Simulblast! Week 011 Of Spring 2014

Posted on Jun 24 2014

Simulblast Spring 2014 Week 011

It’s time for fanart galore in this week’s Simulblast! It’s time to separate the artists from the art-isn’ts!

This week’s challenge: It’s Fanart Friday! I mean… Tuesday! Draw some fanart (on paper, in MSPaint, wherever!) for your show!

Chaika ~ The Coffin Princess (Episode Eleven)
Player: Kanashimi
Class: Boss

Chaika Coffin Princess

We start this episode with… I can’t remember what was going on. There were so many plot points that they hadn’t wrapped up in the last episode, it’s hard to keep track. There’s a floating ship that steals women from a village. One of these guys is old and who knows, the other is the son of some old Lord. Akari is all brainwashed to attack Toru, and Toru is separated from Chaika because she’s been forced onto an elevator.

Toru and Akari struggle through the halls, with Toru pretty much having the upper hand here. I was kinda surprised by that fact since Akari is so naturally violent. Instead it appears he has enough will-power to beat her and get away, but since she’s being mind-controlled (or whatever) she probably has like infinite stamina.

Chaika is lead into a room with this other girl, who is obviously evil because I don’t trust anything in this stupid show anymore. This Layla chick is in cahoots with the little, blood-thirsty brat and the old man. On top of that, two of Alberic’s female members that were also stuck on this flying ship notice them fighting and surprisingly decide to save him. The girls explain, “Hey, there’s just a huge army coming to destroy this thing so we gotta leave, broski!” Toru notes that he got separated from his flying companion and Chaika, so if they wanna leave together they better start looking.

This Layla girl wants to make Chaika feel horrible by telling her that her only purpose is to collect the remains and that she has no other goal in life. So the audience is faced with the possibility that Chaika is in fact a fake, which has been a possibility for several episodes, all things considered. Even worse, we find out they just carve and stuff the women who are kidnapped and stick ‘em in the walls of the ship. Er, why? Is there any actual reasoning behind that? Oh, for magic fuel… okay, sure, because girls are more emotional and stuff… right. And for another kick in the pants, Layla reveals herself as a “fake Chaika” who didn’t want to realize she was really a false individual.

As Layla is giving her the “you’re a fake Chaika like me” speech to Chaika, Fredrica comes through a vent and pretty much says outright to just give them the remains. And then what the frick holy spider just stabbed her through the face… So Layla has remains, but she is using them as magic fuel for her own selfish means, which is to cause another war. So pretty much what Emperor Gaz wants? Oh, okay…


Toru separates from Alberic’s female crew to climb up the outside of the ship. On the other hand, Alberic has decided to stop the entire army and is about to kill their commander since they won’t delay the attack. Things are getting awfully heated, not sure if amazing or overwhelming at this point— “To be continued”… god, my rage flows.

And now for a crude sketch I did in a few minutes because I’m lazy and the detail on Chaika’s outfit is dumb. You’re welcome!

Kana Challenge Successful

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Captain Earth (Episode Eleven)
Player: Bobby Henshin
Class: DJ

Captain Earth Captain Earth episode 11 is here! And this episode will shatter everything you know about the series already. So get ready to have your minds blown! The show starts okay with a flash back to 10 years ago in a large, black van. Inside there is a little purple-haired girl in front of a strange machine that looks a little like a Stargate. A man on the other side orders the girl to sing. As she sings, these tubes attached to the Stargate-looking device start to fill with up with red liquid. This red liquid is pure Orgone, being created by the girls singing. This girl’s name is Setsune, and she’s the next target for the Kiltgangs.

Also, before we continue, one of the scientists from that van was Mao from the previous episode. At the mobile midsummer nights base train (that’s the actual title of the train), everyone is in their combat uniforms except for Rita-san. She went out on her own little mission. Her mission is to track down an ex-cop who was in charge of the Macbeth corporation and the Designer Children cases. If you don’t remember, The Designer Children are the Kiltgangs. They were actually genetically-altered children used to make Orgone energy and make the Macbeth corporation extremely rich. So now I’m confused. Are these alien children that they experimented on, or are they Earth children that they turned into aliens? It’s a little contradicting to what we have learned in previous episodes.

The ex-cop, who is now a bartender, tells Rita-san everything he knows about the case. When the police obtained hard evidence against Macbeth, they stormed the building, arresting everyone and taking the kids and their research into custody. Macbeth was given a new CEO who later committed suicide… Or that’s just what they want you to believe. Rita then asks if he knows what happened to the Designer Children after they were taken. That’s what got the cop fired. No one knew except for the higher ups. And when the cop tried to look into it, he was immediately fired. This proves that someone is hiding something, and they are in a high place. Rita thanks him for the information and returns to the train.

Meanwhile, Hana and Akari are at the pool relaxing. You get a swimsuit shot, boys; enjoy it! Akari enjoys a drink as Hana asks why she came to the pool when she isn’t going to swim. Akari explains that when you’re older, you don’t go to the pool to swim; you go to have all the boys look at you and feel good about yourself… Okay, girls, is this true? I don’t think it is, but you could give me some clarity here. As Akrai says this, some boys walk by and notice Pitz laying in Hana’s lap saying that that is one lucky squirrel. Yes, Pitz is a lucky squirrel, because he is the true hero of this story! I’m still convinced he is. After Akari thinks to herself that bringing Hana was a bad idea, she notices this girl in the pool that has done nothing but swim since they got there. The girl comes out and asks if the seat next to them is free.

