Simulblast! Week 001 Of Spring 2014

Posted on Apr 15 2014

Simulblast Spring 2014 Week 001

It’s time for another season of Simulblast! We have some new players, new powers, and new rules. If that doesn’t excite you, then we promise this season of anime will!

This week’s challenge: Do everything in your power to make sure every single person posts their Simulblast! If not, they face dire consequences…

Captain Earth (Episode One)
Player: Bobby Henshin
Class: DJ

Captain Earth

The Earth… Our shining blue world. But Earth was never as peaceful as we thought it was. Because we realized we are in an anime. Welcome, everyone, to the spring season of Simulblast! After a much-heated battle between Kana, Elk and myself, mostly because Kana likes to see me suffer, I was able to get my hand on the show Captain Earth! Finally! I get to review a giant mecha anime. But back to the story at hand: We see what looks like the moon heading towards earth, but it has a giant, pinkish crystal sticking out of it. We watch a young boy looking at a rocket taking off and going into space. Words echo in the boy’s mind from his father. “If your dad ever dies…” cutting to a black screen and an explosion.

An alarm sounds, and we are currently in the room of our main character, Daichi. He inner monologues about how he is about to start summer break. Cut to his high school where he is in a parent teacher conference with his… I don’t know who this guy is yet. Hi uncle! Maybe? But we know it’s not his dad because they mention that his father died. We assume his mother did too, seeing as she is nowhere to be seen and this man is looking after him. The teacher talks about how his grades have fallen even though he quit the track team to focus on his studies. He inner monologues again about how he is just not motivated to do his school work or anything that just doesn’t interest him.

Arcade time! We find him playing a motorcycle arcade game where he gets the all-around high score. His friend shows up, and Daichi asks if he is working there now. Nope! Turns out his parents own the place… luckiest kid ever! He invites him to his place where there are two girls waiting in the living room playing what looks like a Tekken ripoff. We’ve all seen enough anime to know where this is going. Yep, that’s right they all just play video games and talk about going to a villa for a beach vacation. What did you think was going to happen? One of the girls who seems to have the hots for Daichi is getting shy and accidentally hits the remote, and it cuts to a news story about a rainbow ring above a radio tower. Daichi sees this and starts having flashbacks. This makes Daichi decide not to go to the villa and hop on the next train to what I assume was his home town. Up on a hill we find a man praying at a grave. Daichi prays at the grave too. Turns out it is his fathers grave and the man was Daichi’s father’s best friend and co-worker. Daichi asks if his father’s death was really an accident. Another flashback occurs where his father was actually a space captain and lunched himself into an unknown force to save the world. The man says “Your father was a great captain,” and walks away.

Cut now to a hangar with a well…featured female with bright pink hair and a man who I swear is anime Sonic the Hedgehog. The girl flirts with one of the engineers as they leave, and they decide to show their true colors as the “Gears of the Universe” as hologram gears form on their hands. I assume these are the bad guys. Back to Daichi as he sits on a hill having another flashback. Seriously, what is with all the flashbacks? It’s only the first episode. But in this flashback we see a young Daichi meeting a purple-haired boy who has no idea what a father is… weird. He asks what that pendant around his neck is. Daichi says it is a pendant called The Blue Star, and if he does something that surprises him, he can have it. So, after tests of bravery and boomerang-throwing, they pass the pendant off back and forth.

Night falls and the boy shows him one more trick as a rainbow ring forms in the boy’s hands. So we now see where that rainbow ring came from. The boy then takes Daichi to what looks like an abandoned radio tower. By the way, I forgot to mention the purple-haired boy’s name is Teechi. So Teechi takes Daichi into the abandon tower which leads them actually into a large dark room with a crystal floor and what looks like a naked 11-year-old girl floating in a bubble cuddling a weird-looking gun. Oh how we missed you, Japan. Teechi says the girl always sleeps and never wakes up. Daichi just touches it once and boom, the girl wakes up. She asks if he is the one, and he dresses her up and takes her outside, where they are immediately taken by the government. Dang you government, why do you always have to ruin the fun? Cut back to the present where Daichi decides to go into the tower and look around. An elevator opens up to what looks like a light blue-haired elementary school girl with a recorder is inside. Now this just screams Japanese horror movie to me, and Daichi is on the same page. The girl waves him over and he decides to get in the elevator despite his better judgement.

