Simulblast! Week 002 Of Spring 2014

Posted on Apr 22 2014

Simulblast Spring Week 002 2014

Week two is upon us and as such the pressure is on with an even more difficult challenge and fallen comrades! Go forth and read about anime!

This week’s challenge: Did someone not finish their Simulblast? Make them feel your wrath in your next summary! Better yet, find a player to belittle concerning their poor job at writing.

Captain Earth (Episode Two)
Player: Bobby Henshin
Class: DJ

Captain Earth Activate! Earth Engine! Welcome to episode two, everyone! The second episode of our space epic begins with an uninterrupted transformation sequence of our giant mecha, Earth Engine. I remember I just called it Earth in the first episode review, so I apologize for that. Now the transformation scene in episode 1 timed out at 6 minutes long. The opening transformation without interruptions is a minute and thirty seconds, the length of a anime opening. Speaking of, we get to see the anime’s opening. It’s a mellow rock beat with visuals of the character walking down piers and looking up at the stars on a roof top combined with action scenes of the Earth Engine fighting anime Sonic the Hedgehog and Pinky haired girl. You know what? We haven’t learned their names yet so we are just going to call then Pinky and Sonic-san.

The opening song is titled “Believers High” by the band flumpool. They actually have an English website with some of their music, which is very good, and I highly suggest you check out. Anyway, we cut to the bridge after the Earth Engine is fired upon by Pinky’s robot. The man in charge asks to talk to the Earth Driver, which we assume is the name for the engines pilot. The boss, who turns out to be Daichi’s uncle, freaks out because his freaking nephew is piloting a giant robot in space. Who wouldn’t freak out? In enters the Scientist we saw who was in the Earth Engine’s hangar in episode one. We learn his name is Peter Westvillage. Not the weirdest name I have heard them give a non-Japanese person in an anime. An example being Chibodee Crocket from Gundam Wing.

Peter Westvillage gives some voice commands to the computer, which instead turns out to be to the geeky hacker-looking girl we saw. She contacts Daichi and introduces herself as a magical girl who is on his side. She asks him if he knows he is on a battlefield. He responds with a “I don’t know about that, but if that thing reaches earth it will be really bad…”

The girl asks what Daichi’s level of intelligence is. Once she learns he is a high school student, she decides to take direct control. Turns out that the Earth Engine is powered by the pilot’s very life force, so Daichi is told to just hold on to the gun that was the ignition key, while she pilots the robot. Pinky is too fast and she does some jumping fan service. She is unable to hit the target and says it’s hard without having direct control. She comes up with a quick plan and tells Daichi that she is sorry if he dies. What?! I would’ve freaked out too. Sorry if you die? You don’t say that to a pilot who is taking a back seat in a robot the size of Manhattan! They are blasted again. This time it’s hard enough to make him have a flashback of his dad. His dad says; “If I die, son, I will die with a smile on my face.” Great thing to tell your kid, by the way.

Daichi decides he doesn’t want to die and grabs the gun firmly. He literally pulls a Gurren Lagann as the center starts to light up and he rushes towards Pinky’s robot. He misses but comes back around and lands a good punch to the gut. The hacker girl hits her enter key, activating a gun on the wrist of their robot. It fires, and, with a well-contained ball explosion, the robot dies… or is just turned into a glowing pink cube and shoots off into space… okay? They catch their breath while hacker girl calls Daichi interesting.

We cut back to Globe, or The Global Space Exploration Organization, as Peter apologizes for taking command and letting someone else help Daichi. But he believes that the girl was the best operations leader for the job. Kind of a slap in the pride there, Peter. Uncle asks who the girl is, and Peter just responds with “a girl he plans on bringing to the base soon.” No respect for authority with this guy. They get the team together and get ready to retrieve Daichi, who is slowly descending to earth in a smaller version of the Earth Engine, which I assume is its core. A good comparison would be a Nightmare frame from Code Geass but with more humanoid features.

