Simulblast! Week 002 of Fall 2014

Posted on Oct 21 2014

Simulblast 2014 Fall Week 002

Wrap this whole article in spoiler tags, because we’re skipping to the end of our episodes in this week’s Simulblast? Who will be spoiled, and who will do the spoiling!?

This week’s challenge: Watch the last two minutes of your episode (that is, two minutes before the ending credits roll) and try to make sense of it before watching the rest for 30 points!

Chaika ~The Coffin Princess~ Avenging Battle (Episode Two)
Player: Kanashimi

Chaika Coffin Princess

So, rushing to the end of the episode, apparently Red Chaika, who I disliked the first time she showed up, appeared earlier in the episode and revealed something about an island. My guess is that this is where experiments were conducted and the copies of Gaz’s daughter were made. At this location, they can find out who is the real heir to the throne. Then there’s the ending theme and a preview for the next episode, but I can say pretty confidentially I believe that the gang got their limb piece yet were interrupted during their battle with Claudia by Red Chaika.

Back to watching the episode in the right order… The fight with Claudia is going by with a bang as spells are shot back and forth. Toru picks up Chaika and rushes behind cover as he leads her along and Akari bounces from location to location as a distraction. Sadly, Claudia disarms a good deal of their traps and, due to this, has gained a significant advantage.

Before we get too involved in the fight, we find Red Chaika in a small wooden house attempting to disarm a man who happens to be one of the heroes. She is able to get her first remain piece, and I’d like to remind you that Chaika has five (if I recall). Either way, Red Chaika is still hung up on her meeting with Toru and the gang. She is upset that her objective is vague since it’s for revenge, but Chaika has a clear plan of simply holding a funeral. Guy appears and informs them that there is an island they can visit to find something “pleasing.”

Back to the fight at hand, our trio begins to transform, splitting up and darting across the field. Before Chaika can properly react, Claudia has cast a spell to lift him into the air and trap him. Chaika’s expression becomes serious as even Fredrica appears as a distraction, and she shoots a blast that knocks her opponent off her feet. Claudia realizes she has lost and tells Chaika it is due to the fact that she wanted to protect Toru. Her face becomes red and embarrassed, but she simply agrees.

On to another scenic change, we find Vivi being all emo over her “Chaika transformation.” Someone hands her Gillette’s notebook, however, and her interest is piqued. He has a report on all the people who worked together to kill Gaz. Vivi asks if it’s alright if she keeps these items, and she agrees in an effort to chase Chaika as the person she loved did before her.

Our heroes are presented with the remains as everyone eats a meal together rather cordially. Claudia isn’t very possessive of the remains, and was happy to give it to his daughter for a noble purpose. She reveals the location of Gaz’s fortune, on the island mentioned earlier, and explains it to them. The island contains the tools of Gaz’s power, how he was able to become so strong, and where all of his lab supplies were. Claudia even provides our heroes with the location of the others with remains.

The trio ride off and sleep in their cart, but Chaika wakes with a start at a nightmare of her beheading. She knows the memory isn’t real, but she can’t help to pause and question her existence. Akari and Toru simply want her to achieve her objective regardless of what happens. They arrive at the location the Red Chaika was at before, and she already has that set of remains. Their next objective is to follow them and steal what is rightfully theirs, or will they instead head to the island? We’ll find out next week!

2014 Kana Challenge Successful

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Denki-Gai (Episode Two)
Player: Sho


Burning? Is it on fire?! The name of this episode is “Is Denki-gai Burning?” I hope the manga store doesn’t burn down! Now, to the last two minutes… The fudge? It’s a water gun fight. And everyone’s in swimsuits. Sommelier and Fu Girl-san(what) apparently “combine” to defeat the other teams… With a water gun machine gun! Then in an incredible act of sacrifice, Sommelier defends Fu Girl, and then Sensei takes the win! Uh… How in the world did it get here… It’s just about a manga shop isn’t it?

