishes and perhaps kill one another. With that small bit of convincing they leave and Chaika is left with a new weapon… girl… thing. Chaika is however still shaken by the news she received at the island about her memories being nothing but fake. TORU claims its okay to continue after she’s taken the time to think, but Niva speaks up to state she must gather the remains.

An action packed episode, but a fun one regardless!

2014 Kana Challenge Successful

Kana bought an item and won an item!

Cowl of the Thief: What a sneaky little thief you are! While you wear this cowl, you may spend one token to try to steal any item from any player, with a 1/4 chance of success. You will lose this cowl if you fail a challenge, miss a week, or pay the editor.

Super Mega Awesome Party Ball: Ain’t no party like a Simulblast party cuz a Simulblast party don’t STOP! Use this item, and 1000 points will be split amongst the contestants at random!

…And used her Dr. Editor’s 200 Calorie Soda, earning her an instant 200 points!

Watch Chaika ~The Coffin Princess~ Avenging Battle on Crunchyroll or talk about this episode on our forums.

Denki-Gai (Episode Five)
Player: Sho


Now for another exciting episode of Denki-Gai! Where all of the action happens.

For the first part of this episode, SOMMELIER ends up with his shirt off in the store! He, understandably, attracts a bunch of attention for this, eliciting reactions from Hiotan, senpai, and Fu-girl. And there are two instances of this happening! The first is when he gives his shirt to a cat. And the second is when he goes out with Fu-girl and gives her his shirt because she gets wet and cold! Of course… The inspector shows up, exclaiming the unwholesomeness of the situation and taking several pictures.

UMIO and the rest of the gang find out that there’s a super popular manga writer coming in to do book signings. But what they don’t know is that she’s actually coming to visit the store too! And help out. She is an interesting character that takes on a lot more than he can handle… At least when it comes to the store. She and DIRECTOR actually used to go out. Hiotan, upon finding this out, starts to imitate the game’s manga artist! She even goes as far as to wreck several stands alongside her. What a riot. And poor UMIO can’t see her even though he’s a super big fan of hers. Afterwards, they go to the DIRECTOR’S house again and hang out. This results in UMIO rambling about the manga writer, rattling into the night.

2014 Sho Challenge Successful

Sho bought an item!

The Poetic Justice: This potion will make someone into a regular William Shakespeare! The player who this potion is used on will have to write their summary entirely in an established style of poetry instead of that week’s challenge!

Watch Denki-Gai on Crunchyroll or talk about this episode on our forums.

Gundam Build Fighters Try (Episode Five)
Player: Elk

gundam build fighters try

It’s Simulblast time! Of course I am ELK and I’ll be bringing you Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 5: Dream and Challenge in Your Heart.

We open with SEKAI seriously training, while we hear a flashback between him and RAMBA RAL where RAL tells him he must become one with the Build Burning Gundam.

OP Break!

We come back to the male members of the swim club perving on Mirai while the ladies look a little displeased. SEKAI, usually pretty good at noticing people perving on his sister, is focused and dives into the pool. SEKAI’s plan is to learn how to fight under water so he can handle other battle situations. At the same time, Hoshino and KOUSAKA are finishing their Gunpla and RAMBA RAL is wondering where everyone is.

MINATO, the obnoxious “rival” of KOUSAKA from last episode is delivering a Gunpla to a team. MINATO says he isn’t entering the tournament, but he was unaware that KOUSAKA would be. The leader of the team informs him, and we switch to a new scene.

KOUSAKA arrives at the club room to challenge the “Blue Giant”, LT. RAL. We get to see the master in his element. Instantly on the defensive RAL blocks some long range beam shots. He aims to go on the offensive, but is shocked by the booster being the one firing.

Hoshino is stuck taking out garbage, and manages to walk past the window of the pool. Mirai starts up a conversation and SEKAI shows up talking about his training. Hoshino and SEKAI have a conversation about wanting to be strong and we’re introduced to a star female Gunpla fighter from the past, who Hoshino idolizes. It seems like Mirai is going to act as the older female shipper of the season, as SEI’s mother was for the older Kousaka and SEI. Hoshino notices KOUSAKA in the club room and they head down to see what’s up.

