Merry Melodies – Rockman.EXE Stream Opening – Be Somewhere

Posted on Apr 29 2012

This week is a little special in that it’s pretty hard for most normal people to have heard this song before. Go somewhere and learn new music in this week’s Merry Melodies!


Megaman is a pretty great franchise, but one of my favorite parts of it is the Battle Network series. In terms of both games and TV series, I feel that superior quality has been invested. Some people know of the Megaman NT Warrior series that ran for a while that went up to the Rockman.EXE second series, Axess. The final two seasons, Stream and Beast, were only aired in Japan and I was lucky enough to import the DVDs so I can watch them.

I’ve never heard of the group who sings Be Somewhere before, but they sound like a nice upbeat group. I’d like to explore what other type of songs they have, which is really what Merry Melodies is all about. Something that I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet is how lyrics of certain songs just fit. Stream is a part of the series where everything resets, but new answers are popping up. I don’t know a whole lot of Japanese, but with my limited knowledge and the few lines of Engrish, I can understand that the song is better than another that is completely unrelated.

Megaman is one of those series where the opening tends to be pretty generic in terms of visuals. You have Lan and Megaman, and then all their little companions and adversaries. The one thing I dislike about this opening is that it’s hard to distinguish friend from foe in some cases, they all just get mixed together. Other than that, Stream is one of the better put together parts of the anime, despite being based on one of the rougher games of the series.


QUESTION TIME! Did anyone actually watch the original Megaman NT Warrior series? Are you a fan, or was it just not for you?

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