Okay… A late night sale. For a book that has been anticipated for three years! Umio is very excited for this, apparently, so much so that everyone concludes that he’s a zealot. And wow, it sure is popular. They work hard to make sure the two hours of sales runs smoothly… Except Director apparently. I still don’t understand how this relates to a water gun fight. Although, Sommelier and Fuga (Fu-girl) seem to have a nice relationship. Awww… Fuga says Umio’s name in her sleep as Sommelier watches her, and this makes him incredibly sad. Fuga is very small and young looking, and Sommelier is massive; I wonder how old each of them are. Then, after a little bit of shenanigans, everyone drinks a ton of soda and ends up passed out. Umio-kun wakes up to find Fuga on top of him, and she’s blushing… Because she made him into her perfect… Zombie?! I still don’t understand how this relates to water gun fights! But it seems like she absolutely loves zombies, thinking about them all day long.

So, “Is the Denki-gai pumped?” is the name of the next part of the show. Scene skip it looks like. But… It’s a ton of different sort of competitions. Wait, what. Sommelier participating in a panty race, there’s… A ball rolling race… There’s a wife carrying race?! Apparently it’s a waifu carrying race; figurines. Umio is distracted by the other figurines. And a fish tug of war? These… These are incredibly strange games. But I think the water gun game is going to be really soon.

And it is. Hundreds of swimsuits and a ton of water. It concludes how it was described earlier, Sommelier and Fuga destroying the rest of the teams to have Senpai come in and take the glory. Additionally, she had retreated in the beginning, saying something about being too embarrassed to wear the swimsuits. Sommelier and Fuga are pretty cute together as friends though, so I think that was a victory on its own, right?

2014 Sho Challenge Successful

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Gundam Build Fighters Try (Episode Two)
Player: Elk

gundam build fighters try

Welcome to episode two of Gundam Build Fighters Try. To begin, I’m taking on the challenge of trying to figure out the episode from the last two minutes. A cursory playbar scan shows the ED starting at 22 minutes, so I’m going to head to 20 minutes and roll. We open with Sekai Rider Kicking the enemy, who was the president of the Plamo Building club, tearing a big ride vehicle apart. Hoshino follows up, machine-gunning the rest of the vehicle to bits. The president tries to counter, but Kousaka snipes it center-mass, winning the fight while being accused of betrayal. The president is depressed, but Eri, a typical glasses-wearing shy-type character, takes her glasses off, making flowers and sparkles appear to comfort the bad guy. Later, Kousaka says he’s going to fight to keep his promise to “her”.

Obviously “her” is Hoshino from the tension last episode, and the three mains are going to be a three person team. The promise has to be Gunpla related, so I’m guessing championship.

So, back to the start of the episode. We get right into the action as Kousaka is getting attacked in what appears to be a post apocalyptic city. He gets grabbed from behind after he slams into a building, and his opponent tears his Gunpla apart, taunting him about his lack of skill and the fact the previous champion (Sei I would assume) taught him to build Gunpla.

OP Break.

Kousaka is being introspective about the battle from episode one. The teacher announces a transfer student, who is obviously Sekai. He loudly introduces himself as a martial artist and challenges anyone who wants to to a fight. The teacher kind of awkwardly tells him fighting isn’t allowed, and he clarifies he meant Gunpla battle.

Because this is an anime, he gets seated next to Kousaka. Sekai asks him to continue the fight, if not with Gunpla, with bare hands, in a very happy way. Kousaka emos internally while looking at Hoshino outside. Fast forward to lunch; Hoshino has come to talk with Sekai about the club during lunch, and all the boys are jealous. Unfortunately, he can’t find his lunch, and is loudly searching. Loudly seems to be a good description for almost any time Sekai is doing anything…

Mirai, Sekai’s older sister, saves the day, spreading pink atmosphere and sparkles as everyone is instantly enamoured by her. She hands Sekai the lunch that he forgot, which makes all the boys super jealous.

Outside, Mirai and Hoshino are talking about Sekai as he sleeps post-lunch. Mirai highlights all his faults, and Hoshino praises his straightforwardness. Mirai entrusts Sekai to her, and she gets a bad feeling about it.

Ramba Ral and Sekai finally meet, and after introductions the first thing he does is stare intently at him and say “He has good eyes.”

This makes me super happy.

Hoshino, however, tells him not to do that, and Ral uncharacteristically whines about wanting to. The evil president of the Plamo Building club and the student council president come in and say that the Plamo Building club is going to absorb the Gunpla Battle club unless they convince the council not to combine them. Despite the Battle club only being Hoshino and Sekai, they’re challenged to a 3v3 fight. The enemy’s team is Eri, the vice president and aforementioned meganekko, and Yuu Kousaka.