While this is going on, the pink haired girl and anime Sonic are getting into what looks like a pilot simulator but is actually an enemy robot deployer as gates open up in space. Like at least five gates open to summon this thing. It turns out to be a giant pink female-framed robot that fits her… figure. Back to Daichi, we see the elevator turn into a holographic elevator and they end up in a large crystalline room. Have you guys found the theme yet? The girl speaks no words but just nods her head when Daichi asks the right questions. She shows him a vision of the giant pink robot coming to Earth, and if it shows up the Earth is in danger. He asks what he has to do, and the girl magically has a gun show up in Daichi’s hands; he is teleported to what looks like a hangar with a giant robot being loaded up into a rocket. A scientist asks who the boy is and what he is doing here. He sees the gun and asks if Daichi knows what he is holding. Meanwhile, up in space, the enemy robot is being blasted by missiles left and right and is not even being scratched. while The Earth Defense Force is trying to stop this thing, a bunch of systems turn on and everyone is in a panic. Turns out a rocket is being launched into space with Daichi in it. As it launches, three orbiting space stations converge into one and make a funnel to receive the rocket. Now this is what turns into the longest transformation sequence I have ever seen. Actually this transformation takes the rest of the episode and lasts seven minutes! Each part of this robot needs a separate rocket and magnetic force to launch it to form this robot. and we finally see this giant robot named Earth. I’m serious; the robot is named Earth, and it’s actual size is the size of Manhattan.

That’s where the episode ends, folks. I hope you will look forward to more giant robot action this season. And I hope to look forward to shorter transformation sequences. Enjoy your
spring, everyone.

Bobby Challenge Success

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (Episode One)
Player: Elk
Class: DJ

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders

Simulblast time! And I’m not watching Gundam? That’s right! Season 3 of Simulblast pour moi is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders!

For those of you not in the know about JoJo, this is the most famous part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Part 3 brings back Dio and introduces Jotaro Kujo. That’s the thing about JoJo; every main character has the JoJo nickname based on having a Jo in both their first and last name. It also introduces stands, but this is just episode 1, so I don’t want to spoil too much.

So far some people have dug up a box that is too narrow to be a treasure chest. It’s obviously Dio’s coffin from the end of part 1, but they don’t know that. Later the boat is found with an opened box, and absolutely no one on board.

Scene change and our hero is in jail. JoJo beat up a bunch of people and is being released into his mom’s custody. But it turns out JoJo doesn’t want to leave, and all the other prisoners are terrified of him. He’s also somehow obtained a can of beer. When questioned, he uses some telekinesis to lift and move a book. The police are confused, so to prove how dangerous he is, he steals one of the officers’ guns and shoots himself in the head. The spirit possessing him grabs the bullet before it can hit him.

We get another scene change to an airport, and we see the hero of part 2 of JoJo, grown up. He’s Jotaro’s grandfather, Joeseph. He’s also really ticklish. Holly, Jotaro’s mom, says she could see the spirit possessing him, even though the police couldn’t. Joseph Joestar snaps his finger and a man gets up and follows them out of the airport.

At the prison, Joseph manhandles the guards and gets the pinky ripped off his artificial hand. He gets his friend Avdol to chase JoJo out of his cell. Avdol poses (JoJo is the absolute best series for poses) and Avdol’s “evil spirit” Magician’s Red comes out. Magician’s Red causes Jotaro’s stand (Star Platinum, though it hasn’t been named yet) to come out and grab Magician’s Red. The stands fight and JoJo leaves the cell. Avdol immediately stops fighting and walks away, as it was his intention to get him to leave his cell.