The swimming girl turns out to be Setsuna, the purple-haired little girl from the end of the previous episode. But more importantly, there are now two squirrels! This new, pink squirrel is named Lappa and belongs to Setsuna. Akari asks if she can hear Lappa talk like Hana can hear Pitz. Setsuna laughs and says squirrels can’t talk. Akari is mad now and believes that she now deserves a squirrel of her own. You have to earn your squirrel! That is how the world works! The scene cuts to later on in the day back at Mao’s home where her and her assistant are making some final touches to the dream machine from last episode. But, unlike the other one, there are two connected to each other. The assistant asks why there are two, and Mao quickly asks him to go home for the day. Well that was rude.

Setsuna comes back home to Mao and they exchange some words that resemble a mother talking to her child. Mao tells her that it is time for her examination. She asks why she requires so many medical examinations when she is feeling fine and is kept healthy. Mao says that she is just worried and asks her to get into one of the two machines she was working on. When put in the machine, Setsuna goes into a dream-like state with her eyes open, and ii’s hard for her to move. This is where it goes into creepy territory as Mao’s personality takes a 180, and she starts to go a little pervy towards the dreaming Setsuna, to the point where she starts
making out with her while she is dreaming. Whoa! Bad touch lady! Somebody call the cops! But seeing as Setsuna is a Designer Child, they are able to read people’s minds through kissing. She learns that Mao was actually creating the machines not to view or control dreams, but to upload her own consciousness into Setsuna, taking over her body. Learning this, she bolts off and calls her a monster. Mao chases after her but is knocked down by a door smacking her in the face. She looks up and finds a gun in her face.
And she is shot to death.

Whoa anime! Not even a big reveal to the character or witty banter before the killing. Just a straight-up bullet in the head. The out-of-nowhere killer was actually…Mao’s assistant! Where did this come from?! Like no, seriously, where did this come from!? Outside, Daichi and Teppei are in the woods in front of the home where they believe Setsuna may be, or as Teppei calls her, Siren-sama, which must be her Kiltgang name. But coming in right behind them is Amarok and Moco. It looks like the good guys were on track faster than the bad guys this time. After an impressive gun fight, with Teppei using his LivLaster’s laser as a shield, Amarok and Moco sneak by and make their way into the house. Setsuna is nowhere to be found and neither is the dead body of Mao. Moco examines the ground, saying that someone cleaned up the blood in a hurry and did a good job of it. Setsuna and Lappa are now on the run. The episode ends with a shot of a truck on the side of the road with both the dream machines and Mao’s dead body in a body bag in the truck. Her now former assistant is on the phone with someone, saying that he got the package and the deed has been done. After receiving his next orders, he says good to…Robin-sama. So the assistant was working for Robin-sama all along! What’s going on here?!

No, seriously, what is going on here? I am so confused. First we are led to believe that the Kiltgangs are aliens. Now they are altered Earth children who are also aliens? Or were they never aliens to begin with? Not to mention the assistant coming out of nowhere and killing Mao. It all just seemed kinda forced. Also the heroes of our story haven’t really done anything. They are acting more like comic relief for our villains. Actually, I think the story is becoming more about the villains than our heroes because they seem to be getting more screen time and explanation than our actual heroes. What do you guys think? Hopefully things with be explained next episode, which will be the season finale for my show and the finale for some of the other shows on the Simulblast line up. But it looks like Captain Earth is going for the 24 episode mark. So look forward to more confusing space action.

Oh! lets not forget this weeks challenge. So here is my fan art in MSPaint of the Nebula Engine that we saw in episode 9. If I had a scanner, I could’ve done better, but I don’t think you can do better then this.


Bobby Challenge Successful

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (Episode Eleven)
Player: Elk
Class: DJ

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders

Hey look! Elk is back and ready for more JoJo! Sorry I missed last week; I woke up and it was too late! That’ll teach me for staying up all night…

Since I missed last week, I’ll give you a short recap for last episode. In India, the man who killed Polnareff’s sister shows himself, as does Hol Horse. When Polnareff went to face off against Hol Horse, Avdol saved him from a bullet, but was stabbed in the back by Centerfold’s stand.

In this episode, we pick up exactly where we left off from the last. Avdol seems to be dead after Centerfold’s attack, and Hol Horse and Polnareff still seem ready to fight. Kakyoin wants him to stop, but Polnareff wants revenge. The enemies attack, but Kakyoin saves Polnareff, and they drive off in a truck.

Centerfold follows them and makes them crash by attacking from chrome finish in the truck. In the aftermath, a small child shows up, and they figure out how his stand works. Polnareff injures Centerfold’s Stand, and they use that injury to find the real Centerfold.

