Simulblast! Week 004 of Fall 2014

Posted on Nov 04 2014

Simulblast 2014 Fall Week 004

Some players never learned how to follow directions! How could anyone possibly fail a simple challenge? Find out in this week’s Simulblast!

This week’s challenge: Make your summary as close to 500 words long as possible! Words are counted after your summary is edited, so make sure to write correctly! Whoever is furthest away earns no points for the week, while everyone else gets 30 bonus points. Anyone who writes exactly 500 words gets a free item, and if everyone writes exactly 500 words, you’ll all get 5 bonus tokens!

Chaika ~The Coffin Princess~ Avenging Battle (Episode Four)
Player: Kanashimi

Chaika Coffin Princess

Chaika lands on the island, but has no idea where Fredrica is and goes off to search for her. Everyone seems to have survived including the rival Chaika, her team, and our heroes. Chaika however is taken by island natives and is unable to fight back, however Toru notices and moves to follow the natives in hopes to find Chaika.

We find a scientist working on demi-humans underground as Gaz ordered. Chaika meets one as they give her food in the dungeon and reveals she was born in the Gaz Empire. Akari and Fredrica meet up during a “Fayla” attack while Toru infiltrates the underground facility and meets up with Chaika. She apologizes for her selfishness while Toru says he’s sorry himself. Sadly, our white haired hero doesn’t have her Gundo weapon, so their focus is solely to escape. They deduced the people on the island are taming Fayla, which I’ll assume are just demons of some type, and proceed onward.

As they reach a river with dead Fayla, they hear the voice of a man explaining that these are merely duplicates. This man is in fact a kraken and knows of Chaika, he also claims that he knew Blue Chaika from the season one finale. The kraken explains that Chaika can change destiny as the coffin princess, in contrast Red Chaika and her group are captured, their burly friend of the group injured. Anyway, the kraken explains that Gaz was able to utilize man-made magic better than any other person, and Chaika is his tool to do so even in death. Before they can get more of the story, a demi-human cat person charges at them with an army and begins to fight Toru, but sadly they get captured due to the overwhelming number. During this scene the enemy discovers Chaika’s name and the scientists orders both to his room immediately.

Annoyingly enough, we go back to Alberic’s gang who is discussing rumors with floating fortresses and it doesn’t lead anywhere so back to the actual story. Toru and Chaika are brought before the scientist with Red Chaika screaming not to be touched as she is also led in. The scientist introduces himself as Viktor and explains his role. He quickly explains that Gaz had no children, but took many of them off the street and used magic to alter their memories. He points to their necklaces and explains that is the proof right there. There’s a few flashbacks of previous characters hinting at this, but Chaika is crushed. Viktor claims he will begin experimenting on them, but don’t fret as the other Chaikas’ will bring the remains they fought so hard to gather.

With that the episode ends, but I have to say I’d still like to think Gaz had one true daughter and that is our Chaika. How do you rule a kingdom and get no wives? Granted, this is all just wishful thinking, but nonetheless I’d like to see it. See all of you next week!

2014 Kana Challenge Successful

Kana bought one item!

ITEM GET – Dr. Editor’s 200 Calorie Soda: The absolute lowest calorie soda we could make! Drinking this soda nets you an instant 200 points!

Kana decided to keep Dr. Editor’s 200 Calorie Soda in her inventory.

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Denki-Gai (Episode Four)
Player: Sho


King of POP, that’s the episode for this week. POP like popular culture?

Jeez, Sensei and Sommelier is so skilled at what they do. Everyone is trying out new decorations! Fu-girl has a particularly scary one, popping out to scare Hio-tan when she tries to pick up a manga! Now it’s Hio-tan’s turn to try to make one! They go over to the other manga stores to see how they do it. After finding a ton of books that she likes, she ends up making her stand with a bunch of Boys Love manga and making a particularly evocative sign. She gets it set up and it eventually becomes the most popular stand in the store.

In the next half of the show, there’s another Sommelier party! It’s practically like the last one, but there are a lot of girls that rush Sommelier! they want him really bad because it’s Valentine’s day! Even the inspector girl comes back, thanking Sommelier for the recommendation a while back.