Now it is off to get CAT scanned! It’s just to make sure he is safe. They take his gun to a secret vault and lock it up. Then we cut to a cafeteria where Teppei, purple-haired boy, and the bubble girl from the first episode are being kept. This guy puts these weird headsets on them and is scolding them for basically being there. I already don’t like this guy. He’s a jerk.

Uncle sees this and is mad, asking why they are using the Lead Gears on them. My guess is it is an obedience-collar-type device. Mostly because, if all the other subjects were as quiet as the bubble girl, then they wouldn’t have to use them. He says this while he is stroking bubble girl’s shoulders extremely creepily. We have a creeper alert! While Uncle and Creepy McJerkface have a falling out about the forbidden headgear, Daichi and Teppei recognize each other, and he also realizes that it is the same girl from the bubble. He pulls out his boomerang, and says that he is going to keep the promise he made to them. He grabs the girl’s hand and drags her outside, telling Teppei to follow them. This makes Creepy McJerkface very displeased. But before they could even leave the room, a high pitch noise comes on that only people wearing the Lead Gear can hear and hurts their brains. Turns out that Jerkface activated a button that turns on the noise. The boss yells to stop it, and he does so. After Daichi asks whats going on, we segue to the next part of the episode.

Segue into the room of miss bubble girl as she is feeding what looks to be a alien rabbit popping out of her cleavage. Creepy McJerkface sees this and yells at the top of his lungs to not let that thing out of it’s cage. You know those anime characters that you just wanna beat the crap out of? Yeah… it’s this guy. The alien bunny rolls into a ball on the floor… so it’s a tiny armadillo then? Anyway, Creepy is now trying to apologize for earlier and says he will make sure that those “people” will never touch her again. Dude! You’re creepy… What is your problem!? RED ALERT! Someone call the police on this guy. Meanwhile we are in the control room where Peter Westvillage… still not going to get over that name… is explaining that the gun Daichi used to pilot the Earth Engine is actually called the Livlaster. And it isn’t actually a gun but a life form that has taken the shape of a gun to feed the engine. So they decide to do some investigation on Daichi, make him take an oath of secrecy, and send him back home.

Quick! To the very menacing-looking business building! Here we find a secretary reading off progress reports to a very evil-looking business man. Not like shadowy or whatever; just like generic evil business man. The secretary is concerned about giving Pinky and Sonic-san too much freedom. His response is, in a nut shell, simply business. At the evil hangar, Pinky and Sonic-san are going through the mission logs and seeing if the what they call the Ego Cube is still functional. I assume this is the cube we saw the giant robot turn into after the gun punch by the Earth Engine. Plus we learn that this cube is how they are able to go through hyperspace, and if it gets too close to Earth while in cube form, it goes into what is called a Libito Burst. Whoa now, keep that libito in check. No, really, Sonic-san, keep that libito in check! Because what he does next is pulls Pinky close to him and asks what shot her down, then starts kissing her. They apparently have the power to share memories through kissing each other. Weird, but I have seen it before in… never watch Save your eyeballs from the torture.

After the kiss, we go back to the evil business man telling his secretary that he was told that their freedom was the best way to test the Goodfellows, the enemy robots. The secretary asks by whom? Leading to a beach somewhere with a glowing, holographic eye addressing the man as Kube. Turns out they are in a holographic chamber with what looks like a suspended AI eye ball named Puck, which keeps going back and forth about their mission to get Pinky and Sonic-san to Earth and trying to set up Kube with his secretary, which he is just not even addressing at all. Instead, he goes on an evil plan rant.

Back at Globe headquarters we are having a interrogation of Daichi with Teppei and bubble girl in the room with Peter Westvillage and Creepy McJerkface, while Daichi is in a separate room via tele-communications. Peter wishes to know what Daichi knows about the gun, but the first thing out of Daichi’s mouth is “Hey! What’s that girl’s name?” Calm your hormones there, buddy. This question makes Jerkface mad, and he says he doesn’t need to know and should stop asking questions.

