Press Release — Reni Reni Releases “Hybrid Girl” Album

Posted on Oct 01 2012

October 1st 2012, New York based electro dance pop singer ReniReni is releasing her third fun party pop album, “Hybrid Girl” in this fall. Adorable with a heavy groove, playful but sharp, multitalented ReniReni sings, technos and raps. She is a Hybrid Girl!

Her extremely positive hyper dance tunes will take you to the next dimension.

Song Titles

  • Suspect A
  • Hello Sunshine
  • Rock Paper Scissors
  • Secret
  • My Shy Master (Initial P Remix)
  • Kitty (Initial P Remix)
  • Judgmental Dramatic Monday
  • Love Love Lovely NY

Accompanying the album release will be a series of music videos released on YouTube to promote her upcoming singles:

Singer, actress and dance artist ReniReni (aka Reni Mimura) is well known for her futuristic cuteness and high-energy onstage presence. She is a playful character with sci-fi touch. Since 2007 ReniReni has appeared and performed at numerous pop culture festivals across the US including New York Comic Con, Otakon and Anime Matsuri. In 2010, ReniReni lent her vocals to Ubisoft’s smash hit Just Dance 3 video game available on Xbox, Wii and Playstation 3.

“Hybrid Girl” is available for sale on ReniReni’s official website and on iTunes.

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