EagleEyes’ Round Table – Role Playing Games & Rocket Propelled Grenades

Posted on May 16 2010

Once again EagleEyes takes 91.8 The Fan with a brand spanking new edition of the Bi-wEEkly Round Table. This week we complain about RPGs in well… RPGs, we find out what Team Rocket, Spike Spiegel, and Kenpachi Zaraki all have in common. We also learn that Kanashimi and Kibs lead a new group to do battle around EagleEyes’ Round Table, what are you waiting for?

wEEkly award – wEEk 4:

Roleplay Games & Rocket Propelled Grenades? Award

Resonance Of Fate: Boy, ohh boy… where to start with this one? I am not going to lie, I am not a fan of RPGs and I tend to find them boring. More so than that I find them mind numbingly redundant! This being said, I figured it was just me being cynical, so in all my wisdom I decided to purchase Resonance Of Fate… BIG MISTAKE.

Promising groundbreaking gameplay in its cover art as well as the bold remake that “RPG is redefined”, I was sort of hoping for a positive change to the usual stale line up and attack action. Unfortunately, I was deluded and Resonance Of Fate was nothing more than a boring RPG. Sorry, let me correct myself: A boring RPG with guns!

Not to mention my pet peeve where the female lead is more masculine than the male. Sadly the games largest downfall is that it is a RPG, a genre which sadly I just have lost all effort to even pretend I care about.

So Resonance Of Fate I have the following to say: You can keep your effeminate men, cliché gorgeous graphics, general horribleness, and take this week’s award whilst I go on a quest to find a decent PS3 game.


Now for the Round Table rules: As usual each participant is given six questions covering various aspects in anime, manga, and Japanese culture. Each individual then has to provide their opinion on said issue. Finally I call upon the power of the sacred Ninjetti spirits to guide us on our journey.

Our participants today are as follows:

Twilly – Rocking the fro

Jubilee – Sends sparks flying

Kibs – Slaving over a bubbling cauldron

Kate – Knows what the internet is for

Zero – Shut up Mimsy!

Yugi – has his sexy ninjas

PissedSilentBob – ……

Kanashimi – Aiiii-iiiiin

Christmas – Wants you to unwrap his presents

What is your favorite aspect of 91.8 The Fan? Is it a particular part of the site or the community in general?

Twilly – The community, hands down. I have only been a member here for a few days and yet, it feels like months. I have felt really welcomed by the existing members and staff and I feel like I fit in rather well. = ]

Jubilee – Wow, it’s hard to pick just one thing that is my favorite…everything is so amazing! I’m going to have to go with the community though. I feel a real sense of friendship here, and the IRC is a great place to hang out and chat with everyone about basically anything! I’ve only known about The Fan for less then a month, but I’ve been accepted into a great group of people with so many common interests.

Kibs – Kanash….The fans, and I’m not saying that because it’s my job, but you guys are why we do this.

That and maybe the paycheck… but mostly for you guys!

Kate – Just one favorite aspect? IMPOSSIBLE! Everything here is my favorite. The community has so many great people, very dedicated DJs, awesome music, and so on and so forth. Kinda hard to name everything here. So, there’s not just one part, but everything.

Zero – – The IRC is my place of preference, I get to chat with the many slav… I mean peoples! Who I feel I’ve connected more with than anyone in my entire school life. I love everyone here and would do anything I could to help!

Yugi – Personally I thin…..

*Sniper fire echoes through 91.8 The Fan as everyone double takes*

PissedSilentBob – …..

Kanashimi – I would naturally say the community in this sort of answer… at least I would, but our community is very small. 91.8 The Fan hopes to change this soon with some new user-interactive features that I cannot actually divulge into. I really think that this should be our core focus, and really the only way to extend this is literally to ask the fans to spread the word. I do love them though, and I’m grateful for all the people consistently listening to the stream. You guys are making our dream come true!

Back to the question though, at the moment I love our team and all the things they do. I couldn’t be without them and they are a funny gang. They’re milkshakes also bring all the boys to the yard. That is all.

Christmas – It would probably be the fact that I found it at random by stalking Kyle Hebert, and now it consumes almost all of my time.