When they get there KOUSAKA is gone, and RAL’s Gouf is beat up. He tells them fewer than 5 people have made him drop his shield, and that he has to add another name to that list. Super manly scene.

Now it’s night, and Hoshino is monologuing about their chances. The next day, a Japanese under 19 tournament is taking place, and Team Try Fighters is entering. KOUSAKA and Hoshino are there already but SEKAI hasn’t shown up. Then Gyanko and SEKAI arrive together, as they met on the way. Hoshino and Gyanko have a jealousy eye spark fight, and we fast forward to the tourney start. Team Try Fighters is the third match, so we get to see a couple fights before that. Team Cross Sword has a quick victory, followed by a win from a team of underwater specialists whose fighters are a Swim Club. Free!’s reach extends even to Gundam. I’m sure if the Try Fighters have to fight them it’ll be a cool battle.

And now it’s the main event of the episode. Our heroes’ enemies are Team Gaia Dragon. MINATO is watching, and the leader of the team he made the Gunpla for walks up to tease him about coming to watch KOUSAKA fight. At the same time Gyanko’s team is cheering for SEKAI, which surprises MINATO since he was expecting cheers for KOUSAKA, as he’s a star when it comes to modelling Gunpla. Gaia Dragon is also focused on KOUSAKA. MINATO recognizes SEKAI from the other day and dismisses him as a loser.

The teams launch and the battle begins. Hoshino launches in a transformed ship mode. The leader of the previous team thinks Lightning Gundam is based on the Zeta (as I did originally), but MINATO corrects him saying it’s based on the Re-GZ. MINATO however notices the shocking quality of the Build Burning Gundam. He knows KOUSAKA didn’t make it, but he feels it’s familiar. RAL is also monologuing and is filled with excitement for the coming battle.

KOUSAKA feels SEKAI will be useless in this fight as it’s a space arena, so instead of hanging back and sniping he transforms into plane mode and enters the battle, taking out the first opponent. Meanwhile Hoshino picks up a tail. She transforms the Winning Gundam into it’s SD Gundam mode and takes out her tail with a few well placed beam shots. Her Gundam impresses KOUSAKA. He tells SEKAI to give him room to fire on the last enemy, but SEKAI wants to put his underwater training to use. Using Plavisky particles to create platforms in space he jumps off them like a swimmer turning around in a race to build speed and spins his fist while punching to completely destroy the final Gunpla. The energy output sparks MINATO’s memory, and he knows it’s based on SEI’s Gundam from the 11th world Championship. SEKAI and KOUSAKA start arguing but are stopped by a tackle hug from Hoshino, happy over their victory. Which of course makes Gyanko jealous.

In the back we see an older version of the woman Hoshino idolizes, and someone who looks a little like MEIJIN from last season. It’s been a while so I can’t be sure though…

ED Break!

KOUSAKA is walking back from the tournament, and MINATO steps out and confronts him. He’s angry he’s taken up Gunpla battle as it could take away from his time modelling Gunpla.

2014 Elk Challenge Successful

Elk bought three items and won an item!

Hat of the Banker: Didn’t you know that taking the hats of another profession means you take on that job? As long as you wear the banker’s hat, no other item may directly make you lose points! You’ll lose the hat if you fail a challenge or pay the editor!

The prankster’s cups: Nope! Sorry! You’re precious item was under the cup on the left! Play again soon, sucker! Use this item to force two random players to swap a random item.

Color-of-blood shell: This tortoise shell is out for blood and it wants it now! Use this item, and the player directly ahead of you in points loses 20% of their points!

The spinning chair: You think you’re watching your screen? Think again! Swap any two players’ shows for a week.

…and he used the Spinning Chair on Aero and Sho! They will watch each other’s shows next week!

