Anime Expo – Day One

Posted on Jul 02 2009


Hey, this is Kibs writing. All of you looking for cosplay pictures will have to be a little patient, we’re going to try to get them up fairly soon, but keep in mind we have tons of pictures and we need to sort out the blurry ones, resize them all, and upload them, which is all kind of difficult to do on a crappy WiFi connection from a hotel room, so sit tight, folks. d(-_-d)

Hey, everyone, this is Sandgolem here on Kibs’ PC, talking about the exciting panel from Right Stuf!. They had some big announcements today, starting off with an announcement about Irresponsible Captain Taylor being re-released in a new digitally remastered box set, which is out now on the Right Stuf! site. The OVA’s got the same treatment and will be out on the 28th!

Also announced was the “Anime Value Set”, the first in the line will be launched in August. They are a great value, 26 episodes of a series for only 40 dollars. The second in line will be released this year in October.

Astro boy’s original 1963 series is being released in small Mini-sets for those unable to afford the collectors edition. Each Mini-set contains only half of a season and does not include the extras you can find in the collectors edition, such as interviews and behind the scenes footage.

Rental Magica will see a special box set released in 2009 with a Chip Board Box case, and a 100+ page collectors book that has all kinds of info about the series, including info about all of the occult references made in the show.

In other news, Maria Watches Over Us has been picked up by Right Stuf!, and the DVDs will be released in 2010, Antique Bakery was also picked up, and will be released in 2010 as well. The Third was announced as a new high end box set with a full dub being done, a rarity for Right Stuf!. Seasons 1 and 2 of Junjo Romantica will be released in 2010 like the rest of the new titles.

Aria was one of the big announcements, with a special twist. First off, they will be releasing both the originals and the OVA’s, a box set will be released with books, interviews, and tons of other extras. The big part of the announcement is for Fall 2009, five lithographs will be posted on the Right Stuf! website, and the fans will vote on which ones they want. A limited run will be done for the winner, with only 150 to be printed, so be sure to get yours while you can.

Overall, it was a great panel, and the Q&A was very fun and informative. They made sure to answer as many questions as possible, and had a light sense of humor about the whole thing, even when asked about Fan Subs and Piracy. A nice touch was all the free swag that was handed out to those that asked good questions. We’ll be continuing to update you on all of our panel coverage as we can, so stay tuned here at

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  • IcyStorm July 2, 2009 at 10:55 PM

    Eh, Aria is not really a big announcement. They’ve released the Animation and the Natural already, so their future release of the OVA and the Origination is not a surprise.

    They’ve also had Marimite seasons 1-3 released, and we’re only waiting on season four.

    The Third remastered season is already released.

    It’s also Rental Magica, not Magical.

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