We’re treated to a flashback with falling cherry blossom petals as Yuu says he’s quitting Gunpla despite their promise. The promise was to enter the championship. I figured it was to win the championship, so I was close, but it wasn’t quite so grand. Sekai is practicing his martial arts in the rain while talking to his sister (who is doing yoga?) about Yuu’s attack on the Gunpla club. She tells him to use his martial arts, and he finishes the statement, asking Yuu his motivations, with his fist. Because that’s how Shounen protags talk. With their fists.

Fast forward to the start of the fight. Field 9: Canyon. Sekai sets the Build Burning Gundam, and Hoshino sets her GM Powered Cardigan. Yuu specializes in sniping, so Hoshino tells him to stay hidden. Eri jumps out in a multicoloured Hizack and immediately gets shot down. She says she’s sorry, and does the cutesy headpunch “I’m a derp” thing.

The attack let Kousaka shoot the gun right out of Hoshino’s hand, and gave them the Gunpla club’s position. The president is in some futuristicy Gunpla from 00 or something, so I’m unfamiliar with it, and Kousaka seems to be in a custom Zeta? He lines up Hoshino in his sights but doesn’t fire, and Sekai challenges him.

Sekai rushes him down as he shouts at him over his actions. He realizes the reason he’s trying to kill the Gunpla club is because he wants to play Gunpla and is jealous of her. During the argument, the enemy brings in a mobile armor. This is the vehicle that will soon be destroyed. It’s against the rules, but he doesn’t care. It’s also from Gundam 00, confirming my suspicions. It’s the Agrissa. It grabs the Cardigan and starts crushing it.

Sekai wants to help, but Kousaka stands in his way. Hoshino’s determined speech reaches Kousaka, sending him into an even younger flashback where they make the promise, followed by his defeat, and the moment he gave up, while talking with his big sister (Chiina from season one). Hoshino’s Gunpla is still slowly getting crushed, but Kousaka turned around and fired at the president, stating the mobile armor is against regulations. Sekai admonishes him for not being upfront about how he feels before we get to the last two minutes.

You already know how those went, so you can head back to the top and reread it if you forgot.

ED Break

All in all, it seems we’re out of the intro phase if these three are now teamed up, and the season will be based on 3v3 fights. It makes me excited thinking of the famous trios from the different Gundam series that will make cameos, or be inspirations for new characters.

After the ED, Hoshino and Sekai are hassling Kousaka to join the club when Mirai and a friend of hers show up. Kousaka is instantly smitten and joins them without realizing it through the conversation. Hoshino and Sekai realize it though, and Hoshino grabs them both by the arm.

2014 Elk Challenge Successful

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Rage of Bahamut: Genesis (Episode Two)
Player: Whiskahs

rage of bahamut

In the last two minutes of the episode, we’re treated to Favaro and MGMFOSBSII trapped on a bridge between a bunch of mounted and plate armored dudes. Favaro threatens to kill MGMFOSBSII, which gives the knights pause before a long drawn out scene of Favaro shooting out some of the rope supports of of the the bridge they are on. One of the gold-clad knights orders his men not to do anything after seeing a necklace that MGMFOSBSII is wearing as if it were significant, but gives no details. Eventually Favaro and MGMFOSBSII fall through the bridge and into a river far down below and ends with MGMFOSBSII slapping Favaro after he makes a stupid face after denying that he’s a liar.

From that, my guess is that in this episode Favaro and MGMFOSBSII will be chased down by some knights that are after MGMFOSBSII for some reason or another. Given she is some sort of demon, they’re probably trying to kill her, though it isn’t entirely clear why they would want that or why it would make them hesitate when Favaro threatens to do it. My guess is these guys are going to be a recurring sort of secondary antagonist until the duo reaches Helheim.