2014 Sho Challenge Successful

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Gundam Build Fighters Try (Episode Four)
Player: Elk

gundam build fighters try

Hello everyone this is last minute, so I’m doing Simulblast RIGHT NOW because I only have 30 minutes to watch an episode and review it. AHHHHHHH.

Big news. Gyanko lost yesterday’s match vs. Seiho’s team. Everyone is shocked, but Kousaka is a star builder. Everyone has them on their radar now.

OP break, which I’m skipping because RUSH!

Ep 4. G-Muse.

Recap and practice. We see the Gouf R35 in action! YAY! Sekai can’t fight in space though, so he needs more practice. Ral explains the different terrains and that he needs to be able to fight in all of them. Kousaka is smug as usual. He’s really obnoxious.

Hoshino tells Ral she wants to build a new Gunpla for the tourney to better compliment her team’s composition. They debate a few different ones, and then Ral suggests the Gouf as a joke.

We learn what G-Muse is. It’s a store of some kind. Sekai is confused so Ral says he should go with Hoshino. Hoshino says it’s a date, and Sekai, as in last ep is completely unfazed.

Later on at home, Sekai casually asks Mirai what to wear on a date, which makes her choke on her tea. After giving him advice, Sekai asks her what is a date, which results in a faceplant from Mirai.

Once the date starts, Mirai follows with sharp eyes and sunglasses. Some how, a part breaks off Kousaka’s Gunpla. An ill omen indeed.

Mirai continually exclaims about Hoshino’s boldness. Hoshino leads Sekai with his eyes closed by the hand to show off the 1/1 scale Gundam. Mirai backtracks her fears and is impressed by the Gundam as well.

G-Muse is indeed a giant Gunpla store. Every Gunpla fans dream. But Hoshino is frazzled by the amount of options. An employee helps Sekai build a Gunpla of his own.

While spying on Hoshino and Sekai Kousaka runs into Mirai. To stop Kousaka from catching on she invites Kousaka to tea, which he obviously accepts without question.

Meanwhile, Kousaka has cancelled an appointment at G-Muse allowing a mysterious builder to build a Gunpla for the store. He’s upset that he was the second choice and seems like he wants to blow off some steam.

Sekai beats up some kids with the SD model he built, and then a big shot, second only to Kousaka it seems instantly builds a model with magic to teach the “Tokyo kids” a lesson.

Both fight with SD models, and Sekai’s melee style attacks aren’t as effective with stubby limbs. His opponent says the Gunpla and fighter need to fight as one, and he was forcing his style onto the Gunpla. With that tip, Sekai understands he has to fight like his SD Gundam would. Sekai’s Gundam powers up and breaks through the enemy’s special move, but is stopped in his attack when he enters flight mode, dodges and counter attacks, giving Sekai his first loss. Instead of upset, Sekai has grown.

ED break! And 8 minutes left.

2014 Elk Challenge Successful

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Rage of Bahamut: Genesis (Episode Four)
Player: Whiskahs

rage of bahamut

Favaro and Amira continue their journey, with some aid from Bacchus to a port city in order to catch a ship to Helheim. Favaro keeps trying to cover that he actually has no idea where he is going, but Amira doesn’t seem to believe him even though she still follows him around. Kaiser and Rita are close on the two’s heels, but don’t manage to catch up before their quarry depart. Catching a boat of their own they continue their pursuit.

Flipping back and forth between the two parties, we’re treated to some more background on Favaro and Kaiser. It turns out Favaro’s father was a bit of a Robin Hood-esque individual and was the one who raided the tribute that ended up getting Kaiser’s father executed. Before that Favaro and Kaiser had actually been close, but Favaro wanting to avoid conflict (and not knowing the whole truth) and Kaiser having a relatively large grudge have thus far never actually discussed what had happened. Eventually we learn from the captain of Favaro’s ship, an accomplice of Favaro’s father, that a demon that had been sealed in some of the jewels in the tribute had actually done most of the killing. And that the captain had made a pact with that demon…

Things get a bit weird at that point. A giant crab attacks Favaro and Amira’s ship before the captain summons merfolk to capture the two of them while the crew of Kaiser and Rita’s ship turn on them and try to kill them. In the end the two ships end up colliding and merfolk and zombified pirates mostly take care of one another.

