Manorexic’s Anime Sampler – Black Rock Shooter

Posted on Feb 08 2012

Today’s show is one that I, and probably many other Fans, have been looking forward to for months now. Based on the OVA based on the music video based on the Supercell song “Black Rock Shooter,” today we look at the long awaited Black Rock Shooter!

If you haven’t already (which I don’t know how because it’s been played on The Fan numerous times,) listen to the song, preferably with the music video. The OVA tells the story of the three main girls and their connection to BRS’s world, and the series is going to give the story from their first meeting and onward (plus it’ll make sense of the insanity that is BRS.)

I really don’t have words for the opening scene. Black Rock Shooter fights a giant being of some sort in her world in a field of spikes. And there’s a really big eye.

Back on Earth though, it’s the first day of junior high for Kuroi Mato, a very observant and hyperactive young girl. While looking at the roster for her class, Mato notices a girl named “Tiny Bird’s Game” (oh annoying Japanese word puns…) Somehow Mato’s friend Kotari Yu also believe’s this is the girl’s name.

At home Mato reads her favorite book, “The Tiny Bird and the Colors.” In her world, BRS finishes up her whatever she was doing with the giant eyeball and leaves the spike field.

After calling the girl Tiny Bird’s Game, Mato gets corrected that her name is read as “Takanashi Yomi.” Yomi turns down Mato’s conversation and leaves class. In the halls Mato and Yu are pulled into the counselor’s office. The counselor is going to be “that one super cool adult who’s like a big kid but still has sagely advice” character apparently and invites them to drop by anytime if they have problems or want coffee.

After school and clubs, Mato sees Yomi at a crosswalk and after the two realize they share a love for “The Tiny Bird and the Colors” and go to her house. Unfortunately Yomi’s friend Izuriha Kagari shows up and mentally torments Mato in an attempt to get her to leave, which works very well. Later that night Kagari reminds Yomi that only she can be her friend and no one else.

This is where sense starts to be made of BRS’s world. Another girl, strongly resembling Kagari in both looks and behavior, lures BRS into her toyroom and then releases a mechanical beast to attack her. Fortunately for BRS: drills, spikes, and saws apparently don’t kill her. Though she still goes through the same amount of pain from these things.

The next day Mato goes to the counselor to talk about Kagari. The counselor tells her that it’s okay to be hurt by what Kagari did, but it won’t last because she isn’t the one really getting hurt, “someone else” gets hurt for her (which if it isn’t obvious yet means BRS is getting tortured by the other-world Kagari to take the hurt of Mato.)

Mato finds Yomi in the art club and insists on becoming friends with her, regardless of Kagari. Both worried and touched by this, Yomi agrees. BRS is then shown being double-team attacked by Kagari’s other world counterpart and a mysterious girl possibly resembling Yomi.

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  • Kayarath February 13, 2012 at 1:00 AM

    This is strange sounding…

  • moonhawk81 February 29, 2012 at 9:54 PM

    Actually, it really does sound a lot like junior high. . .

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