What Daichi says, though, makes the girl blush. Peter goes on to say that the girl’s name is Hana Mutou. This makes Daichi happy and Mr. Creepy McJerkface very angry. I just hate him so much; I just love to see him squirm, and it is only episode two. He asks where Daichi planned on taking Hana and Teppei
yesterday. Daichi just wanted to show her his boomerang like he promised when they first met. Daichi also asked why they were in pain. Jerkface explains that this tower detects where they are, and, if they leave the building, they are inflicted with minor pain. Daichi asks if they did anything wrong, which makes the uncle surprised for some reason. Jerkface responds by saying they are their protectors, and they need to be studied, which is why Daichi will also be wearing one tomorrow so they can figure out why he was able to fire the Livlaster. Daichi asks where his Livlaster is, but Jerkface is like “I’m sorry but there is no “your” Livlaster.” Seriously, can I punch this guy? Daichi tells Hana and Teppei that he will be waiting by the coast.

Uncle talks about Daichi’s father, who came up with the name Earth Engine, and Peter believes it is fate that lead to Daichi piloting it. The siren sounds, indicating that Daichi has left the building. The Lead Gear sends pain into Daichi, who decides to go forget this by throwing his arm up and summoning the Livlaster to him in a ball of light. Neat little trick, actually; it surprised me. With it, he fires at the tower that controls the Lead Gears and destroys it. Okay, so it is actually a weapon. This won’t turn out well, but it actually does, since the Lead Gears unlatch from everyone’s heads. Hana realizes this and calls for Pitz, which is the name of the alien… bunny… armadillo… thing and tries to leave. This makes Creepy McJeckface throw his coffee on the floor and grab Hana. He asks in a creepy manner, “You think you are going outside?” When Pitz decides to attack him. Go Pitz! Punch this guy in the face, please! Daichi shows them the boomerang as Teppei asks why Daichi came back to the island. He says that he did it to fulfill his promise and that he remembers how good the wind felt on this island.

Cue the anime’s ending theme which is a symbolic theme of Hana being born from the dew of a flower petal, shooting into the stars and dancing with Daichi, who is joined by Teppei and the hacker girl as they converge into light and go into the Earth Engine, flying away. The song is also a mellow rock song which I think is a good soundtrack to this anime. The song is “Amethyst” by HANA star. Ai Kayano. Very calming and beautiful-sounding. A good ending, if I do say so myself. Well, that ends this week’s review. Now, if someone could just get their review in on time! Seriously, Knightshade, the show you were assigned was out like a week or two before it was due, and you had plenty of time to do it! Get on the ball, man! Also you could’ve done more on Daimidaler and how the Penquin Empire is like Shocker from the old Kamen Rider series, or how their giant robots have genital cannons! So much disappointment! Anyway, with that, this weeks challenge is complete. See you all next week.

Bobby Challenge Success

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Chaika ~ The Coffin Princess (Episode Two)
Player: Kanashimi
Class: Boss

Chaika Coffin PrincessIt’s such a shame no one missed their Simulblast last week. I was fairly certain it was going to happen to be honest, but Knightshade was late. Maybe this time he won’t be last place for the entire season. That’s just wishful thinking, though…

Enough about Knightshade and his lack of paragraph breaks and back to this fight in the manor against Count Abarth. The Count spots Chaika and claims to have killed her previously; he’s in utter disbelief, but it gives a chance for the three to run. After some confusion, Chaika lets them know that the gundo that enables the Count to even be a wizard is the thing she’s looking for. Get rid of that, and he’ll be unable to control the items inside the manor.