Who is your favorite protagonist in anime or video game history? What series are they from and what differentiates them from other characters?

Twilly – Nanaho Kinjo. She is from the anime “Best Student Council”. This is a very character driven anime, so it’s natural that viewers choose a character they relate most to and Nanaho is mine. She is fiercely loyal to the president of the student council, as well as the student council as a whole. She has a very tough-as-nails attitude and a rough’n’tumble approach to everything, but as the story progresses you find out she has a soft spot for girly things. The things she does make you smile and the way she does them make you laugh. Some call her a brute, I call her a hero. She possesses this leadership quality that completely distinguishes her from the rest of the students. Underneath the thick emotional barrier that she armors herself with, you find a very fragile girl with a strong heart.

Jubilee – Tough choice, but I’m going to go ahead and say Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura. The series was one of my first anime, so I feel a special sort of connection to it. I always liked Sakura’s attitude and her growth throughout the show. She wields all of the powers of the Clow, how can’tcha love her?

Kibs – Luke Fon Fabre, of Tales of the Abyss, he’s tsun-tsun done right. It takes a long time for him to actually get his wake up call, and when he does, not everyone warms up to him immediately. But he really tries with all of his might to make up for what he did. It also has nothing to do with the fact that he’s voiced by Yuri Lowenthal… absolutely nothing.

What separates him from the rest is the fact that he’s a *SPOILER*replica*SPOILER*.

As for anime, I’d say one of my favorite protagonists would have to be Nia Teppelin, her cheerful attitude and determination to do what’s right, despite the sacrifice required for the greater good. Even if she, technically, is an antagonist for a good amount of the second arc.

What really makes her stand out is her two-toned hair and flower-irises, and how in a world of deep colors her tones are all pastel.

Kate – BAH! MEANIE! THIS ONE IS TOUGH! Okay, Kate, think! Well, one character that easily tops my mind is Colette Brunel from the anime and video game, Tales of Symphonia. Of all people, why’d you choose her, you say? Colette and I are kinda similar in some ways. We are both kind and love to help people. We both say “sorry” many times, even if it wasn’t our fault.. which irritates some people. I just always loved her as a character since I played the first Tales of Symphonia game and stuck with her in the second game. So yeah, similarities = favorite.

Zero – For video games (anime I’ll explain in the next question), I would have to say Volkner (Sinnoh’s strongest Gym Leader). Volkner is a calm and collected individual who uses the incredible power of electricity (my favorite type), and his power is nothing to laugh at as he has bite to back up his bark.

PissedSilentBob – ……..

Kanashimi – Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club is amazing-zing~ Fangirlish-ness aside, I quite like the manner in which he talks while he’s being serious. His more moody nature is also great for a few laughs, and he’s adorable when he’s sad. Obviously this is an ever changing answer as years go on, but for today I’ll go with Tamaki.

Christmas – Probably Zed from Kiba. He starts out as a bit of loser, but works to establish himself as a protagonist.

Who do you believe to be the best designed character in anime? Do they stand out from the pack and if so, how?

Twilly – See my answer for question #2. She may not stand out when compared to a lot of heroine in other anime, but she definitely made a lasting impression on me.

Jubilee – Light Yagami of Death Note! I think the whole design of Death Note was brilliant, but of course as the protagonist, Light was the center-point. I like how Light changes and gets sucked into his obsession, losing a lot of his morality along the way. The protagonist in the typical role of an antagonist is always an interesting topic for any type of story, but Death Note nailed it really well in Light.

Kibs – If you want me to be technical, Akiyama Mio, she is the culmination of years of research on the mind of the otaku. A test-tube baby of forced moe blob popularity genetically engineered to tighten pants and make desperate otaku buy every piece of merchandise with her likeness plastered on it.

It sickens me.

Kate – *Dies from question* Thanks, Eagle… This one is even tougher. I’m just gonna say Haseo from .hack//Roots and .hack//G.U. He gets four outfits thanks to his Adept Rogue class, which means he gets to use different weapons other than just the normal one. I thought these four outfits were awesome, especially with the weapon of chose for them. It’s like they suit his personality.