He tricks them by attacking a stranger and injuring Polnareff. When the real Centerfold comes out, he uses trickery to hide his weakness and attacks Polnareff multiple times. Kakyoin, however, defeats Centerfold’s trick with a single gold coin. Polnareff finishes him off, avenging his sister and Avdol.

Just as they’re set to leave, Hol Horse shows up. Upon finding out his partner’s been defeated, he makes a run for it, as he’s only strong when he’s paired with someone else. Unfortunately for Hol Horse, he runs directly into JoJo. Unexpectedly, as Polnareff is about to kill him, the young woman from last episode stops him. The JoJos let him go, since he lost the will to fight.

We end with a really weird shot of a mouth opening on a tiny growth on JoJo Sr.’s arm.

Egyptian walking time! This episode didn’t really have a whole lot to it, to be fair; this and last episode were a pretty compact 2-parter, story-wise. Avdol died, and Polnareff’s goal has been attained, but really there were a couple of short fights and not much else. Regardless, they were still pretty cool. Here’s my fanart, (very poorly) combining JoJo with Gundam Build Fighters. Imagine if all the Stands were Gundams… That’d be pretty nifty.

Gundam JoJo

Elk Challenge Successful

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The Irregular At Magic High School (Episode Eleven)
Player: Kayarath
Class: Content Provider

The Irregular At Magic High School

I have no idea what to write about, honestly. If you skipped this episode, you really wouldn’t be missing anything. It feels like I’m watching .hack//Sign, because everyone talks a lot and nothing really happens. The whole show is built on subtle characterization, magical techno talk, and a brother-sister relationship that borders on incest. The general plot feels irreverent, but here it is anyway.

The attack from last week is wrapped up. Tatsuya uses it as a chance to build up Mikihiko’s sense of self. Then it’s the Nine Schools Competition; teenager magical olympics time! Mayumi Saegusa and Mari Watanabe are really good in their respective events and curb stomp the competition. Mayumi seems to have a thing for Tatsuya, so a wing women pops to cover Tatsuya’s duties so he can watch her events. Tatsuya is once again confirmed to have Batman levels of power, having military grade magical powers. He even developed a new magical weapon and wants Leo to test it for him.

This is the type of show that’ll take at least twenty episodes to get good. It better be worth the wait!

Kayarath Challenge Failure

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No Game No Life (Episode Eleven)
Player: Whiskahs
Class: Technomancer

No Game No Life

The game between the Eastern Federation and Blank begins in episode 11. After revealing the world they are in is a virtual reality, Sora and Shiro overcome their crippling fear and receive an explanation of the game. The game is essentially a shooter with a cutesy sort of love theme where the winning team is the one that manages to shoot all the members of the opposing team. Sora and Shiro experiment with the game and its different mechanics for a while before facing Izuna.

For the most part, the only person on Blank’s team able to directly face Izuna is Shiro, and her ability to effectively predict where shots will be fired. Izuna’s superhuman senses serve her incredibly well, however, and she manages to avoid being hit after Sora and Shiro execute a clever trap. Sora isn’t completely convinced that Izuna’s abilities allow her to narrowly escape their last attack, however, and is sure that she is cheating somehow, but he isn’t exactly sure how, and thus can’t prove it.

Day passes to night as Sora and Shiro attempt to devise a plan to defeat their opponent. After some scribbling in the dirt and apparent nervousness, Shiro asks Sora if she trusts him before jumping in the way of a bullet that flies out of one of the nearby bushes. This appears to convert Shiro over to the other team, causing Sora and Jibril to split up to face Shiro and Izuna separately.

Sora is able to dodge most of Shiro’s attacks, but is chased up a tower while doing so. At the top, when it seems he is cornered, he makes a dash toward Shiro, which catches her off guard and throws both of them off the edge of the building and into the air. Izuna follows close behind them, thinking that she has them in a position where they cannot dodge until Shiro fires at her, which shouldn’t have been possible. It turns out that she had managed to block the shot that hit her with a piece of clothing and had been pretending to have been hit in order to catch Izuna off guard. With Jibril behind her and Blank in front, it seems for a moment as if Izuna has lost. At least until she does some sort of power up and the episode cuts to black.

There wasn’t a whole lot of plot this episode, but the action was pretty good. My main gripe with this episode, outside of the typical fan service, is the cliffhanger. This show loves the cliffhanger ending, which gets frustrating after a while. I suppose it wasn’t possible to squeeze the entire game into one episode, but we know Sora and Shiro aren’t going to lose if for no other reason than the season isn’t half way over yet. Bleh, oh well.

Aero Challenge Failure

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Daimidaler (Episode Eleven)
Player: Knightshade
Class: DJ


Knightshade has missed the deadline for this week’s Simulblast. He is considered a No Show and gains no points for writing this week. He has TWO more chances to miss before he is out of the competition!

Knightshade No Show

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Week 011 Tally

  1. Kanashimi: 1100
  2. Bobby Henshin: 1040
  3. Elk: 890
  4. Kayarath: 880
  5. Whiskahs: 820
  6. Knightshade: 630
  7. The Editor: 110
  8. Midnight: 0

Next week’s challenge: I don’t think I can even come up with a clever intro for this one: write your summary without words containing the letters F, G, B, or P.

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