…and he used the Prankster’s Cups! Kana’s Party Ball belongs to Elk, and Elk’s Color-of-blood Shell belongs to Kana!

Watch Gundam Build Fighters Try on or talk about this episode on our forums.

Rage of Bahamut: Genesis (Episode Five)
Player: Whiskahs

rage of bahamut

The episode begins with FAVARO threatening BACCHUS at sword point to gain the use of his carriage to find Amira and KAISER. In the end, to show his devotion to his current quest, FAVARO destroys his bounty hunter wrist-thingy and BACCHUS yields. It turns out that by destroying his bounty hunter wrist-thingy FAVARO is now just an “outlaw”, but it’s unclear if that matters or will actually change anything going forward.

Eventually FAVARO and Rita catch up to the Big Bad, AZAZEL’S flying monster castle in some foreboding looking mountains. BACCHUS leaves them to do their thing and issues a goodbye, saying it’s the last time he’ll see them. FAVARO doesn’t seem to sweat the farewell much and uses his Swiss army multichambered crossbow to board the floating monster castle with Rita.

Somewhere else in the castle, AZAZEL looks on as PAZUZU tortures Amira. This scene is a bit confusing because it sorta feels like the writers wanted this scene to be like… several shades darker than the rest of the series, but KAISER sort of interrupts the water boarding and whipping to be all melodramatic while all the demons laugh at him. It’s during one of these laughing bits that AZAZEL recognizes KAISER’S family name during a melodramatic rant. At that point he gives him his sword and sends him off to kill FAVARO who is busy smashing his way through a bunch of undead.

After a bit of convenient magic monster castle voodoo, FAVARO, Rita, and KAISER end up in the torture room where Amira is bound and begin to duke it out. KAISER manages to disarm and defeat FAVARO, but stops short of killing him by Rita with a swift punch to the face. There’s a bit more yammering, but eventually they unbind Amira and try to find a way to escape only for PAZUZU to drop in to stop them.

Meanwhile outside there is a lot of stuff going on. It turns out that the flying monster castle was making its way through the mountains because there is a portal there to pass into the demon world, but just as it was about to do this the portal seals shut, clipping the head of the flying monster castle off and revealing a relatively large army, lead by Jeanne d’ Arc, that proceeded to beat the crap out of what I assume to be a monster castle that is already in its death throws.

Back inside FAVARO manages to convince KAISER to help him defeat PAZUZU by promising that he won’t run away afterward. In the end the party manages to escape to the outside of the castle where the notice a bunch of stuff is going down. Being that AZAZEL apparently didn’t have enough screen time, he shows up and tries to grab Amira only to be shut down by some magical force that he makes a cryptic comment about before disappearing. Then a dead dragon falls from the sky next to the group, which turns out to be very convenient as Jeanne d’ Arc just blows the entire castle up a few second later with a single spear.

Wot? Why do you need an army… particularly one that’s, like, losing people… when you can just blow a castle by yourself? And better yet, how does it make any sense to blow up the castle the person you are trying to capture is in? The Orleans Knights can’t seem to decide if they want to actually capture Amira or just flat out kill her.

Anyways, it turns out that Rita reanimated the dead dragon quickly enough to avoid a TPK and flew it in just the right direction that apparently none of the knights noticed the group escaping. Then there is a bit of end-of-the-episode chatter and the group flies off into the sunset.

Rawr. This episode made me upset.

I didn’t particularly expect FAVARO and Rita to rescue Amira and KAISER in a single episode, but that’s kind of what happened. It sort of seems like the past two episodes have been rushing along a bit either because of time restraints or budget and this episode definitely shows it from the haphazard continuation of the plot from the last episode, all of the random plot magic and coincidences that saves the heroes, and a noticeable drop in the quality of animation in some of the scenes. I really hope this episode isn’t setting a precedent of the rest of the series.

