Simulblast! Week 001 of Fall 2014

Posted on Oct 14 2014

Simulblast Fall 2014 Week 001

Another season, another Simulblast! Who is new to the game? Who will fall flat on their face? Well, it’s week one… so probably no one.

Chaika ~The Coffin Princess~ Avenging Battle (Episode One)
Player: Kanashimi

Chaika Coffin PrincessYay! We’re back to Chaika ~ The Coffin Princess, but this time it has a nice, extra-long subtitle which makes it… Chaika ~The Coffin Princess~ Avenging Battle. That just rolls off the tongue. This series has to be my favorite that I’ve done for Simulblast thus far, so I do have some high expectations for season two. It’s already impressing me with a really neat opening song and theme, and it’s good to see the animation production hasn’t dipped. What’s really exciting, though, is that Tour and Chaika were kawaii desu in the last season and kissed, so now I get a whole season of a couple.

Anyway, the episode starts with people at war with each other for… reasons? We see an emperor and it becomes clear that that’s Gaz. He claims he will die soon and orders Viktor, someone in charge of magic, to conduct a plan with Chaika, his daughter. What this is appears vague as we essentially get a flashback of how the war ended and Gaz died. The old councilmen who essentially tried to attack the sky fortress from the last episode are discussing the events and blaming the entire thing on Chaika.

On the flip side of the coin, Chaika is being attacked by some red-headed female who doesn’t believe she is in fact Gaz’s daughter. Toru and Akari are fighting former soldiers, attempting to get to Chaika’s side. The two commence their Iron-Blood Transformation as saboteurs in an effort to get to the upper hand. While Toru and Akari are successful, Chaika is not. The fight ends in a draw, and the red-haired woman invites them back to her house with a different demeanor. We learn they were battling for more remains, and the woman in question was a hero who now owns a successful vineyard. Her name is Lady Claudia, and her focus is solely on the winery. When she formed it, she gave jobs to soldiers who had nowhere to go after the war.

The group is actually having a fairly nice conversation and is discussing Emperor Gaz’s last moments. Caludia claims the Captain also beheaded Gaz’s daughter, but Chaika claims that she is indeed real. Claudia even gives her advice to use her gun better, and the trio goes to sleep in a room together. Akari is being her creepy incestuous self by claiming to sleep very close to her brother, but Toru doesn’t like this and attempts to throw a pillow at her which instead whacks Chaika in the face. Fredrica jumps into the room in her cat form, explaining that they should just make a contract with her, but our white-haired heroine refuses as she wants to be true to her word by fighting one-against-three.

Toru suggests that Chaika practices magic as much as possible before tomorrow instead of sleeping. Chaika explains that the words she says have meaning and the fuel can consume life and memories, making them essentially a reality, and that’s the source of their strength. While they train through the night, some guy who we don’t know is watching them. Wonder who that could be…

Back to the group, I thought we wouldn’t have to worry about anymore… The Gillette Corps are giving their report on how their leader, Alveric, passed on. They claim Vivi’s hair turning white made her look like Chaika and, due to that, her origins are unclear. I actually never made that connection last episode, whoops. The group agrees to continue on in their search for Chaika while Viva continues to mourn until Guy approaches her. He claims she is the real Chaika and disappears after ordering her to gather the remains.

Our trio of heroes are approaching their battlefield after an unsuccessful bout of attempting to shorten incarnations. The fight begins in a flurry of jumps and attacks; not only is Claudia resourceful, but she’s also swift. However, her rapid spell casting gives her the edge and—No! Why to be continued? It just started. Arrrrrgh!

Well, if it isn’t clear, I do have a tendency to get into the world and what’s occurring in this series. I’m really intrigued to see how they defeat Claudia because, let’s face it, they will. I can’t wait for the next episode.

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Denki-Gai (Episode One)
Player: Sho


Denki-Gai. This show looks perverted. But, it also looks funny. I can’t help but wonder what’s in store for me when I see the opening and the PV’s… The first episode. It’s called Love and Eros For All and The Nightmare before Carnaval. Judging by the title, it’s obviously going to be at least somewhat ero, right? It definitely is a little ero. So perverted. The show seems to be broken up into two parts, like a bunch of comedy anime, plus, it is a comedy anime. I don’t know where I was going with that. But the anime takes place in a manga store called Denki-Gai, full of cute and cool characters that run it.