And now on to the beginning…

You know you’re in a heaven analog when everything glows with crappy golden after effects and that you’re in for silly exposition when the opening scene to an episode begins by establishing the setting there. Through one or two lines apiece, we’re introduced to various nameless gods and the basic plot of the show, in that they chat mostly about the ‘key’ being stolen, which I assume was stolen by MGMFOSBSII in the previous episode, and about how they provide divine aid to a woman named… wait for it… Jeanne D’Arc and her order, the Orleans Knights. I’m not entirely sure why they just had to rip a sort of historical figure out of real world history and drop it into this fictional world, but whatever; the show doesn’t waste much time before taking us back down to the mortal realm to introduce us to her.

In typical anime style, Jeanne is in combat when the scene flashes down to her. Apparently she and her knights help defend a giant walled city not far from where Bahamut was apparently sealed in stone. Given that the landscape is relatively trashed and populated with hordes of undead and flying demons, I’m guessing that Bahamut attracts evil or something of the sort, even though it’s sort of established at the beginning of the series that he isn’t particularly associated with the forces of the hell analog. I hope there is a bit more explanation about this in the future, but for now some knights charge, kill some stuff, then they bring out giant magic suits that kill more stuff and that’s about it.

The intro breaks things up at this point with a song I absolutely loathe in this context. Given the setting and the aesthetic of the show, EXiSTENCE by SiM makes absolutely no sense. In fact the same song was used for the trailer of the show AFTER they had some actual fitting music playing for the first half. I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, we’d get something like Aria by Susumu Hirasawa from the Berserk films, which would make a whole lot more sense.

Luckily, after the intro runs it’s course, we’re brought back to Favaro freaking out about his newly acquired demon tail. I’m beginning to love Favaro as a character, mostly because of how impulsive yet sort of organic he has seemed so far, particularly when, after realizing he isn’t dreaming the whole thing, he immediately starts trying to remove the tail with his sword with no avail. MGMFOSBSII shows up at roughly this point and makes Favaro aware that the reason he has a tail is because she’s placed a curse on him that she will only lift once he tells her of the shortcut to Helheim that he mentioned in the previous episode. Favaro begins to freak out a little more at this point, as he apparently isn’t used to having his lies blow up in his face in quite this way.

After slipping out into the hallway for a moment to try and gather himself, Favaro notices the barmaid dragging Kaiser inside to investigate the “demon” that she had seen. This causes Favaro to panic a bit more and to quickly clothe himself and escape from the building via the second story window in the room he had been in previously. MGMFOSBSII follows, of course, and continues to harass him for the shortcut he promised, even as people are screaming above them. Favaro manages to steal away on horseback with MGMFOSBSII before Kaiser can figure out what’s going on, but Kaiser does manage to catch a glimpse of Favaro’s tail.

While Favaro and MGMFOSBSII make their way out of the city, he does something which I absolutely loved and didn’t expect: he decides that he is going to murder MGMFOSBSII. I expected our “heroes” in this anime to be a bit rough around the edges, but the fact they subverted the trope of the rough “hero” by immediately deciding to aid the heroine for no reason / love at first sight makes me quite happy. Everything up to this point makes Favaro’s decision fall perfectly in with what we’ve seen of his character so far, and the way he attempts to go through with his plan in the episode really underlines how crappy of a person he is for the most part, but more on that later.

What we see next is Kaiser staring into the fountain, musing on Favaro’s tail and coming to the conclusion that Favaro is actually a demon. Given that Kaiser already seemed to have a reason to hate Favaro, this makes a bit of sense, but before he can think much more on it, a detachment of the Orleans Knights shows up and begins to ask the people if they have seen any demons disguised as humans. The commander of the group calls out to Kaiser, referring to him as a knight, hinting that something about his clothing communicates this status. When Kaiser speaks and brings his arm up as a sort of salute to the commander, his status as a bounty hunter becomes apparent to one of the knights, who then strikes him for “pretending” to be a knight. Kaiser has a flashback at this point to him as a child viewing his father being tortured or punished for something. Kaiser indirectly curses at Favaro, who he blames for whatever happened, which the commander overhears. He offers some words inspirational words to Kaiser before departing.