Before much else can happen Kaiser attempts to confront Favaro only to have a massive lightning bolt interrupt the conflict. A second bolt ends up striking at Amira and while Kaiser jumps in the way to try and protect her both end up incapacitated. It’s about at that point a giant tentacle reaches down from the Big Bad’s floating monster castle and snatches Kaiser and Amira up leaving a flabbergasted Favaro and Rita on what seems like it should be a sinking ship.

Before the close credits we’re treated to the Big Bad and his minions plotting maniacally over his two captives, which ends up preventing Kaiser, at least, from being eaten by one of his minions. Bacchus despite being back at port seems to notice what’s going on and hints that he was aiding Favaro and Amira in some fashion, but it’s unclear if it’s because he serves someone affiliated with whomever Amira is trying to deliver the God Key to or not.

2014 Aero Challenge Successful

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World Trigger (Episode Four)
Player: Tyler

world trigger

Episode 4 time! And a challenge that sorta ties my hands for details. Luckily, this episode doesn’t require much talk, so let’s just jump on in! We start out with the ice queen Kitora lecturing Osamu about the school fighting and breaking regulation. She insists if this is overlooked, other trainees may do something dumb and die. After more lecturing, Yuma talks back at Kitora for getting on Osamu’s case, causing some major friction. He even insists she has a rivalry with Osamu, which she denies, but he then uses that strange power we only get glimpses of to determine it’s a lie. The third agent, Tokieda, interrupts them and says HQ will determine his repercussions anyways and for Kitora to drop it. Osamu is told that he must head to the base after class, and thus the Arashiyama squad departs.

After school, Osamu and Yuma find Kitora waiting outside. Many students taking her pictures despite her (initial) disapproval. She is there to escort Osamu to the HQ meeting, claiming he may run away and generally giving him a rough time and cold shoulder. However, she reflects on how the Marmod was beaten and adds on that he deserves some mild praise for his actions, but Yuma again conflicts with her over the punishment situation. A quick explanation of Border agent rankings is given which shows C-ranks are trainees, B-ranks are “official”, and A-Ranks are elites. Osamu asks Kitora how Neighbors got in his school anyways, and Kitora informs him that abnormal gates are appearing. In fact, they could appear anywhere in the city! Perfectly timed, a Neighbor that neither Kitora or Osamu have seen appears. Yuma tells Osamu it’s a rare Neighbor known as an Ilgar, a bomber type Neighbor. Kitora rushes off to fight it. Osamu, lacking Trion from the school incident, decides to help citizens and tells Yuma to keep an eye on Kitora and help her in secret if needed. Replica gives Osamu a clone of himself to stay in touch with Yuma and they split up.

Osamu saves a little girl and a bunch of trapped people from a building, then rushes to find more. One group is trapped in rubble too heavy to lift for him, so Yuma uses his Trigger, through Replica I believe, to enhance his strength. Meanwhile, Kitora calculates the bomber flies in circles and decides to drop him in the river. She lands on top expecting it unguarded but unfortunately for her it’s not. However despite all the coldness and arrogance she may have, she is an A-Rank agent and puts up a shield. She draws her weapon and says now it’s her turn. Annnnd TO BE CONTINUED!!!! Next week we see if this woman is all talk or if she can back it up. I may as well side note to meet the 500 word limit, that i’m officially boarding the Kitora and Osamu ship. She can talk bad all she wants, but i’m betting she loooooves him. <3

2014 Tyler Challenge Successful

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Wolf Girl and Black Prince (Episode Four)
Player: Bobby Henshin

wolf girl and the black princeI hope you’re prepared to laugh because in this episode we get to meet my new favorite character, Takeru! His is wild boy who likes to run around, showing people his six pack and helping those in need. But I am getting ahead of myself. Lets us start from the beginning. In last episode, Sata had another woman in his apartment. Erika got mad and stormed away. But she ran into the same girl again. Turns out the girl was leaving because Sata said he was done playing with girls. This makes Erika extremely happy and runs to his apartment.

This starts string of Sata saying true feelings and it just makes you mad whole episode. Sata says he is interested in where these feelings will lead and agrees to Erika’s statement on how she is going to love him no matter what. Okay, this is where I have to disagree with this entire situation. I hate it when couples are in relationships like this. They try so hard to get with guys who treat them like garbage with the belief that they can change them. Yet we are sitting on the side lines watching this and hurting along with them. I’ve seen this my entire life and it is my believe that if something
like this happens, do something about it and don’t just sit there and be hurt. Leave them and find someone who will treat you with care and be there for you.

