Merry Melodies – Blue Exorcist Opening 2 – In My World

Posted on Dec 01 2012

Referencing last week’s edition, it’s time for a brand new world of Merry Melodies!


Like I mentioned last week, some anime that span twenty-five or so episodes tend have this dark feel to them halfway through. Blue Exorcist is an example I quoted and now I’m backing it up. The first opening is a nice jazzy upbeat song by Uverworld, who is awesome by the way. In My World is equally good, but for different reasons. As the second opening, it’s able to show more in depth plot points and characters, but really it only spoils things if you haven’t seen episode three in terms of events. and even then it only shows a handful of new characters that have shown up.

Another interesting thing to note is the artist that does this opening. When I talked about Fate/Zero taking it’s darker, more somber tone, I said it was largely helped by Kalafina. Oddly enough, Rookies iz Punk’d has done a darker opening for another series, Durarara!! The main difference between In My World and Complication is that this is far more fast-paced and upbeat comparatively. After being hooked by Core Pride, it’s nice to see the music match the feel of the show, and I’m interested to see what other types of music Rookies iz Punk’d can exhibit.

Just to get a little spoilery here, the animation goes into some deep stuff. Feel free to ignore this bit if you haven’t seen BluEx yet. One of the things that really strikes me about the second opening is that it really touches upon how Rin and Yukio move on after Father Fujimoto dies in the second episode. Not only that, it focuses on the conflicts they have to face as characters. It’s great that not only does the music fit the mood change the series has, but the animation for the opening does as well.


You can watch Blue Exorcist soon over on Viz Anime or over on Neon Alley! While you’re at it, use our new Anime Directory to help you watch other stuff!

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