The first episode, Love & Eros For All, is about ero manga. Several of the main cast has to manually shrink wrap and package what seems like millions of manga. In the middle of one of these sessions, the Director notices that there was a lady flipping through different manga, doujin in the 18+ section. She was taking notes and generally acting suspicious. It’s revealed that she was actually a government worker, inspecting adult only material that wasn’t allowed to be read in the store. Upon leaving, the staff of the manga store are forced to seal thousands more of their products so that people can’t read it in the store. This isn’t it, though, lots of adorable and funny scenes ensue in between and near the end, it’s actually revealed that the government worker is actually… Well, I’ll have you find that out yourself. But apparently, Sommelier, a manga connoisseur that works at Denki Gai as it seems, takes a few nights to actually recommend manga to different people, just by looking at them! Everyone he sees and recommends books to absolutely loves them and well, some interesting things could be revealed about a person through such a thing.

The next half of the episode is about doujinshi! Doujinshi made by someone called Sempai (No, really, that’s her nickname) in the store. One of the male protagonists really loves a specific manga artist… And that artist happens to be Sempai! Apparently he never knew this until now (I think he’s new). He’s in for a surprise though, when Sempai finds out that the boy actually draws some, she asks him to help her finish the manuscript, seeing that she actually had a deadline super soon. They end up staying up all night, and Sempai’s childish nature is revealed. The boy insists on staying at her place to help her all night, and when they finish, she falls asleep and he smiles warmly, leaving and locking the door.

And that’s Denki-Gai! I’m kinda excited to watch what’s next. It’s pretty funny and some of the characters are adorable. This is a nice break from DMMD, with all that melodrama.

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Gundam Build Fighters Try (Episode One)
Player: Elk

gundam build fighters try

Welcome to another season of Simulblast. When I left you I was watching JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and while it’s not over yet, a second season of Gundam Build Fighters is starting, and as it’s in the rules that you can do follow up seasons, I chose to pick Gundam Build Fighters. I will still be giving short recaps of JoJo though, so if you’re feeling left out you can catch up on it as well at the end.

We start this episode off with a pretty epic multiplayer space battle. The main girl seems to be using a custom heavy armor GM, but besides the focus on her, it seems to be showing more of a free for all. Our heroine shoots out some balloon decoys and takes out some enemies before it starts showing us more action. As she continues, her Gunpla takes more and more damage. She attacks the boss, but gets destroyed. It seems like it was a flashback.

Now we’re seeing who I assume is another protagonist. He looks a lot like Reiji, sounds like Reiji, and beats up groups of people like Reiji. I’m guessing they’re related or something. Demanding information on the whereabouts of a girl in a picture. Cops show up, and he looks really suspicious to them.

Someone with the same last name as Chiina from the first season seems to be the love interest of the main girl. It seems he gave up on Gunpla Battle to work on making Gunpla, like Sei from the first season. Some weirdo tries to convince the main girl, Hoshino, to quit Gunpla Battle, but she refuses.

Back at the police station, the Reiji clone explains himself. His big sister appears to take him to school, and with that, despite being a clone, he appears not to be related to Reiji at all. Theory busted. His name is Sekai and he trains in martial arts and, if I were to wager a guess, will be the person who battles with Kousaka’s Gunpla. He’s interested in a martial arts club, and Hoshino tells him there are none, but they have a Gunpla Battle club. He has no idea what Gunpla is, which is great for introducing the audience to the idea of Gunpla if they missed the first season. She marches him down to the Gunpla room to show off Gunpla Battle. He wants to leave because it’s a toy, but she pulls him back so she can actually show it off. Of course, to do that she had to tie him to a chair. We learn her Gunpla is called Powered GM Cardigan. She shows him a player vs the CPU demo and he’s super impressed and wants to try.

She tells him to choose any Gunpla from the shelf, and he finds a Dom hidden in the trophy Sei and Reiji won in the 7th World Tournament. She comments that she didn’t know there was a Dom on the shelf. He’s having fun but accidentally field outs the Dom. She falls on top of him to catch it, and the weirdo from before walks in, grumpy about the position he found them in. He ends up challenging Sekai to a Gunpla Battle, which he accepts.

