Shiki – Ep 07 – Seventh Killing Spirit

Posted on Aug 28 2010

Hey everyone, DJ Christmas here. Hounddog was unable to do the Hound Blog for this week, so she asked me to instead, since I’m apparently the only other person who watches this series. For some reason, this episode title has three words, instead of just two. Strange, but not as strange as the plot of this show.


The episode starts off with a quick little recap reminding everyone that this is, in fact, a vampire anime. Then we get to a cutaway where Masao is in a field of flowers. I didn’t think a jerk like him could get into Heaven. Oh no, wait. He’s actually six feet under. And kind of not dead. Sucks to be him.

I should mention before we go on that I love the opening for this series. The single for it comes out Wednesday. Oh right, I’m supposed to be recapping the episode. Remember the kids outside Kanemasa? They meet up with Yuuki. Good thing, since vampire Cat-head was about to eat them. After a few words, they realize that Yuuki is actually cool, I guess, and the boy gives him a big hug. There ya go Houndy, some more soft core yaoi. In order to confirm the whole rising-from-the-dead thing that seems to happen a lot around here, they decide to dig up Megumi’s grave.

Speaking of graves for people I don’t care about, Masao is still trying to figure out what happened to him. Apparently, the vampire librarian made nightly visits to suck his blood. After scrambling for a while to get out, vampire Cat-head opens up his coffin for him. He then proceeds to reteach Masao how to speak. What a swell guy this blood-sucking creature of the night is. I gotta say, I hate Masao’s voice more when he sounds like he’s being strangled. Maybe because I’d rather strangle him myself. Oh hey, something interesting: only certain people come back as vampires apparently. The special quality must be that I no longer want to see them, yet they come back just to spite me.

After being given the basic rundown on how being a vampire works, Cat-head has Masao feed off some innocent little kid. After some persuading, by which of course I mean threatening to kill him, Masao warms up to the idea of drinking blood. But instead of descending upon the little boy, he just drinks a glass of blood. Lame.

I was wondering when Dr. Doctor would make his usual appearance. I actually like this guy, so Masao should stop stealing his screen time. Oh look, another person is sick. What a surprise. Digging this random guy’s mustache though. That was quick, but oh well. Back to the random kids, it looks like they’re off to go dig up Megumi’s grave. It doesn’t seem like the girl is too fond of the idea, but the boy doesn’t seem to care.

Meanwhile, Dr. Doctor apologizes to Monk-man for being a jerk, and Monk-man has another disappearance to report. Dr. Doctor compares the situation to an essay Monk-man once wrote, and then tells him that he’s pretty sure the epidemic is really just a bad case of vampires. Turns out he has a plan to watch one of his patients to see if the other vampires come after her.

Lots of jumping around in this episode. Back with the grave digging gang, Yuuki and the others head out to Megumi’s grave. Star-hair girl is still upset about digging up her friend’s grave, but this series isn’t going to just sit around while people debate moralities. Oh wait, yes it is, because it cuts off in mid-dig. Probably should have seen that one coming.

Can’t say that too much happened in this one, but at least we learned a little more about what the heck is going on around here. As for next time, I foresee an empty grave, and a lot of running around telling the rest of the village about the empty grave.


I’ve even got a question of the week here. Which of the three do you think will last longest before the vampires add them to their growing collection of slaves, Yuuki, Monk-man, or Dr. Doctor?

Hounddog should be back next week, so it should suck quite a bit less. Hope you all enjoyed this as a replacement though, beats a hiatus. Until next episode!

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  • hounddog August 29, 2010 at 4:25 PM

    Awesome job, Christmas – round of applause!!

    And WHOA SHIKI…way to switch things up and throw us off your trail! How did we get to digging up graves? That’s gross.

    As for the question, I don’t think Yuuki will be indoctrinated. My money’s on the Monk – he’s been getting awfully cozy with that little vampkin…

    • christmas4477 August 30, 2010 at 3:09 AM

      Actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I’m thinking about starting up a blog myself for the Fall season. Most likely Star Driver, the new thing bones is going to be coming out with, but we’ll see who picks up what.

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