2014 Aero Challenge Successful

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Your Lie In April (Episode Five)
Player: Kayarath

your lie in april

Sorry for missing last week’s blast. It was a real doozy too. KOUSEI was playing the piano like a madman and brought the house down. It was so intense Kaori fainted. The show is foreshadowing her death and I’m not looking forward to it. Hopefully I’m wrong.

After a hospital visit or two, Kaori is back on her feet, ready to be wooed by a charming young man. KOUSEI would like to step in but WATARI is all in Kaori’s grill being like, “I’m so funny and stuff.” KOUSEI is bros-before-hoes but WATARI doesn’t mind some competition in that regard. All’s fair in love and war and WATARI has lots of other female friends to keep him company if he loses. KOUSEI is having a hard time at it due to his crippled self-image. He’s largely defined by the piano but can’t bare to play it. How can he construct himself without the big building block of his life?

In an interesting twist that I should have seen coming, Ryota seems to be developing romantic feelings for KOUSEI. A super cool guy falls into her lap but all she can do is think about KOUSEI. KOUSEI may not have those same feelings for her, but Ryota’s chances of not dying are a lot higher than Kaori’s.

The episode ends with Kaori awaiting KOUSEI, expecting to receive a get well gift. KOUSEI is empty handed, and really feeling guilty over it. So guilty he promises to do anything for her. Her request is that KOUSEI enter a piano competition. He hates the idea but he should have seen it coming. Try as he might, Kaori will drag him on stage kicking and screaming. They are musicians after all, and they belong on the stage. Can KOUSEI’s heart return to the stage as well? Only one way to find out!

2014 Kayarath Challenge Successful

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World Trigger (Episode Five)
Player: Tyler

world trigger

Tyler did not make the deadline this week and earns no points for this week!

Tyler 2014 No Show

Tyler won an item!

Color-of-the-day-sky shell: A totally not-stolen invention! Use this item to make the leader lose 10% of their points!

…Which, after three attempts, was stolen by Kana.

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Wolf Girl and Black Prince (Episode Five)
Player: Bobby Henshin

wolf girl and the black prince
It’s Christmas! That’s right everyone, Christmas is here and that means it is time for lovers to spend the holidays together. But for our heroine, Erika, it is nothing more than a holiday. Her school friends go on and on about how they are going skiing in the mountains or going to a classy restaurant. Her’s will be to force SATA to do a fake selfie in front of a large Christmas tree.

Begin operation fake boyfriend selfie! Why couldn’t I get an action based anime? She meets SATA out in the hallway and asks what he feels about Christmas. He says that it is a worthless holiday where people act stupid and spend money for no reason what so ever. This is going to be harder then she thought. SATA agrees to the picture and they head out after school to the large Christmas tree in the shopping square. Erika asks what he would like for for a present. He says nothing but returns with asking he she would like him to get her something for Christmas. She somehow grows dog ears and a tail saying that yes she would and she would treasure anything he got her. So he says that he will get her a dog collar. This is not healthy! This isn’t a charming relationship. These type of relationships should not be the focus of an anime.

They find the tree and get ready for the picture. Erika is having a tough time getting the camera focused. SATA is getting frustrated and takes the camera away from her. They take the picture and he is actually giving a real convincing smile. Like he is actually happy to be there with her.
So you start to think that is he just really messing with her? They stop at a family dinner to rest and talk. SATA is going on and on about how this was stupid and how she is stupid for doing it. Well, Erika has finally had enough. So she picks up the water and says you need to tell me right now what your feelings are for me or I am going to throw this ice water right in your face. Oh man! Not water in the face!

SATA though is actually shocked at this outburst. He then tells her how he truly feels. KYOYA SATA finally claims that he has actually loved her for a long time now. He would put on the mean charade because he doesn’t really know how to talk to woman. Erika’s face lights up brighter then the Christmas tree outside. She goes on about how happy she is until SATA starts laughing and asks himself how long he should keep up the monkey show.