Ramba Ral manages to some how show up in time to watch the battle. The weirdo is the president of the model building club, so of course it’s super custom and well made. He taunts them saying the Gunpla Battle club is in consideration to be shut down. Hoshino and the weirdo fight for a bit before Sekai jumps in and fights him, throwing away his beam saber to fight with his martial arts. He catches the enemies blade and shatters it before smashing it up with a single punch. Everyone is surprised at how good he is, and even Ramba Ral feels like he’s the second coming of Reiji.

During the celebration he’s glanced from behind by a beam shot. Kousaka is on the field now as well, and is landing hits on Sekai despite his dodging. The cracks on the Dom start glowing, and Kousaka lands a dead center shot on the Dom making it explode. On the inside of the Dom is the Build Burning Gundam, which Deus Ex Machina’s Kousaka’s Gundam, causing wind and particles to shoot everywhere. The battle is put on hold when Sekai’s sister comes in and slams her hands down in the field. On that note, I think it’s pretty cool seeing giant hands fly into the middle of a Gundam fight.

With the stoppage of the fight accomplished, that is it for episode one. Already it’s pretty different from the first season. Right now though, like last season, I’m wondering how the other world/dimension will fit into this, if at all.

On the JoJo front, we left our heroes at the bottom of the ocean in a busted submarine with a hidden enemy attacking them. Joseph explains atmospheric pressure and SCUBA gear. He also explains hand signals. Which they don’t need because they have Stands they can talk with. Once the cabin is filled with water, the enemy attacks Polnareff by mimicing the breathing regulator.

They escape, but are sucked into a cave near the shore by a giant rock face Stand. Though it couldn’t chase them, becoming a fish, the High Priestess could merge with the seafloor because it’s mostly mineral. She says Jotaro is her type, and Polnareff encourages him to flirt with her. They all start complimenting her, but she doesn’t fall for it. Jotaro lands on the teeth and is seemingly crushed. Of course that can’t be the truth. Star Platinum made short work of the teeth with some emergency dentistry, letting everyone escape to the shore of Egypt. They find the Stand user, and Polnareff goes to check if she’s hot because it looks like she has a nice figure, but he tells them not to come look because her mouth is all busted up from the Stand fight. For some reason, the theme starts playing while we recap on everything it took for the heroes to come this far. Meanwhile Dio and friends are taking out Speedwagon Foundation members who are scouting the area. Suzie catches up with the crew over the phone, and we learn about Egypt before they take off, pose, and then end the episode.

We’re also left with a special next episode showing letting us know the Egypt Arc won’t begin until January. Guess it’s a good thing I didn’t try to continue with JoJo.

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Rage of Bahamut: Genesis (Episode One)
Player: Whiskahs

rage of bahamut

Rage of Bahamut: Genesis starts out like pretty much every high fantasy anime: with a dramatic battle detailing a past conflict between great powers. The battle shown to the viewers is between the combined forces of heaven, hell, and the mortal residents of the world against the series namesake, Bahamut. We don’t get to see the resolution of the battle nor learn much to frame it, as when it seems Bahamut is about to be defeated, the scene cuts over to the present day in a land called Wytearp

It’s in Wytearp that we’re introduced to what I assume will be the main characters of the series: Favaro and Kaiser. Also in typical anime fashion, the two seem to be fighting about something with Kaiser chasing after Favaro on horseback. It’s during this scene that Favaro is established as the reckless and chaotic but skilled character, while Kaiser is the much more orderly and perhaps ‘normal’ of the two. Favaro in many ways reminds me of Kanta from Desert Punk with his generally foolhardy, selfish, and lecherous behavior throughout the episode

After a bit of a stop to introduce the villains, Kaiser eventually chases Favaro into a tavern where it is revealed that some past misdeed on Favaro’s part has forced Kaiser to take up the life of a bounty hunter, which consequently is also what Favaro does. Favaro manages to throw Kaiser off-guard with a ruse before sticking his horse in the hind with a crossbow bolt, causing it to run out of the tavern. Favaro mocks Kaiser as he is forced to leave to chase down his horse. The tavern is not left in mint condition after these events, however, and Favaro promises the barkeep that he’ll cover the damages and his sizable tab with the bounty of one of the men on a wanted poster plastered to the wall nearby.