The next few scenes are mostly just Favaro and MGMFOSBSII, whose name we find out is Amira, interacting. Favaro seems hesitant to try and kill Amira after realizing that the demon form she had taken the previous night wasn’t actually part of a dream, but on discovering that she has never drank before, proceeds to get her plastered. After a lot of food and dancing, they go outside to where Amira runs out into the shallows of a lake where she floats belly up. Distracting her by telling her to look up at the stars, Favaro draws his sword and prepares to run Amira through, but stops when he notices his bounty hunter bracelet isn’t lighting up as it normally would with the presence of a demon. They don’t really explain whether this is because Amira is not actually a demon or not, but the context makes it interesting when she reveals that the reason she wants to go to Helheim is to find her mother and a flashback with her mother actually shows that she had white angel wings.

Kaiser ends up showing up a few moments later, but is distracted by Amira long enough for Favaro to get a cheap hit in before taking flight once more.

At the next town the Orleans Knight catch up to Favaro and Amira, but Favaro being the dick that he is decides to sell Amira out to the Knights since he has doubts about killing her himself at this point. The Knights proceed to chase after her and eventually manage to encircle her after she takes her demon form. The Knights cast some sort of really flash spell that engulfs Amira in a beacon of light, which Favaro can see from a distance after coming back to his horse near where he has told Amira to stay. He comments on the sight and mounts his horse to leave only to have his horse run toward where the Knights are attempting to kill Amira.

The Knights do not have much success in slaying Amira as the spell they are still casting doesn’t really seem to phase her… she just sorta stands in it commenting on how it tingles for a little while before Favaro comes rushing on the scene on the back of his out of control horse. Through a series of coincidences, the horse and Favaro disable all the spellcasting Knights and “rescue” Amira in a cloud of smoke. The escape doesn’t last very long, however, as the two are caught on a bridge pinned between two detachments of knights, bringing us back to the beginning of this episodes summary.

2014 Aero Challenge Successful

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Wolf Girl and Black Prince (Episode Two)
Player: Bobby Henshin

wolf girl and the black prince

We are already on episode 2 of the fall season? Week went by fast. Okay so, what is the challenge this week? Watch the last 2 minutes of the episode and talk about it first. Shouldn’t be too hard. So we have a guy on the ground with a mark on his cheek. Looks like he was punched, and by the male protagonist it looks like. What was his name again? Sata! That’s it. Now he is talking about Erika being his, and he should touch his things. Now they are walking down the road and he…is he actually…comforting her?! Wait…is she actually falling for him?! In episode 2?! Okay, let’s go back to the beginning and figure out what happened.

The episode starts out with Erika and her friends out in the rain after school. The red-haired one says that she is going to call her boyfriend to bring a car around. Sata grabs Erika and brings her under his umbrella, like a loving boyfriend. Then, when they’re alone, he makes her hold the umbrella to where it covers all of him and little of her. This guy just screams everything I hate about my gender.

The next day, her and her friend from the first episode, are at a WacDonalds. Yes! We have a WacDonalds! Put that on the WacDonalds-in-an-anime score board! As they enjoy their food, they talk about Erika actually trying to find real love instead of fake love. But it turns out she has never fallen in love before. She has crushed, but has never fallen for anyone.

The next day! Seriously though, within the first two episodes, we have spanned 2 and half months. Three girls seem to want to have a word with Erika. These three or actually the Sata fan club. They are mad that she is his girlfriend. For they believe he is someone to be seen and not touched. Like an idol. Then they start beating her up. Calm down, fan girls!

A guy comes out and shoves them off. He asks if she is ok and comes across as a nice guy. So nice that the shoujo sparkles show up. So you know its love at first sight. The days go on as she is attacked once again by members of the Sata fan club, but this time she is knocked out by almost every single sports ball ever. The nice guy, named Kimaru, takes her to the nurse’s office to get patched up. Erika’s friends tell Sata and he goes after them.

Kimaru patches her up and asks if he can have her number and if she would like to go on a date with him tomorrow. She agrees just as Sata comes into the room. He acts all nice and thanks Kimaru. But Kimaru’s face is the face of shear hatred and blank fury towards Sata while they exchange a quiet glare. He takes Erika with him and asks to see her phone. He takes the phone and snaps it in half. That looked expensive too you jerk! He says that she should never see him again.

And then she sees him again. This time on the date they promised. They go out shopping and have a pretty fun date. Kimaru apologizes for taking her out here on a date even though she has a boyfriend. She reveals to him that it was actually a lie and he was pretending, so she was hoping maybe he would be her boyfriend. Kimaru’s personality takes a 180 and says this won’t do.