Zero – I’m fond of Yasuri Shichika from the anime Katanagatari. As far as anime designs go, I like designs that say “Hey! I’m an anime, I’ll have massive eyes and odd hair styles—that would be completely unrealistic”. His clothing style is different consisting of no shirt and only sleeves (as opposed to the old fashioned, shirt with no sleeves, fu fu fu. He also has mighty big pants).

PissedSilentBob – ……

Kanashimi – Brie. The mascot of 91.8 The Fan isn’t in an anime yet… but she will be. Mawahahaha!

Christmas – In honor of today’s anime of the day, I would have to say Kamina from Gurren Lagann. For anyone who has seen Gurren Lagann, they know just how much he stands out from the pack. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK HE IS?!

What do you believe is the worst ending of an anime series? Why was it so bad?

Twilly – This might sound like a newbie answer, but I honestly haven’t seen an anime with an ending I didn’t agree with. I am very choosy with my anime, that may sound a bit close-minded, but I am. If it even looks remotely like a fail or something I might not enjoy, I try and steer clear of it. That might sound outlandish, but it’s worked for me thus far. ^^

Jubilee – Oh, that one is kind of tough. I really can’t think of one without giving away the story as to describe why, so I’ll just say .hack… It just got… buh?

Kibs – Does the second season of Darker Than Black count as an ending? Because that’s probably the worst ending to an amazing anime, ever.

To go from super awesome killtastic awesomeness to… moe blob bull… that’s just wrong…

I was also kind of disappointed with the end of the original Fullmetal Alchemist, the movie doesn’t count.

Kate – Worst ending of an anime? Hmm, I would have to say anything that forced me to read the manga just to continue on with the series. Examples of these animes are Air Gear and Ouran High School Host Club. Don’t get me wrong as the endings to some of these anime were good and I love to read manga, but to people who don’t read manga, it’s a big cliff-hanger and the urge for wanting more. Plus, the manga could be different compared to its anime counterpart.

Zero – Too many to name, I never finished Evangelion, but if anyone’s listened to what I’ve said, they’ll know why I assume it ended in a terrible fashion. I think the most disappointing ending for me, was “Kimi No Todoke”, a nice slice of life anime where a good portion of it was dedicated to the secret feelings between Sawako and Kazehaya. In the end they never kissed OR admitted their feelings for each other, in which case I nearly made a hole through my door with my head. I hated that, sooooo much, they basically strung me along for about twenty-four episodes and never settled ANYTHING other than her lack of friends (which she gets in the first eight episodes).

PissedSilentBob – …..

Kanashimi – Hrmmm… this is another hard one. One that comes to mind is Fuyu No Semi where pretty much everyone dies. I’m not fond of that sort of deal. At least in the anime Romeo X Juliet I knew it was gonna happen. However, it just bothers me when I waste the time getting attached to characters or watching their trials only for them to just die. I like my happy endings~

Christmas – Worst ending… hmmmm… let me see here. I’d like to say Lucky Star because I didn’t like the series at all, but it’s ending was actually rather satisfying. For the sake of argument, I’ll say Full Metal Alchemist since nothing was really explained in the last episode, but instead had to be finished up in a movie which gave a satisfying ending…

If you got in a bar fight which anime character would you choose to have your back and why?

Twilly – Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop without a shadow of a doubt. He might not be the largest of guys, but he’s definitely experienced. I choose him because he generally wins the majority of his battles, whether they be of agility, or wit. Plus, no one can deny he could spot trouble before it spots him. That’s just Spike, he’s always one step ahead of the game.

Jubilee – Team Rocket. We would probably lose, but I’ve always secretly wanted to blast off. >.>

Kibs – Spike Spiegel, probably most experience with bar fights out of any anime character.

Kate – Me? Get into a bar fight? Eagle, you’re crazy! I’m too innocent to get into something like that. Though, if it did actually happen, which it won’t, I would say Ash Ketchum from Pokemon. Somehow get his Charizard back and burn the person to a crisp. That, or use… can’t believe I’m gonna say this… Pikachu to use some electric attack. Then again, Lelouch from Code Geass would be cool, too. Use his Geass on the people and make them do some funny stuff. I’d say, stalk Eagle for coming up with such a question. Tough choice between the two, but Lelouch will get the win.

