Kayarath’s Adventures In Truth!

Posted on Feb 14 2013

Kayarath's Adventures In Truth

In our never ending quest to be the online destination for anime fandom, 91.8 The Fan is developing an anime database. As part of that effort, I’ve been asked to write anime summaries. Oddly enough, some of my entries were rejected! While the official reason is that they weren’t accurate descriptions of the anime’s plot, I suspect something is a foot. It could be the work of my arch nemesis (you know who you are!) or maybe the anime industry is trying to suppress the truth in the name of sales. Either way, they got rejected and I just won’t stand for it! I won’t let the truth be held down, so I’ll put my anime summaries here for all to read!

Avatar: The Last Airbender: In a world of marital arts and spirits, there is a being known as The Avatar, an endlessly reincarnated embodiment of the planet’s will destined to maintain balance in the world. When the Avatar mysteriously vanishes, the Fire Nation takes the opportunity to conquer the other nations. A hundred years later, on the verge of the Fire Nation’s complete victory, the Avatar returns. Can an untrained Avatar master the elements and bring balance back to the world?

Code Geass: Welcome to Ashford Academy, where the extra curricular activities have breadth and the students have depth! Here students learn how to live, love, and get along. The student body this year is full of great young people tackling the problems of growing up. Will Shirley find her love returned? Will Suzaku learn to forgive himself? Can Lelouch make amends with his father? Will Rivalz ever get some respect?!? Find out at Ashford Academy! Featuring character designs by CLAMP and a totally kawaii opening piece!

Such an ugly character design must belong to a villain!

Such an ugly character design must belong to a villain!

Death Note: Death Note follows the valiant efforts of Light Yagami as he embarks on a righteous quest to correct a corrupted world. Armed with only a magical notebook granted to him by the benevolent spirit Ryuk, he single-handily creates a new world of peace and justice. Opposing the heroic Light is the villainous L, a morally bankrupt “detective” who will stop at nothing to end Light’s new world. Can Light stop a foe who wields the power of the law, or will his hopes for a better world be torn from him?

Gundam Wing: All’s fair in love and war, and no where is that more true then in Gundam Wing! Watch gorgeous young boys fight the only battle worth having; over who is the seme and who is the uke! Starring cool beauty Heero Yuy, tennen genki Duo Maxwell, wanko Trowa Barton, kichiku Chang Wufei, and ojou Quatre Rabera Winner. Attempting to put a stop to this love fest is the sinister Relena Darlian, an evil seductress who uses the power of her breasts to manipulate the boys for her own perverse pleasures. Watch intense boy on boy action as they go all out in the name of love! Also, there’s this B plot about war and stuff.

Now there's a bunch of pretty boys if I ever saw one!

Now there’s a bunch of pretty boys if I ever saw one!

K-ON!: Other people may have told you K-ON! is just a moeh series, but they are completely and totally wrong! K-ON! is a show about empowerment, friendship, and rock and roll! Yui, Mio, Tsumugi, and Ritsu form a rock band, and make music together! They rock out in epic style, like rock stars and not in a moeh way! Sure, they do moeh things like dress up in maid outfits, crave sweets like cake, and act adorably cute, but they are not moeh! If someone tell you K-ON! is a moeh series, don’t believe them! They are lying lairs who lie!

Vampire Knight: It’s basically Japanese Twilight, but with GOOD writing.

Well I hope my summaries give you insight about the true nature of these anime. Ideally, they’ll help you figure out if you would enjoy them or not. If you’re interested in checking out more anime, I would like to restate that we do have an anime database. It’s currently under development but it’s still a helpful tool to for any anime fan! Please check it out and happy hunting!

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  • Cameron February 14, 2013 at 11:46 PM

    Very nice job revealing the true colours of the series’, I especially like Death Note’s summary, seeing as I felt the same way when I started watching the series!

  • Cheflelouch February 16, 2013 at 9:40 AM

    Kay those are good summary’s to bad they did not make the cut for the industry

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