Toru does his Iron-Blood Transformation thing and decides to the face the Count head-on. The man recognizes this approach from the war, however, as a technique from the Acura. They don’t have much time to chat, though, as the Count decides sending fireballs and knives at Toru’s face is a nice gift. Akari and Chaika are out looking for the gundo in the center of the mansion. Akari is tearing everything apart to see if they can discover this item, only to find some sort of barrier on it. Chaika is able to break it easily and get to the item.

Interestingly enough, Toru is setting up traps all about the mansion in hopes of getting the upper hand. The Count doesn’t seem fazed by any of this and instead resorts to petty insults to play mind games with him. As the Count is about to best him, there’s a realization that he’s unable to control everything in the mansion. Toru traps him within wire, and he’s shot upside down as he hangs from the ceiling.

As the trio escape to some place safe, Toru and Akari finally decide to question Chaika’s goals. Chaika seems unwilling to answer and tries to pay them instead, but before that, Toru saves her from some sort of thin needle-like dagger. Alberic Gillete and his merry gang of teenagers have shown up to inquire about their own concerns, telling Toru and Akari to leave the girl so they won’t be pursued.

Akari and Toru stare at one another as if gauging what to do, but Akari is quick to throw down a smoke bomb to enable the trio to run. Akari and Chaika run off while Toru takes the item that Chaika wanted so much in another direction. That doesn’t seem like the smartest plan, unless he was really trying to be a distraction with the most important object in the anime so far…?

Toru gets sandwiched between a large Miyazaki tank and Alberic as Chaika and Akari watch on from a safe distance. Alberic is pretty consistent with this whole “holier than thou” speech where Toru can walk away. Toru’s resistance, however, enables the blonde boy to explain that this important item is actually Arthur Gaz’s hand. It is told that his daughter escaped, and Chaika is obviously said daughter. I guess no one can let her go free because she was born under a crazy dad, and they’re worried she’ll start some sort of resistance. In addition, they can’t allow her to gather the remains of her father.

Toru states outright that he wishes for war. He’s a saboteur! A peaceful world upsets him. He’s stating this so Chaika can hear and perhaps understand that he still believes in her, but Alberic is somewhat shocked. Akari jumps in and charges for Alberic while Chaika shoots a magical spell to blind her foes on the bridge; Toru and Akari jump away in a grand escape with Chaika at their side.

Finally safe, the sister-brother team decides to follow Chaika. The two assume they have to leave town anyway since they’ve been seen by many of the people wishing to kill Chaika. The moe girl Chaika explains that she only wishes to gather the parts of her father in hopes of giving him a proper burial. It’s a noble thing to do if it is true… I wonder where the story will go next.

Kana Challenge Successful

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The Irregular At Magic High School (Episode Two)
Player: Kayarath
Class: Content Provider

The Irregular At Magic High School

Last time on The Irregular at Magic High School, a cool magic fight was canceled by the disciplinary committee. There’d better be a cool magic fight before the end of the episode, or I’ll be quite displeased. After that gets wrapped up, there’s some slice-of-life breather time where Tatsuya and friends walk to the station and eat while discussing magical matters. Then we see a little school session where we see some magic practice and foreshadowing of hidden powers and conflicts to arise.

Since this isn’t a slice of life show, actual stuff happens when Tatsuya and Miyuki are invited to lunch at the student council room. After some kooky introductions and implied incest, they get down to business. Being really cute and magically powerful, Miyuki is a natural fit to be part of the school council. However, she thinks her brother Tatsuya would be a much better fit. However, school law itself forbids weeds from being a part of the student council. It must suck to have little magical power in a magic school. I guess this is how Knightshade feels when he’s writing. (Oh snap!)

The disciplinary committee is a completely different matter, though. Mari Watanabe runs it, and she can appoint whoever she wants, and she wants Tatsuya (as a committee member)! Mari noticed that Tatsuya has an uncanny ability to read magical spells as they’re being cast, and that’s a rare skill that will be quite useful in enforcing the law. Having Tatsuya in the disciplinary committee will also help bridge the gap between the magic users and muggles. Having a non-magic-user among the school cops will help create a more equal environment. It seems perfect for everyone!