Now we learn what I spoiled in the beginning. The coffin from the start of the episode held Dio. JoJo doesn’t believe it, so Joeseph shows him his stand. If he destroys a camera while thorns come out of his hand, he can take special pictures. The image shows Dio with a Joestar’s body, as evidenced by the star shaped birthmark on the back of his neck. If you’ve seen the end of part 1, you’d know he was beheaded near the end with no body. It would seem he took Jonathan’s. We switch locales to Dio now, and it seems he knows that someone was watching him, and that it was a Joestar. He’s also recently sucked the blood out of some chick’s neck. Did I forget to mention he’s a vampire created by a mysterious stone mask? Well he is, and you’ll find that out if you go watch part 1, and learn more about Joeseph Joestar if you watch part 2, which I highly recommend you do. Both are available on Crunchyroll.

Next episode, it seems like we’ll get to see Kakyoin, another stand user.

The episode ended kind of abruptly, ignoring the short scene with Dio, but ultimately, I’m pumped for this season of Simulblast. I spent almost all my points to assure that I’d get this series because I know it’s going to be amazing. I’m just sad we’re getting it 2 seasons late. Crunchy should have picked it up in it’s first season.

Elk Challenge Successful

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Chaika ~ The Coffin Princess (Episode One)
Player: Kanashimi
Class: Boss

Chaika Coffin PrincessA new season and a new Simulblast! I won the cup for the Fall and Winter season, so I hope the other players bring it; mostly when you consider I got a rather interesting show. I can already tell by the stylized opening chock full of symbolism that this might actually be really great. I’m not a hardcore action person, but I am rather intrigued by the quality of animation and the basic premise.

We start with our introduction of Chaika, a white-haired girl that is merely a tool to the Gaz Empire. She is the daughter of the previous emperor, Arthur Gaz, and as such, she is a princess. She looks horrified being told this by some large, shadowy figure. We don’t get to focus on this ominous figure too much, which seems like a shame considering. Instead the scene switches to our male protagonist searching for food in the wilderness where he encounters Chaika hiding in a bush. She rummages around to get away from him, but only ends up in circles as if confused. She seems to think this man is a bandit, but he quickly corrects her by informing the white-haired girl that he’s jobless and merely in pursuit of sustenance.

Chaika has a really odd way of speaking; in fact all of her sentences are blunt and consist of two to three words. I can’t tell if this is a cute (“moe”) trait or trying to portray her as dim-witted. I usually don’t enjoy speech quirks you find in Japanese anime, but I’m discovering this one to be somewhat attractive. Regardless, our male hero wonders what she’s doing with a coffin as a backpack and assumes she’s a murderer. She quickly corrects him, however, and declares she’s going to Delsorant town. The man decides if she can pay for his breakfast, he’ll escort her.

As she debates this, however, a talking, deformed unicorn emerges from the forest. I’m assuming that’s a demon? No, he’s calling it a unicorn, never mind. The two take off in a sprint as it charges after them, and in dramatic fashion they leap off a cliff into the water, using the coffin as a flotation device. Our nameless leading lad claims they should just give up since the horned horse will be on them soon. Chaika can’t help but to ask if he’s scared to die, to which he responds that he isn’t since he’s so incompetent.

Chaika opens her coffin to reveal a gun, which our hero declares is a “Gundo”. He also calls her a wizard, which I guess anyone can be with a firearm from that world? Is that kinda like here where you’re a wizard if you’re on the internet? The white haired female claims that she is also useless and this weapon is all she has. These characters are getting quite deep in terms of conversation with one another right off the bat, aren’t they? It does seem like the series is trying to establish things quite swiftly. I mean, they’ve already bonded and are planning to kill a unicorn. In fact, the male lead is declaring he’ll buy her time to cast her magic. Then he starts saying he’s steel… Raiden, you’re not the lightning or thunder—oh, he just transformed, what? Iron-Blood Transformation, what does that even mean?

