Shiki – Ep 15 – Fifteenth Deceit

Posted on Nov 13 2010

With Episode 15, Shiki shows us that it’s not afraid to be boring. How edgy! How mysterious! How dark! Also, how sick am I of these episode titles? Really, really sick.

We pick up exactly where we left off: The Doc asks his old buddy Monk to help him clean up the mess, basically saying, “hey, what else was I supposed to do?” Monk isn’t falling for it – in case you might be confused about possible grey areas, it turns out murder is a big fat NO in his book. So instead he goes home and works on his novel and meditates on his character’s intentions behind killing his brother. Were there intentions? Is it murder if it’s unintentional? Shiki, you make my brain hurt with all these big questions. Let’s go back to making squishy, drippy blood noises.

Later – presumably after he’s cleaned up his wife’s remains and had a shower – the Doc chats with some of the boys down at the local watering hole. Mostly he just yammers on about death and people not being in their coffins and upsetting everyone. Doc, you are really no fun to be around anymore – and everyone in town clearly thinks you’re a loony.

Even more loony, the public health office is only open at night and is entirely staffed by VAMPIRES. And they’re all like, “dead? Nobody’s dead in this town, silly!” What is wrong with these guys? You’re undead! Take a holiday! Relax a little! The Doc doesn’t like it either, for entirely different reasons. He threatens to make a stink about the vampires, but then a silk curtain is pulled back to reveal…the head lady vampire? Lounging on a chaise? Threatening to eat him? Uhh…okay. Is this a thing in Japan, bosses lounging behind curtains, spying on their employees and threatening to kill guests? I’m just curious.

After the break, we get to meet the director of the new funeral parlor! Guess what? He’s a chocoholic mad hatter and the funerals he holds are grand spectacles. As someone who finds the ways in which people deal with death endlessly fascinating, I have to admit I’m digging this scene. The looks on his parents’ faces! Ha! And then Cat Ear Hair Guy, Captain Buzzkill, demands that the funerals become immediately de-flashified. Boo hiss!

The Doc’s wife’s funeral is pretty sad and tame, in comparison. Except for the part where one of the nurses has a total meltdown, but even that doesn’t seem so out of place at a funeral, you know? She later quits, but it’s not clear whether she quit because of the reasons she gave (the doctor’s apathy over the disappearance of her friend and coworker) or because she was going off to die like everyone else. I’m going to pretend she left to pursue better opportunities.

AND THEN YUUKI SHOWS UP! Guys, he’s not cremated after all! He doesn’t even look that dead, to be honest, but I guess he is. He asks the Doc if he believes Megumi died, and the Doc says, “yeah…but she’s still out and about, being an annoyance like always.” Then Yuuki gives him that trademark angsty glower and sings, “you are not alone, I’m always here with youuuu,” before walking off.

What? WHAT? That’s all we get, thirty seconds of Yuuki pretending to be mysterious at the end of the most boring episode ever? That’s all I get to tide me over until next time? That’s supposed to make me want to tune in for Episode 16 (Sixteenth Disappointment)? Are you kidding me? Seriously, am I being punked?

Oh, Shiki. Shiki, Shiki, Shiki. You are doing it SO WRONG.

Be honest: did this ending work for you? Does it make you want to keep watching? Or does it make you want to take a nap?

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