Except for Tatsuya. He’s against the whole idea and is about to reject their offer. Okay, he’s not the only person against it; some guy named Hanzo doesn’t think a muggle has what it takes to enforce the law. Miyuki stands up for him, but Hanzo calls her dumb. This sets Tatsuya off, and he challenges Hanzo to a duel. Cool magic fight time! There’s so much tension and build up, it’s gonna be awesome! Then it happens. Flash step, bang, and we’re done! It’s over in a second! What a let down! It’s like reading Knightshade’s writing! (Oh snap!) Tatsuya wins, I guess. Cue the ending theme. Hey, it’s “Millenario” by Elisa. This show reminds me more and more of A Certain Scientific Railgun.

Kayarath Challenge Successful

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Black Bullet (Episode Two)
Player: Midnight
Class: DJ

Black Bullet

Alright, week two, here we go! I’m DJ Knightshade and I can’t get my Simulblast in on time… Wait that’s not right. I’m DJ Midnight and here is episode two of Black Bullet. The Mask Of Madness. Mad, like all of Knightshade’s RP characters. Little known fact everyone, DJ Knightshade and I used to RP together and his character nearly drove our main villain insane from how nuts he was. Sorry I keep getting off track.

It seems that every Civil Officer in the area has been called in for a meeting due to the events of episode one. The president of the Tokyo area gives them a mission: first, to find the source of the infection from episode one. The second is to find a case. This case has a rather high reward. Mid-meeting, though, the masked man from episode one appears, introducing himself as Hiruko Kagetane. He introduces the Initiator, also his daughter, Kohina.

He proposes a interesting offer: if he finds the case first, they all die. Everyone tries to kill him, but it fails absolutely. He has a barrier; how he created it is a lot of techno babble from the show, so if you want to know how, go check out the show. The bullets all explode and hit a bunch of people, probably killing about half of them. He leaves a present for Rentaro, which is the head of the missing member of the board.

Welp, my heart just broke everywhere. There are pieces of it on the floor. I can’t even tie this into some kind of jab at Knightshade (Though I’d like too… Nah, I’m kidding). This scene is just too painful; you see a girl from the outer district, another cursed child like Enju, and how they’re treated. Enju breaks out into tears at Rentaro’s inability to save her. He follows the cops that took her in and…

No. Can’t even talk about this. I feel literally sick to my stomach watching this. Oh thank God. She’s alive! That was… the most horrifying thing I’ve seen in a while.

Hiruko appears on his walk home and calls in Kohina to fight him. Enju comes in and protects Rentaro. Hiruko extends an offer to join him; after what Rentaro has just seen, I wouldn’t blame him. He turns Hiruko down and tells him to go visit Enju at school tomorrow to see the truth.

The rumor that she was a cursed child was spread to her school. Everyone was suddenly afraid of her, and there goes my heart again… This episode is heart-wrenching. I cannot stress how much I would recommend this, though, unlike reading Knightshade’s late reviews! I haven’t fallen in love with a series this fast in about three years. I am also watching Mekaku City Actors this season, and I adore it, but this show is just amazing in the way it can tug at your heart strings after only two episodes.

I don’t dislike Enju anymore, not at all. I take back almost everything I said about her. Her creepy older man fetish is still a little strange, but I feel so bad for her! So uh, yeah. Episode two was fantastic. I wish I could rag on Knightshade more than I did, but I’m not that good at ragging on people and I think I might just need to go… find a few boxes of tissues for the rest of this series if this is going to be the way these episodes all went.

Midnight Challenge Successful

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No Game No Life (Episode Two)
Player: Whiskahs
Class: Technomancer

No Game No Life


Episode two begins where the first left off: with the camera focused on the barely-clothed Stephanie (Steph), granddaugter of the recently-departed king. She vents at Sora for not letting her know how the woman she was playing against earlier was cheating, which resulted in her losing her match and the throne. Sora doesn’t seem to to mind her frustration with him at all and actually begins to goad her on, throwing insults at both her skills in gaming and her grandfather. This results in a challenge where Sora bets he and his sister’s life against that of Steph.