No transformation sequence, sadly, but his hair does change to red and he gets a weird tattoo on his face. I guess that’s all you need to wrestle a mythological beast of death and prettiness. Chaika begins to chant something and there are runes everywhere, but it gives her enough time to focus and fire off a magical spell from her gun. This attack splits the unicorn in two and blood rains from the sky.

Aw, this is cute! Chaika runs up to him yelling how strong the main male character is. He informs her that he used to be saboteur, and her steadfast response is that he isn’t incompetent, but extremely useful. Ugh, I’m falling for the moe moe kyun~. Well, at least we finally know his name is Toru from this exchange. Chaika begins to introduce her full name, “Chaika Gaz” but instead states a different last name, most likely a cover-up.

Some bald guy with a tattoo is following after them and discovers the dead unicorn. He wonders if Chaika has gained a partner or something. Who knows? People trying to kill main girl, that’s about all I’ve gathered.

Chaika and Toru eat in town yet are quickly interrupted by another girl complaining that Toru didn’t bring the plants she asked, but instead a girl. Uh oh, I don’t like her attitude. She practically claims that Toru is hers and the guy seems fairly terrified. Please don’t be a tsundere, please don’t be a tsundere, please don’t be a tsundere… She runs after him with a hammer and complains that he’s too lazy while she does all the work. This violent chick, Akari, is actually his sister. The damages Chaika has to pay for and everyone blames Toru when Akari was the one breaking tables with a gosh darn hammer. Like really? How silly.

Now we’ve switched scenes with like five other new characters and plot points that I don’t understand because they’ve been introduced without any sort of connection to the main characters. These young teenagers that are somehow in political or noble power confront this guy about getting an artifact from the war, but he’s like trolololno. That’s about what I’ve gathered from there.

Ah! Here’s the connective thread… Chaika wants Toru and Akari to help her attack Count Abarth’s manor. Abarth is the man with the artifact and as such I’m assuming Chaika wants her hands on it as a tool of the fallen Gaz Empire, not that she would say as such, but still. More links are being made! Our bald friend from before who works for this teenager is Alberic Gillette. His family is famous for… something. They seem to be hunting down Chaika as well as these artifacts, but they are just now making the connection that Chaika herself might also be after them. Apparently Count Abarth is one of the Eight Heroes, which isn’t really defined. It appears whoever the Eight Heroes are had a big place in the war that recently ended, but as to what they did I have no idea. Either way, Alberic sends his lackeys to watch the manor in case Chaika acts.

Surprisingly the siblings do their spiel about steel and transform into that Iron-Blood thing, doing a pretty fantastic job of sneaking in. I’m really surprised at how well they’re working together to break into someone’s house. I really didn’t peg them as the type. With a bit of magic, Chaika uses a locator spell to find the important thing she’s looking for. She has somehow marked it with a pale blue light, and the trio split to find the object.

Sadly, Toru runs into Abarth who assumes he works for the Kliemann Organization aka the teenagers who wanted his stuff from earlier. He assumes Toru is quite upset that they turned him away, and he responds he has no idea what the Count is talking about. Since the Count just so happens to be a wizard he can just make daggers float, but as Akari and Chaika enter the room, the Count is immediately shocked by the white-haired girl’s presence.

Before anyone can react we get the fated ending song, which I adore much more than the opening. It’s not as action-packed, but it still is animated really well. I have high hopes for this show thus far. The plot is intriguing and seems to have quite a few layers while being a wonderful visual feast for the eyes. The main character, Chaika, has a certain cuteness that makes me want to support her, thus piquing my curiosity even more. I’m not really here for the action, but it is done fairly well, if not having some pacing issues earlier in the episode. Everything thus far seems well planned out, so I’m gonna declare that I might have gotten lucky this season.

