Press Release — Juliet & Romeo In Tokyo (Featuring Dreadlox Holmes) Debut Single Release

Posted on Sep 13 2012

The debut single from Kudara “Juliet & Romeo In Tokyo” featuring her producer Dreadlox Holmes, is a modern day Romeo & Juliet love story set in Tokyo, Japan. The two lovers try to re-write Shakespeare’s tragic play to have a happy ending in their own personal romance, but all attempts are in vain. The track is an 1980’s -1990’s electronic pop throwback with a touch of hip-hop influence and a 80’s hair rock guitar solo thrown in for good measure.

Artist/Band Name: Kudara
Song Title: Juliet & Romeo In Tokyo (feat. Dreadlox Holmes)
Genre: Pop
Location: London, United Kingdom

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About Kudara
Kudara is a Japanese singer/songwriter who came to the UK in 2010 to study English. She met songwriter/producer Dreadlox Holmes after being introduced to him through a friend and soon wrote their first song together called “Garden”. Shortly after, Kudara returned to Japan but came back to the UK in 2011. The pair was quick to resume their working relationship and “Romeo & Juliet in Tokyo” was born.


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