Zero – My original plan was to state Ulquiorra from Bleach, but I kinda doubt he would so much as have my back, and Kenpachi Zaraki who is also from Bleach would kill me after he kills everyone else. So I suppose I would choose Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji, loyal and quick to finish things!

PissedSilentBob – ……

Kanashimi – Why none other than Vash The Stampede. I wouldn’t even have to do any of the hard work since he fancies the ladies so much. XP Honestly, who else would you want to back you up then a cowboy… cowboys are sick—much better than those ninja guys. Yeah I went there! Oh, snap!

Christmas – Again, I will have to say Kamina for an answer. He is the most realistic choice, especially since he seems most likely to get into a bar fight. He’s just the kind of man who won’t lose to anyone, regardless of the situation.

Anime Of The Day: Gurren Lagann! What are your thoughts on the series? Is it something you enjoyed? Are you planning on seeing it? Did it make you projectile vomit?

Twilly – Never seen it, nor heard of it. = / …but now that you suggested I might be prone to projectile vomit, it’s got me curious. >.<

Jubilee – I have not seen it sadly. I wiki’d it and it looks interesting enough, plus I’ve heard several people talking about it. Seems like a good, short series. I think I will watch it when I get a chance. ^-^

Kibs – I did enjoy the series, episode eight almost made me cry manly tears, and the final episode almost made me cry weak womanly tears. I enjoyed it very much, and unlike a lot of anime I’ve seen in the past the ending didn’t leave me with a thousand questions and no answers. I plan on watching it again some time, when I have some free time.

Kate – To be honest, I’ve only seen one episode of this anime. This was when I browsed through channels on TV and came to Sci-fi (I don’t care what they call it, it’ll always will be Sci-fi to me!). I was confused. This was a later episode and I forget what it was about. I’ll probably try watching it again and see what happens from there.

Zero – My thoughts? Too much Gurren, not enough Lagann… Can you tell I also haven’t seen this anime?

PissedSilentBob – …..

Kanashimi – I haven’t seen it. I demand EagleEyes picks something I have seen… like an older series.

Christmas – Gurren Lagann has made it into my top five list of anime that I’ve seen, and despite the fact that I like almost every series that I watch, that is actually pretty difficult. It is, by far, without a doubt, the single manliest series that I have ever seen. The characters, the soundtrack, the plot, the premise, the mechas, all of the were great. ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWAH!


And so ends our journey today… If you would like to ask a question for a future round table or possibly answer some questions yourself please leave a comment bellow. Or send me a message on the forums right here at 91.8 The Fan!

 Until next time, EagleEyes out.

PissedSilentBob – …………..

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  • spark2510 May 17, 2010 at 3:25 AM

    Interesting questions and answers I look forward to seeing even more events like this in the future. Mabey I will get to participant next time woot!

  • Sandgolem May 17, 2010 at 8:11 AM

    PissedSilentbob had the best answers out of anyone.

  • dbull620 May 17, 2010 at 9:06 AM

    If I were to answer rebel 4 I’d say Magikano (time loop… what a lazy ending). And as much as I like My-HiME, I didn’t care much for the ending. Not only was it incredibly cliche, but there were a number of things that went unexplained, specifically the motivations for several characters/organizations.

    What was the origin of the Obsidian Prince, Nagi, and the HiME battles? What was Nagi’s motivation? Was it servitude towards the Obsidian Prince or did he have an ulterior motive? What exactly is District 1, and what did they want? What did Ishigami-sensei want to do with the power of the HiME Star? If the HiME battles have supposedly occurred several times before the events of My HiME, then what was the outcome of those battles, and why would it keep repeating every 300 years? They really left a lot of stuff unexplained and open to interpretation.

  • Naraline May 17, 2010 at 10:09 AM

    <- (Jubi) Did anyone call an ambulance for Yugi!? O.o

  • EagleEyes May 17, 2010 at 2:24 PM

    @Naraline: It’s ok, no Yugis were harmed in the making on the Round Table.

    @Dbull: I totally agree with you on My-Hime.

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