Kana Challenge Successful

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The Irregular At Magic High School (Episode One)
Player: Kayarath
Class: Content Provider

The Irregular At Magic High School

The Irregular at Magic High School takes place in a near-future world recovering after World War III. While some five billion people died in it, it could have been worse without the presence of magic users. So the show is a magic/sci-fi hybrid taking place at a school where people learn magic. Why a school? Because anime, that’s why!

The protagonists of the story are Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba, a brother/sister pair who may have a little too much chemistry with each other. Tatsuya is basically a Batman analog, which is a good enough label for now. He’s smart, analytical, and an expert at martial arts to boot. If it wasn’t for his (apparent) lack of raw magical power, he would be a Mary Sue! Miyuki is much sweeter, both in personality and in magical power. They make a cute couple; or a distributing one depending on context.

Things are going swimmingly until the social structure of the school is revealed. In this school, you’re either a “Bloom” or a “Weed.” Can you figure out which group is discriminated against? I guess not having magical powers at a place for magical powers must kinda suck. Is this A Certain Scientific Railgun with fewer girls? Either way, conflict between the two groups arises and people are on the verge of breaking out CGI-powered magical attacks. Good thing the disciplinary committee steps in the last second.

The disciplinary committee was gonna go full-on riot control until Tatsuya breaks out the Batman handbook and gets the law off their back. If it wasn’t obvious now, Tatsuya has some tricks up his sleeve that makes him a match for any spell slinger out there. He also has some mysterious secrets that have been hinted at in the opening narration where dozen of missiles get shot down. It looks like Tatsuya will have to eventually confront his own past and probably will have to stop some magical/scientific calamity from occurring. In the meantime, he’ll have to contend with all the problems being a muggle in a magic school. It’s as if he’s an irregular at a magical high school; get it?

Kayarath Challenge Successful

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Black Bullet (Episode One)
Player: Midnight
Class: DJ

Black BulletWelcome back, everyone, to Simulblast. This is DJ Midnight and WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?! Okay, let’s back up. First minute of this show, it’s 2021 and there is some kind of war or post-apocalypse thing going on, and I return to WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?

Is it a dragon? A giant bird thing? A machine? I have no idea, but it looks really cool! It crashes and tells what I assume is a young version of our main character to live, and we move into the opening. Which is super catchy. Best opening I’ve had for a Simulblast so far. Anyway, during the opening, let’s talk a little about the series and the little I know about it. It’s apparently based off a light novel, and the anime is being produced by Kinema Citrus. Never heard of them before. The opening, which I will be playing on loop for days, is “Black Bullet” by FripSide.

Alright, now that we’ve talked about that, let’s get back to the show. Skip to ten years later. The kid from before, named Satomi Rentaro, is now a Civil Officer. He comes to a scene where a resident has reported blood leaking through her roof. I can’t describe how cool the next scene is with words, only that the masked figure that he fights is amazing and claims that he will be the one to destroy the world.

We cut to a character I can’t decide how I feel about, Rentaro’s partner Enju. She’s a little girl who I guess from the dialogue is cursed? Her battle abilities are amazing, but her personality is going to grate on me quickly. It already did; it took about half a scene. This scene also gives us an idea about what those monsters might have been.

Promoters and Initiators, huh? Somehow this setup reminds me a lot of Psycho-Pass. Though not as organized, it seems like there are many separate companies of Civil Officers. Rentaro works for a girl, who I can only assume might be his real love interest. You know, since she’s not a little girl.

Oh, it was a war at the beginning of the episode. Glad it cleared that up.

We head to Rentaro’s sensei’s house, and man she’s hot. A little strange; got a thing for dead bodies. He goes to feed Enju, and it’s nothing but bean sprouts! I am REALLY bothered by her! Oh god, there is something so creepy about a little girl trying to hit on an older man like that. Really, really creepy!