The tropes don’t end there, however, as next we’re introduced to yet another one of the main characters, who is nameless at the time of her introduction, but we’ll just go with Magical Girl Who Falls Out of the Sky Because She Is Important or MGWFOSBSII for short. MGWFOSBSII ignores the fact she crushes a wagon with her fall and focuses entirely on the fact her magical compass, which is pretty much her only possession, appears to be broken and that she’ll have to find another way to get to a place called Helheim.

Next up we’re treated to Favaro tracking the bounty he is after to a church somewhere around nightfall. After skillfully dispatching a few mooks, the bounty summons some creatures to defend him against Favaro. After a faux retreat and the clever usage of fire, Favaro defeats the creatures and kills the bounty, which I guess in this universe turns them into stone trading cards if the person who kills them possess a bounty hunter bracer like the one Favaro wears.

There is a brief interlude where Favaro collects his bounty from and old man and a talking duck, but eventually he ends up back in the tavern he and Kaiser were at earlier. Surrounded by bar wenches, food, and drink, Favaro proceeds to flirt and boast. As coincidence would have it, he begins to brag about traveling to Helheim and how he has a special shortcut to get there just as a disguised MGWFOSBSII wanders by the door. The boast catches her attention, but instead of wandering in, she turns to leave for some reason and runs into Kaiser. Kaiser apologizes and plays the part of a gentleman by offering to guide her to wherever she may want to go, but she shoots him down and says that she has already found a guide.

There is a brief conflict between Favaro and Kaiser, which is resolved with yet another trick on the part of Favaro before we’re treated to an outdoor scene with our hero urinating in an alley. Being that MGMFOSBSII seems to be from another world or something of the sort, she takes this opportunity to call on him. Favaro seems a bit agitated at first, but after shoving his trouser snake back into his pants he notices that MGMFOSBSII is a woman and immediately tries to make a move. Despite his boasting earlier being a complete lie, Favaro offers to help MGMFOSBSII in exchange for love… because he’s that kind of character. Just as he is about to steal a kiss from her, however, the identical twin brother of the bounty he apprehended earlier shows up to kill him.

There’s a bit of back and forth, but eventually the twin brother summons a giant creature to attack Favaro. Despite the thing being a couple stories tall, Favaro engages it without too much concern and manages to do well for a time before losing his sword in the skull of the creature. MGMFOSBSII decides to step in at this point by turning into what appears to be a demon and beating the significantly larger creature into a pulp without much trouble. Favaro recovers his sword while the creature is otherwise occupied and captures the twin brother, who also happened to have a bounty, and revels in his own greatness while ignoring the scene going on behind him. He narrowly manages to escape being crushed by the now dead summon, but gets cracked over the head by falling debris, causing him to blackout. Just before he does, however, MGMFOSBSII approaches him and seems to give him the kiss that he tried to steal earlier.

Flash forward to the next morning, and Favaro is in a room back at the tavern. He doesn’t seem too concerned with how he managed to get there, but takes the opportunity to flirt with one of the bar wenches who happened to be drawing water for him. She hides behind a curtain when he decides that he is going to take a bath, but takes a peek at the unclothed Favaro as he gets up from bed. Slowly her gaze turns into one of horror and before rushing out of the room screaming “Demon!”. Favaro seems confused by this and looks in a mirror to see that he had somehow acquired a demon tail. His confused screams seem to echo outside as MGMFOSBSII perches on a building overhead.

I have to say I’m kinda interested to see where this show is going to go. Given how many tropes the writing has already leveraged, I can’t help but think that it probably won’t be breaking new ground, but the personalities of the characters involved so far seem to hint that the adventure that will unfold over the season won’t be one of a bunch of light-hearted heroes out to save the world because they are just that great, but rather of people not unlike villains possibly being forced into a situation where they will have to act as heroes. Given the plot and the characters so far and the studio that animated the recent Berserk movie trilogy being involved in the production of the show, I’m hoping that the series will maintain the rather mature tone it has started with throughout its run. Huzzah for a non-high school romance/drama series!

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Wolf Girl and Black Prince (Episode One)
Player: Bobby Henshin

wolf girl and the black princeOh boy. First of all, welcome to the new season of Simulblast. Second of all, my god, did I get assigned the bad one. Welcome to the first episode of Wolf Girl and Black Prince. It’s not bad enough that I’m the only one to get a shoujo anime, but it’s not even a cute one. Okay, enough groaning, time for the review.