Sorry for my ranting, on with the story. The next day Erika is hit with a soccer ball to the face after school. A tall, black haired and tan man comes over with an unbuttoned shirt apologizing. Turns out that this guy and Sata know each other. His name is Hidiyo Takeru. He is a friend of Satas’ from middle school. He seems like a genuinely nice guy. Erika even tells Takeru in private
what is going on with her and Sata. He gets so mad that he wants to punch his lights out, but Erika stops him. So now he is making it his duty to help her get Sata to recognize his true feelings for her and help them fall in love.

Step one! The question and answer round. First, Takeru shows Sata different pictures to ask what his likes and dislikes are. Once they have the information, they put it to the test. He says he likes intellectual girls. So Erika comes to school with her hair up and glasses. Sata takes the glasses and puts them on himself and gets real close to her face. This makes her blush so much that she has a nose bleed.

Step two! Force him! Keep getting him into situations to act nice and defend her. Like going into a haunted house. She is actually scared though. Sata offers her to take his arm. She is happy and agrees but instead he gave her a skeleton arm. So this was a huge flop too.

Step Three! This time you really force him into his feelings! Like shoving her into him while watching T.V. on the couch or playing a game. This fails also. So Takeru and Erika take a break and go to a dinner. Erika starts to break into tears over this. But Takeru opens his shirt to show her her six back and says let’s count all the abs! when he reaches six, it echos through the store. Erika laughs and thanks him for making her laugh. You See!? This is the kind of person she should be going out with. Takeru is a gentle and funny soul with a good heart. I just wanna punch Sata in the face because he is a manipulative jerk. How do women fall for people like this!?

Anyway, Takeru is tired of seeing her cry so he tricks them both out to the park late at night. He shows up and tells Sata that he has fallen for Erika and wishes to date her himself. Yes! Please! go out with him. He is ten time better than that jerkwod! Heck, Sata even says ok, you can have her. This sends Erika off running and crying. Takeru grabs him by the collar and is about read to punch him. Oh my god! Please just do it! But it turns out that Sata was on to their plans all along so he gave the
exact opposite of what they wanted to hear. But then he comes out and says that they shouldn’t force him and that he will decide when he falls for Erika…..So why don’t you do it already and stop being a jerk! Anyway, he finds Erika and does his handsome I care about you but i still wanna treat you like a dog bull hockey that he has the entire series and she
is still going after him.

This anime is making me more anger then it should. But I just hate the male lead so much because of his attitude. The episode ends with Erika trying to, kindly, turn down Takeru’s confession. But he forgot he even confessed. I hope we see a lot more of this character he was a riot. Next up, it is Christmas Eve and time for presents and cake. Seeya next week.

Bobby Henshin 2014 Challenge Failure

Bobby had an abysmally far off word count of 886 words and earns no points for this week!

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Your Lie In April (Episode Four)
Player: Kayarath

your lie in april

Kayarath did not make the deadline this week and earns no points for this week!

Kayarath 2014 No Show

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Week 004 Tally

  1. Kanashimi: 290
  2. Sho: 290
  3. Elk: 290
  4. Whiskahs: 290
  5. Tyler: 260
  6. Bobby Henshin: 205
  7. Kayarath: 180
  8. The Editor: 5

Week 004 Token Counts

  1. Kanashimi: 10 Tokens
  2. Bobby Henshin: 6 Tokens
  3. Elk: 13 Tokens
  4. Kayarath: 3 Tokens
  5. Sho: 7 Tokens
  6. Tyler: 5 Tokens
  7. Whiskahs: 8 Tokens
  8. The Editor: 2 Tokens

Next week’s challenge: I thought that one was too easy, but some of you still screwed it up! How about this? WRITE EVERY MALE CHARACTER’S NAME IN ALL CAPS IN THIS WEEK’S SUMMARY FOR 30 POINTS! If you write any female’s name in all caps for any reason, or fail to caps-lock a male’s name, you fail! If their sex is ambiguous, then it doesn’t matter how you type it!

Make sure to vote for your favorite review below! You can give your favorite a Token!

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