The cursed children, they’re always girls. That’s pretty interesting. Gastrea, where did it come from? Why is it infecting humanity? This is actually really cool so far! I can’t wait for more of this show. Enju grates on a few of my nerves, but Rentaro is awesome all around. This show warrants checking out for everyone, in particular if you like alien viruses, super awesome guys, or cute loli girls with a thing for older men. Really though, go check it out!

Midnight Challenge Successful

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No Game No Life (Episode One)
Player: Whiskahs
Class: Technomancer

No Game No Life


You probably haven’t seen my name much around here before, but I’m the resident master of all things technical (or technomancer for short), Whiskahs. Kana tricked me into doing this… or drugged me… or something. I’m honestly not really sure, but here I am. If you, for whatever reason, find yourself disappointed or angry with my write-up feel free to remember that she’s the reason I’m doing this when voting. If you somehow like it, it was entirely all me, though.

When I sat down to watch the series opener of No Game No Life, I wasn’t exactly expecting much, but that’s what happens when you let a random-number generator decide your fate. Game-related anime, from my experience, are usually light on substance and heavy on fan service and marketing. A brand-new anime based on a light novel doesn’t seem like it would go out of its way to break the mold, but I was silently hoping that maybe, just maybe, the show would harken back to something like .hack//SIGN and at least deal with relevant thematic issues. I’m not the most optimistic fellow, but what’s the point of watching something if you don’t at least have some hope that it’ll turn out to be something great?

The opener introduces us to Sora and Shiro, a brother sister duo, who are becoming something of an urban legend as a group known as Blank in online games. They play four characters, two each, and win all the battles they participate in. They have game cred and haters like one would suspect, but their real life suffers. Shiro, who is 18, doesn’t appear to bathe and has chunks of food in his hair when we’re introduced to him while his 11 year old sister seems diminutive and aloof. Neither seem to leave their monitor-lit apartment very often.

The two begin their journey into the unknown after following a link to a chess game that they play and win. Their opponent, who claims to be a god, rewards them for their victory by transporting them to his world. The child-like god introduces the ten rules by which his world is governed as the duo fall from the sky toward the ground. All conflicts in the world are resolved by the use of games and murder is explicitly prohibited. The players of any game are to place bets of what they determine are equal value and whoever wins takes the prize. None of this really prevents the two main characters from hitting the ground, but it seems that in this world falling from the upper atmosphere isn’t lethal, so everything turns out alright. After shaking off their initial shock from the fall, Sora and Shiro make their way off into this strange new place.

The duo prove their gaming prowess a couple times more by beating and identifying people that seem to be cheating and end up netting new clothes and pouch full of gold coins before the episode ends. One of the cheaters they identify is a woman challenging the granddaughter of a departed human king to a game of poker for the throne. Shiro notices that the challenger is cheating and before leaving with his sister to go to bed he lets the heiress know, but doesn’t go out of his way to explain how the challenger is doing so. The resolution of the game is left off-screen.

Despite suddenly falling into a new world, the main characters seem to have a fair number of electronic gadgets with them along with a portable solar charger to keep them alive. They make sure all their electronics are in order and comment on how they are hopeful of their future in this new world before going to bed.

After the credits roll, we’re greeted by the heiress from earlier clothed in nothing but a blanket at their door asking to come in.

My hope for the show to be mentally stimulating seems mostly dashed at this point. The narrative jumps around a lot and despite the episode starting with a semi-serious tone and having a fairly dark exposition about the world in which the main characters find themselves, the series doesn’t seem to be driving any thematic points home so far. Granted, it’s only episode one, but the focus on fan service in the form of breast shots of pretty much every female character so far and a panty shot of the eleven year old Shiro during her introduction haven’t done a whole lot to bolster my hopes.

All that said there is a certain charm to the art style of the show. While the character designs aren’t particularly special, the usage of color in the scenery and on some characters (particularly once they fall into the new world) is visually appealing. While I might not be looking forward to the plot, I have a feeling there might be a few very well done scenes in the coming episodes from an aesthetic perspective.