We start off with two guys who seem to be skipping school and enjoying the day. As they walk, girls are blushing at the blonde haired one thinking he is handsome. Someone takes a picture of him and the opening starts. It’s a cute opening with an extremely catchy song which I might add to my own playlist. Afterwards, we are met with two girls walking to their first day of high school.

The brown haired girl is ranting and raving about how she is worried that she won’t make any friends and be left alone all school year. That is until she is smacked in the face with a soccer ball. The day isn’t going so well so far. The two barely get to school on time before they go to their classes. By the way, our protagonist’s name is Erika.

Erika sits there alone trying to figure out how to make new friends. She sees a bag with a cute keychain and makes a comment about it. When she looks at the owner, we see a blonde girl with drill-like ponytails. Then a red headed girl shows up to talk to her. Their conversation is that of the kind of girls that are so overly preppy that it makes you cringe. The kind that make fun of normal girls. But Erika, desperate to fit in, decided to talk like them and get into their group.

It’s sad, though, seeing as she seemed like a nice girl. Two months have passed and she has become one of them. Such a shame. They sit around talking about how their boyfriends are so hot and want nothing but kinky sex. Thus starts the plot of this series, lying. Erika starts a lie about her having a very kinky yet childish boyfriend. So she has her friend from earlier to call her and pretend to be her boyfriend.

Erika overhears that her lie is not being believed. While hot, she sees the blonde man from the start of the episode. So this scene is the start of the episode as she snaps a picture of him on her phone and runs for it. By the way, this act is illegal in Japan, so do not do this. She shows it to the girls at school, and they are floored.

Things go bad as it turns out that the guy she took a picture of also attends the same school. They meet and she rushes him outside to explain the situation. He agrees to help her, in exchange for her spinning three times and barking like a dog. Turns out the boy has a fetish for treating women like dogs. This is why I said I was not looking forward to this. The guy is a complete and utter creep. So he decided to play along and make her his loyal pet and errand girl. The next episode, they go on their first date. This is going to be a long season.

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World Trigger (Episode One)
Player: Tyler

world triggerOhhhh man! Can I just say this is gonna be really fun? I’ve never done a Simulblast before. In fact, I doubt anyone that reads this knows me! Let’s change that over time, but for now we are here to talk about World Trigger! World Trigger seems to be a series that, to be honest, I thought might bore me. The plot synopsis just sort of sounded so stereotypical shonen, and, well, those are so predictable. However, while I was watching, I found there may be more.

So we first start off the episode right into the fray, with this HUGE creature is wrecking a city. Suddenly, bam, totally cool guy shows up and *SHING SHOOM POW* defeats him in the blink of an eye. He turns around and faces this kid. All he really says is “You okay there, four eyes?” and then we get the opening. The opening is really catchy and cool, by the way. I kinda wanna look into buying it later.

Anyways, after the title, we learn this city is known as Mikado city, and, about 4 years from where this story took place, a rift in space and time called “The Gate” opened and released these giant creatures which are dubbed Neighbors. I wouldn’t recommend borrowing sugar from them, though. Anyways, these Neighbors go all Shingeki no Kyojin on the town, until suddenly a group of people jump in with tech looking like a cross between Final Fantasy and Tron called triggers. They slay the beast in casual record time and simply say “Leave the Neighbors to us” before disappearing and starting a super clubhouse in the center of the city known as Border.

Now we flash forward to our current timeframe of 4 years later, and we see a grown up version of the four eyes from earlier, named Osamu Mikumo. He takes the usual anime protagonist seat in class as a couple of school bullies are taunting a classmate. Here’s where I actually sighed and expected the tropes to continue as Mikumo helps out the kid and ignores the bullies. Next, we cutaway to a short white haired kid named Kuga Yuuma, who is late to school because he was hit by a car (though the car took all the damage). It’s worth noting there’s a weird black thing that follows him around called Replica, but let’s not jump ahead yet.