Turns out Kimaru’s real goal was to act nice and try to steal Erika from Sata. The back story is that Kimaru’s girlfriend from junior high broke up with him because she had fallen in love with Sata. Even though Sata said he would never fall in love again. Yeah he said that. Something must have happened in his past, but it will probably be revealed later. Kimaru was trying to get back at Sata all along and actually thought of her as pathetic.

But here comes Sata! He was following them the whole time. Once he heard this, he decked him square in the face and wiped her tears. He turns to Kimaru and says “don’t touch my things.” So they walk home and talk about this being her first love and he flicks her on the forehead. He says that love in this situation is nothing more than a delusion, so you should never feel that way. This sounded like his way of cheering her up and sounding nice. Thus she gets the shoujo anime bubbles in her stomach indicating that she is falling for him. And with that the episode has ended. This anime is just reminding me how much I hate my own gender and how some of them treat girls. Not all guys are like that, but a lot are and it’s sad. Tune in next week where Erika tries to nurse Sata back to health from a cold!

2014 Bobby Challenge Successful

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World Trigger (Episode Two)
Player: Tyler

world trigger

Awww yeah Episode 2 time! Before starting on today’s writing, a challenge must be done. Thus, I will summon my psychic abilities, by which I mean fast forward, and discuss the last 2 minutes of the episode first and seeing if I can guess the episode from it. I’m sure most of you probably watch the episodes before reading these, so a spoiler alert isn’t really needed, but I’ll still mention you should skip the last paragraph if you care. Anyways, let’s see what the ending is all about.

Whoa! We went from I guess the ending of some conversation to a Neighbor attack! And it’s actually at school. Weird Crab-like things are emerging from the gate. Apparently this is a major shock to everyone as Osamu says that the gate shouldn’t be able to open so far away from the base. Regardless, there’s a mass panic at school and everyone is rushing to a shelter, though some girl seems to be trying to head the other way until a Teacher rushes her to shelter. My “hidden main character” senses are tingling. After people are cleared, Osamu activates his trigger and insists he will stop them. Annnd to be continued! Well then, I can’t really make much of the entire episode from that. I mean, I know there probably won’t be any neighbor encounters. Or maybe we will see Osamu and Yuma take on a very basic one. My best guess is this is a very story developing episode. We will probably learn about what Yuma said last episode (about being a Neighbor) and his whole situation.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s see if I nailed it? So the episode starts off with a small recap of Yuma completely decimating that other Neighbor. A Border squad seems to be arriving on the scene with those jerks from the last episode limping away. They ask for help, and one of the guys requests they be put under protection. Meanwhile, the others are informed that no squad reached the neighbor before those men, leaving Border to wonder who could have beaten it.

Opening sequence, which I’ll casually mention I did indeed find and buy, A+ recommendation of music. Afterwards, Yuma informs us that Neighbors are actually humans that just live on the other side of the gate. The huge creatures we saw were actually called Trion Soldiers, and he is surprised that Osamu didn’t know this being in border. They walk around Japan, chatting as Osamu wonders if this man is trustworthy, and Yuma is hungry. Osamu asks if he even has money and Yuma pulls out a fat stack of 10,000 yen bills, casually waving it around. Needless to say, this leads to some trouble when a couple delinquents try to pull the old extortion move of feigning injury from a bump and asking for 100,000 yen. Osamu tried to explain to the confused Yuma that this man doesn’t need money as his leg isn’t broken. Yuma understands completely.

So he breaks his leg! I am not kidding, he flat out breaks the guys leg, hands him the cash, and just smiles. I had a dumbfounded face over this; I mean seriously. Before there’s really a chance to reflect, a confused Osamu just offers to buy some food and tells Yuma “stay here.” Of course, more thugs show up and try to scam Yuma by claiming his parents are dying and he needs cash. Yuma says he will help, if they aren’t lying; however, if they are he will smack them. The thugs swear it’s the truth, but Yuma figures out they are lying and smacks them. Of course this is the guy that 1-2 punched a huge interdimmensional creature, so needless to say this smack leaves the thugs unconscious and against the wall. Osamu comes back and rushes him away to a park where they can eat and talk.