The game they end up playing is a single round of rock, paper, scissors, but with a slight rule change: Sora offers to only play paper and that if he wins the round with anything else the game ends in a draw, giving Steph an advantage in that she would be very unlikely to lose. In exchange for putting the odds in her favor, Sora asks Steph for a single favor if the game does end in a draw to which she agrees. Sora sneakily implies that the favor will just be asking for a place to live, but never explicitly says so.

Steph assumes that Sora is after a draw for giving her the advantage that he does and begins to break down the odds for all the possible outcomes of the game. She ends up playing scissors, which is effectively a guaranteed draw with a chance at winning and then Sora plays rock. What follows is a very simple explanation of some game theory and how Sora managed to get the result he wanted by increasing his odds through subtle manipulations in his interactions with Steph. The exchange is actually pretty interesting and I hope that they’ll continue to have them during and after the games that are surely coming in future episodes.

After the explanations are through and it comes time for Sora to make his single demand of Steph, he demands that she fall in love with him, supposedly so that he’ll get a place to live and all of her money, to which his sister reacts negatively. Shiro mentions that Sora had previously said that she was the only girl he needed in his life and that he could have accomplished getting Steph’s money and place to live by simply asking that for it. Sora apologizes to Shiro and admits that he was lying about not needing a girlfriend in order to cover up his fear of never getting laid. While this is going on, Steph screams that she refuses, but in the end it turns out that the Ten Pledges, one of which requires that a person keep their end of a deal made during a game, have some magical effect upon her. Steph begins seeing Sora as incredibly attractive and is compelled to be nice to him. She fights against her urge to please him (mostly by beating her face against the wall) to humorous effect many times through the episode, and I suspect it’ll become a recurring gag as the series continues.

Things start to get a little rape-y around this point. While Steph is beating her fists against the wall and attempting to not acknowledge Sora, Shiro congratulates her brother on losing his virginity. Both Sora and Steph balk at this before Sora starts trying to explain to his sister why he can’t have sex in front of her. Shiro then pushes Sora onto Steph and, this being anime, he lands hands first on Steph’s breasts. After the initial shock wears off, he begins to squeeze at them while Steph tries to fight against the magical compulsion to let him do so. Shiro attempts to take pictures of her brother and Steph going at it, but before things can get much more explicit, Steph manages to gather up enough will to kick Sora off of her with enough force to knock him through the door and out into the hallway. Then things get a little weird.

After the brother-sister duo are separated, they begin breaking down. When Steph recovers enough to check on Sora out in the hallway, he is curled up in a ball and repeating apologies to her while his sister cowers in the room and calls out for him. Steph is noticeably confused as she tries to figure out what is going on and ends up opening the door just enough so that the two of them are within line of sight again. Once this happens they run back to each other and seem to calm down with Steph simply staring and asking what is wrong with them.

The rest of the episode is pretty much more of the same: Sora tries to be pervy, his sister helps, and Steph bangs her face and fists against nearly every object in reach. We’re treated to a bit more explanation of the world that the main characters have landed in as well while the characters move about the various rooms of the palace. The most important bit that is revealed is that there are sixteen races in the world and humans are the only race that cannot use magic. The lack of innate magical ability puts them at a disadvantage in almost every contest against other races, which is also why they are the least powerful among the races.

After an emotional outpouring from Steph about her hope in humanity being able to overcome their disadvantage to make their mark on the world, Sora seems to become a bit more sympathetic toward her. He actually edges away from being rape-y and toward being somewhat human at the end of the episode when he declares his intention to defeat the woman that had taken the throne from Steph in order to make her and her grandfather’s dream of bringing humanity to prominence a reality.