Yuuma shows up, and the class meets the new foreigner as he introduces himself. Of course, the bullies from earlier are harassing him as he gives his intro, and our protagonist Mikumo stands up for him, and also gets seated next to him. Class continues, and the bullies toss paper at him, claiming it as a greeting, to which Yuuma replies by flicking a ball of paper back and knocking the guy over like he was a smash character at 200% damage. A teacher of course shows up before a fight can start.

Yuuma and Mikumo walk home where, surprise surprise, the lame bully squad of EP.1 reappears again, trying to look actually threatening with like 10 guys. At this point I’m just waiting to see how badly they get beaten as they escort our lead characters to a forbidden area where Neighbors are known to appear (Oh my those are some huge foreshadows being cast). As the bullies completely beat on Mikumo, who does nothing, they of course pick up a weapon and attempt to beat Yuuma next. This goes about as well as trying to explain anime to your grandparents since Yuuma straight up drops the guy with no effort. Just before the huge ‘fight’ begins, an alarm rings out and a Neighbor appears. Apparently this is a Bamshee Neighbor, and of course, it attacks our bullies.

Home stretch, guys; of course Mikumo wants to rescue them, so he heads in and, in an actual shocker to me, activates a Trigger and reveals he is a member of Border. Albeit a very lackluster one. He manages to rescue the lead lame bully who runs off to hopefully not be seen again, but gets slammed into a building and looks toast. In pops Yuuma who chats with Replica and activates his own Trigger. Next thing I know, Yuuma is making what look like seals that boost his speed and power, and 1-2-KOs the Bamshee. Yuuma asks Mikumo why he didn’t tell the bullies he was Border or use his Trigger, and Mikumo replies that it just wouldn’t be right. He then asks Yuuma why he didn’t mention being Border, as only Border members are allowed to have Triggers. Yuuma informs him that he actually isn’t Border, in fact he’s from the other side of the gate and would be technically classified as a Neighbor!?

Annnd end episode 1. Honestly that kinda got me, A really good series opener leaves you with lots of questions, and this definitely has me wondering! I’m more into this series than I initially thought when I looked it up, so let’s have a hell of an awesome time with this! Until next week, stay awesome folks!

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Your Lie In April (Episode One)
Player: Kayarath

your lie in aprilYour Lie in April is a romance anime with a musical twist. The basic plot is that boy plays piano, boy loses mother, boy is scared and loses will to play. Then boy meets girl, girl plays violin, girl inspires boy to feel again, and they fall in love. I may be wrong on the love part, but all signs point to yes.

Kousei Arima (I’m doing this last name first I think) was molded by his mother to be a great pianist from an early age. It appears she was on her deathbed and wanted her son to be the great pianist she never could be. Her death caused Kousei to despair and stop playing. He played the piano to please his mother, and if she wasn’t around, he had no will to play for himself.

His best friend is Tsubaki Sawabe. She’s his best friend and a powerful baseball player. She’s the high maintenance sister Kousei never had. There’s also Ryota Watari, soccer captain and real ladies man. Kaori Miyazono is the female lead. She’s a violinist who plays from her heart and will inspire Kousei to return to the world of music.

The first episode lays out the terrain and the general feel. We get introduced to all the characters and how they generally operate. Kousei is reserved, Ryota and Kaori are energetic, and Kaori is passionate. As in all anime, the two protagonists get off of a great start when Kousei gets mistaken for a pervert and get beaten with a flute. This looks like a tread through familiar ground if you ask me. But it also hints at a strong spirit and a nice soundtrack. Let’s see how this plays out.

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Week 001 Tally

  1. Bobby Henshin: 50
  2. Elk: 50
  3. Kanashimi: 50
  4. Kayarath: 50
  5. Sho: 50
  6. Tyler: 50
  7. Whiskahs: 50
  8. The Editor: 50

Week 001 Token Counts

  1. Kanashimi: 8 Tokens
  2. Bobby Henshin: 5 Tokens
  3. Elk: 8 Tokens
  4. Kayarath: 2 Tokens
  5. Sho: 5 Tokens
  6. Tyler: 4 Tokens
  7. Whiskahs: 4 Tokens
  8. The Editor: 2 Tokens

Next week’s challenge: Spoiler alert! Watch the last two minutes of your episode (that is, two minutes before the ending credits roll) and try to make sense of it before watching the rest for 30 points!

Make sure to vote for your favorite review below! You can give your favorite a Token!

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