We spend the next few minutes in the park where Yuma describes things that are so different here. Between rules and courtesies and things we would call common sense. Osamu feels that Yuma is merely ignorant and doesn’t mean any harm, despite being a Neighbor. So he agrees to teach Yuma about Japan. Yuma is happy over this, as he blissfully walks away to be struck by another car. He sits up and his face isn’t bleeding, rather it’s more like gashed and an empty blackness is inside. It heals up instantly though as Yuma stands up and shakes it off. The distressed driver runs over asking if he is okay, and Yuma merely smiles and hands her literally the entire stack of bills from earlier for the damages. That seriously must have been a few million I’m guessing.

So it’s back to school now! Osamu tells Yuma to not mention his origins, or yesterday at all. Suddenly, the ragtag wannabe thugs reappear, harassing the students again. Osamu stands up to them once more, only to get a crutch to the gut and insulted. Yuma is confused, and Osamu explains Border taking people in for “protection” means they had their memories erased for protection. Yuma, attempting to fit in, says he won’t beat them up again and instead stomps a massive shockwave and politely asks to get through. In the classroom, everyone is giddy over Yuma again as he is so new and cool. Yuma informs the class he isn’t from here, just a place that only sort of knows war. A bit of foreshadowing I’m going to wager. The class then tells Yuma about the Neighbor attack that started Border, and how apparently Border can restrict the gates to only spawn in specific locations. Yuma tells one of them if they want Border information, they should ask Osamu, but before getting that out Osamu rushes him away. Osamu is keeping his Border identity a secret for his own reasons. He tells Yuma that because he senses nothing ominous from Yuma, and because Yuma saved him, he will watch over him and take him into Border if he feels it’s needed.

AHHH HERE WE GO! This is the ending scene I discussed above and as I predicted, the ending was pretty much the only action all episode. Then again that’s not surprising in a series opener. Some Neighbors attack the school somehow and Osamu says he will take them on. Cut to credits. Ohhhh yes I’m excited for next episode. Until then, see you all next time!

2014 Tyler Challenge Successful

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Your Lie In April (Episode Two)
Player: Kayarath

your lie in april

When you think about it, Your Lie in April is really about Kousei healing. His mother may have taught him to play music, but she never allowed him to love music. I can tell you that pouring yourself into a task you don’t love can do a real number on you emotionally. Kousei may put on a strong face but he’s really a wreck inside. It’ll take twelve to twenty four episodes for him to sort himself out musically and emotionally. Kaori will be the girl who lights the way for him.

Talking about Kaori, she has a competition to perform in. Kousei did not want to be in that type of environment at all and sort of got tricked into going. It’s practically a post traumatic stress disorder episode for him. He does calm down before the show starts. The name of the game is for everyone to play the same set piece as well as possible. Kousei doesn’t play that way, and instead remixes it into something completely different. While it destroys her technical score, it lights up the crowd. It amazes Kousei to see someone play with their heart with no concern for victory or defeat.

Kousei is so amazed with Kaori that he’s practically in love with her. He’s a bros-before-hoes type of person, but Watari doesn’t seem to object to the situation at all. While Kaori may dig Watari, he does like to play the field, and I imagine he could find plenty of other fish in the sea, and decides to skip practice in order to go fishing. That leaves Kousei and Kaori alone after school, ready to walk home or do whatever Japanese middle schoolers do. What is it exactly? Find out next episode!

2014 Kayarath Challenge Successful

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Week 002 Tally

  1. Bobby Henshin: 130
  2. Elk: 130
  3. Kanashimi: 130
  4. Sho: 130
  5. Tyler: 130
  6. Whiskahs: 130
  7. Kayarath: 100
  8. The Editor: 0

Week 002 Token Counts

  1. Kanashimi: 9 Tokens
  2. Bobby Henshin: 6 Tokens
  3. Elk: 9 Tokens
  4. Kayarath: 3 Tokens
  5. Sho: 6 Tokens
  6. Tyler: 5 Tokens
  7. Whiskahs: 5 Tokens
  8. The Editor: 2 Tokens

Next week’s challenge: That TV stuff will rot your brains (and I assume the same can be said of Simulcasts)! Go read a book or something. Compare your anime to a book you’ve read for 30 points. If you compare every character in the episode (every speaking character!) to character from that book, you’ll earn three tokens!

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