Overall this episode seemed mostly fan service and had little actual substance to it. The game theory bits explained about the initial rock, paper, scissors game was interesting as was some of the history of the world, but otherwise it seemed to just be setting the expectation that the rest of the series is going to be about how many panty shots they can squeeze in and how close they can come to showing breasts on screen. Perhaps I’ll start to keep a tally of just how many times we get up-skirt shots and embarrassed women trying to cover their breasts… eh, maybe next time.

Aero Challenge Failure

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (Episode Two)
Player: Elk
Class: DJ

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders

This player did not turn in their episode summary for the week. As such, they will not be awarded 50 flat points or the additional 30 for doing a challenge. Elk is considered a no-show and as such has lost a dollar of his original bid. He has four more chances before he will be kicked out of the competition.

Elk No Show

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Daimidaler (Episode Two)
Player: Knightshade
Class: DJ


What’s going on, everyone? I’m still here and I’m still watching this weird show. I mean, this is just so… wow. Well, why wait? Let’s take a look at Kenzen Robo Daimidaler episode 2!

So our story starts off with our “Hero” meeting the three professors of the mech in the hangar: Professor Tomoyose, Professor Majikina, and Professor Goya. And of course they’re all girls, so only funny moments can ensue for our perverted hero! Well, anyway, he gropes Kyouko again and starts glowing purple so he can go Super Saiyan… wait, wrong show. The professors explain that he can be an S-class user of Hi-ERO particles or something, and I guess they compare him to a horse. Hey, it makes as much sense as the rest of the show.

Well, the city gets attacked by another giant penguin robot and is unable to reproduce the original burst of Hi-ERO particles. Kouichi kind of beats Antarctic Number 9, and it retreats by drilling a hole into the building it smashed into and flies away. I’ll admit, that was pretty cool. Back at the hangar, Kouichi is sexually harassing Kyouko again, but is approached by a monk explaining their hideout to… well, us, I guess. I mean, they obviously know where they are, but he just tells them anyway, so yeah. The monk does punch Kouichi, which was funny, seeing as I can’t take these guys seriously at the moment. He reveals himself as Administrator Matayoshi. He gives a harsh talking-to to Kouichi and shows him that he’s an even bigger pervert then Kouichi, but he does have class… I guess.

So the Penguin Empire calls the Barber shop to ask for Hi-ERO particles. They even say they’re open for peaceful negotiations. Well, ok, they attacked Kouichi before, but I guess they want some sort of peace, so let’s see what they want. NOPE! Kyouko rejects them right away. Why? Well, a few years ago, the Penguin Empire was welcomed with peace, and they did a peace dance that involved their tail penis, and stuff happened. Not sure what, but I don’t think I want to know. It scared her father for life; however, that is apparently their highest way of welcoming people. So I guess both sides are at fault, but whatever. The penguins want the particles, and they’re not getting any. Time to fight! So Kouichi can’t make any Hi-ERO particles, so they struggle for a bit, but at the last minute, Kouichi finds a way to get aroused and kills the penguin mech.

Well, this was a hard one to do, but I guess it’s better than my last week’s Simulblast. I mean, I didn’t even submit it in on time. Kind of sucked, but, well, what can you do, right? Well, this week I think I’ll give it 7 hot chicks out of 10. Until next week everyone, stay good all.

Knightshade Challenge Successful

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Week 002 Tally

  1. Bobby Henshin: 200
  2. Kanashimi: 200
  3. Kayarath: 180
  4. Midnight: 180
  5. Whiskahs: 150
  6. Elk: 140
  7. Knightshade: 130

Next week’s challenge: Since Easter just finished we’re going to focus on chocolate and food (religion is just too messy). This means that you must include a recipe and a picture of your creation with your episode summary. It can be anything from a mix drink (alcoholic or non) to an entire meal. Be creative!

Make sure to vote for your favorite review below! You can give your favorite an extra 20 points.

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