He lied about all of it but in a way that was so utterly disgusting that I wanted to deck him right in the face! This moment pissed me off so much that I actually punched a pillow. Instead, she just throws the water in his face and says the deal is off and she doesn’t care if he tells everyone. She storms off crying as SATA is left there, soaked to the bone. Serves you right you son of a… this character makes me wish I could say bad words in my Simulblast, because I would have a full paragraph for this guy.

Erika remains locked up in her room now, heartbroken. Her parents try to get her to come down for Christmas cake, but she will not move. I don’t blame her but she shouldn’t have had feelings for the jerk in the first place! Her school friends send the pictures of them and their boyfriends like they said they would and she is contemplating on sending the one her and SATA took earlier. There is a loud knock on the door that makes her jump. Her mom says she needs to come out because she has a visitor. She rushes to the door to find SATA starring right at her. He better have a good reason, I swear to god or else I am breaking the forth wall and high jump kicking his face! She starts telling him off and yelling at him. Good! Kick his butt to the curve. But instead, SATA rushes into her with his hands around her neck. Oh you son of a…Dang it editor and not letting me say bad words! She opens her eyes from that frighting scare as he said he was just putting her collar on.

She looks down to see a very pretty and expensive looking necklace around her neck. You sir are really trying my patience here because dear god! He says a dog collar would look weird so this will have to do instead. She cries for a good while and jumps into his arms. Ok, I’m sorry but females in the audience…is this the kind of thing that’s acceptable? Is this the kind of relationship you like? They spend the rest of the episode taking selfies and have a moment but something needs to change in this guys attitude or I swear to god his head will roll.

2014 Bobby Challenge Successful

Thanks to a small donation from the editor, Bobby used his points to buy 6 tokens and bought 6 items!

Cap of the hoarder: I don’t know what this would look like. A trucker’s hat maybe? Regardless, you’re too attached to all your items. As long as you wear this cap, none of your items may be stolen. If someone steals the hat itself, you throw it away in a panic to keep it away from them, and who knows where it’ll land. Lose this hat if you fail a challenge, miss a week, or pay the editor.

The Editor’s microphone: Hey!? How’d you get that!? Get back here! Use this item to set one other player’s challenge for the week (pending the editor’s approval; it has to be possible, after all!)

Amulet of the hooded Robin: Stole this amulet off of some green-clothed guy. Use this item to force a player to give 100 points to a player of your choosing below them other than yourself.

Dr. Editor’s 200 Calorie Soda: The absolute lowest calorie soda we could make! Drinking this soda nets you an instant 200 points!

Gravedigger’s shovel: Whose grave are you digging with this thing? Someone else’s, or your own? When you use this item, every player with fewer points than you will have to give you one token. You won’t be making any friends with this item!

THE GIFT BOX OF SECRETS!: What could be inside? Open it, and its contents will be revealed next time you have the chance to buy an item!

…And used Dr. Editor’s 200 Calorie Soda for an instant 200 points.

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Week 005 Tally

  1. Kanashimi: 580
  2. Sho: 380
  3. Elk: 380
  4. Whiskahs: 290
  5. Kayarath: 270
  6. Tyler: 260
  7. Bobby Henshin: 200
  8. The Editor: 0

Week 005 Token Counts

  1. Kanashimi: 5 Tokens
  2. Bobby Henshin: 0 Tokens
  3. Elk: 7 Tokens
  4. Kayarath: 3 Tokens
  5. Sho: 5 Tokens
  6. Tyler: 5 Tokens
  7. Whiskahs: 8 Tokens
  8. The Editor: 2 Tokens

Next week’s challenge: The items have started to fly, but let’s not forget that we’re all friends here! Except for the ones that are enemies! In your summary, cast two votes. Select which of your opponents deserves to get no points, and which of them deserves bonus points! By simply voting, you’ll earn 30 points! The player with the most positive votes will earn a secret amount of points, while the player with the most negative votes will get no points for the week at all!

Make sure to vote for your favorite review below! You can give your favorite a Token!

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