I am also a bit optimistic about the music. The closing theme is pretty standard and I don’t think we’ve actually seen the opening sequence yet, but the background music is interesting. It’s a bit hard to describe why it’s appealing to me, but the electronic-driven sound of the scenes I’m thinking of bounces between something a tad more complex and energetic than ambient to bits with a more trance or house-driven feel. There are also a few non-electronic bits in the show, but they didn’t seem to be anything particularly special.

Overall, I’m mostly neutral, but leaning toward meh on No Game No Life. The series has a bit of time to recover, but with the breast groping in the preview of episode two, I’m not sure that it’ll be trying to.

Aero Challenge Successful

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Daimidaler (Episode One)
Player: Knightshade
Class: DJ

DaimildalerHey everyone, I missed you all but now I’m back doing a brand new robo-pervy anime! Wait, what? Well it looks kind of cool; let’s take a look at Kenzen Robo Daimidaler Episode 1.

Koichi Madanbashi is a high school student who possesses Hi-ERo particles or something, which are used as an energy source to power a giant robot called “Robot Daimidaler”. He obtains these particles by groping females, and uses them to power up the robot in order to fight penguin-shaped robots from the evil Penguin Empire; I seriously cannot make this stuff up. So one day he’s walking to school when he’s pulled over by a teacher for not wearing the right uniform. He responses to this by touching her breasts and flipping up girls skirts to get away… Again, I can’t make this up. He’s then followed by a girl named Kyouko Sonan who’s trying to recruit Koichi for their giant robot. He then gets beaten up by a bunch of men in penguin costumes… I think. He then gropes Kyouko for an extended period of time and gets super powers for some reason.

After declining to join her, our “hero” goes home for some well-deserved rest. However, the penguins found out where he lives and are reading his porno magazines… Again I REALLY can’t make this up! So Koichi runs away; luckily he finds Kyouko again and she leads him to a giant mummy robot. Our hero runs into it and proceeds to pilot it but it runs out of power. To be fair, though, the only thing that looks done on this is the left arm; everything else was left up to “we’ll get it done later,” so I’m not too shocked that it can’t hold a charge. However (*sigh*) he grabs Kyouko’s breasts again and is able to destroy the enemy penguin robot. This is where episode one ends; I mean it, no lie.

So Kenzen Robo Daimidaler is not at all what I expected; then again, I haven’t seen any pervy robots before so… yeah. I’ll give this 6 screaming women out of 10 for now. I’ll give it a chance but this is just so… strange. So yeah… um… on to episode 2. God, what have I gotten myself into.

Knightshade No Show

Knightshade missed the deadline for his article. He does not earn the core 50 points for writing his summary, and he has four more chances before he is out of the competition.

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Week 001 Tally

  1. Bobby Henshin: 100
  2. Elk: 100
  3. Kanashimi: 100
  4. Kayarath: 100
  5. Midnight: 100
  6. Whiskahs: 100
  7. Knightshade: 50

Next week’s challenge: Did someone not finish their Simulblast? Make them feel your wrath in your next summary! Better yet, find a player to belittle concerning their poor job at writing.

Make sure to vote for your favorite review below! You can give your favorite an extra 20 points.

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  • nerdwerld April 16, 2014 at 6:03 PM

    I’ll vote or Elk, because he pretty much is spoiled the whole series in his review of the first episode.

    • Elk April 17, 2014 at 6:50 AM

      Only the first season 😛 And the episode kind of spoiled season 1 all on it’s own.

  • Cheshy April 19, 2014 at 6:09 PM

    Kana gets my vote this week.

  • Drago142222 April 20, 2014 at 7:33 PM

    Elk gets my vote

  • Bobby Henshin April 22, 2014 at 12:47 PM

    If i could vote I would vote Whiskahs it was nicely done, sadly i can’t vote T^T lol

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